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História Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 14

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Capítulo 14 - Ocular

Fanfic / Fanfiction Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 14 - Ocular

Let's move on to the 22nd century, a hundred years from now. What would be happening to our hero, Joe? Well, as always working and devoting himself to making his planet a safe place. At the moment it was all quiet, but the army would be in embezzlement again. Several soldiers lost and died to defend Earth from the last attack, not from Corpse, but from beings who possess the same ability as leeches, but they also absorbed the life energy of others to survive. It was hard for Joe, he didn't want to call on his friends from the past (present) to help him, so he did what he could to lead the army to victory and it really worked. 

 So Joe, who was the sergeant, was meeting with General Lee and Octavian to discuss a first cyborg creation to help them. Joe didn't take much faith, even with such technology that evolved, merging a machine and one person was complicated. Lee ignored Joe's thoughts and put the plan into practice. He asked Lara's scientists to help him create the cyborg, and they decided to take their chances, even though they knew he was going to take all the risk.

 They took the body of one of the best soldiers they had and started shaping some parts with machines, such as the left eye, right arm and legs, which would be robotic, besides the left hand. This cyborg would be indestructible and fit to face a troop of robots if there was Judgment. 

 They passed the skills to Lee on a card: 

 Good afternoon, General Lee. Our team successfully created the cyborg. It will be called Eyepiece, because its main skill is a vision that can zoom in and out and see through things and people. It can also activate 360° Vision and has strong resistance, since its body was composed of nanites, which makes it behave both as an android and as a cyborg. It has infinite energy, it can throw rays of energy, fire, ice and shoot steam too. It has an infallible aim and sharp reflexes and survives any kind of element of nature. It does not eat or sleep, the nanites get more agitated and stronger when it moves, so it would be indestructible. We hope you enjoy our work, a hug, robotics team. 

 Lee was happy with that achievement. He practically got one soldier worth a hundred. Eyepiece was a white man, wearing an army uniform, black pants and cotton. His hair was short and dark. His robotic eye was green and the robotic parts were gray, but sometimes it glowed blue, sometimes it glowed red.

 So far so good, he and Joe participated in the first mission and was together with Otávio and Rosa. He sees the soldiers celebrating when they arrive from the barracks, but he kept looking and so he started to reflect:

 - "Why are they celebrating? Why don't I celebrate?... What am I to them?... Why do I have these powers? "

 He was thinking even further: 

 - "What good are they if I can support myself?"

He'd get the red robotic eye and throw flames at the barracks. The soldiers had to leave because they didn't want to burn to death. Otávio and Joe were helping Lee, who was wounded and Rosa sees Ocular running away. He tore his uniform and sees that half of his trunk was made up of machines.

 Rosa speaks:


 Ocular looks at her and speaks:

 - So what? I don't need you to survive. 

He launches a ray of energy, which would be in Rosa, but Joe activates the scar and saves her. 

- Eyepiece, it doesn't have to be like that. - said Joe. - We're friends. 

- I don't need friends. - said the cyborg. - I don't need anybody and I'm gonna take out the humans. 

He'd run then. He was fast and Joe talks: 

- I have to go after him.

 - Go," said Octavian. 

He increases his power and runs after Ocular. He notices Joe following him and decides to run on the tracks of a train, which he finds. Joe has no choice and follows him. Ocular jumps very high on top of a train, which appears, in the same direction as them and launches several laser beams, losing Joe. It really worked. The boy was taking care not to get hit, but it didn't work, he ended up letting Eyepiece get away.

 - Damn it! - said Joe. - I'm gonna need help to stop him. I guess he's pretty strong. 

Now, let's go to the year 2020, which is where our story is happening. At this moment, Kasumi and Mega Boy were walking the streets of Japan talking. 

- Are you interested in anyone in the group, Kasumi? - Ask Mega Boy. 

- I do, but... - she blushes. - I don't know much about that person. 

- Who would that be? - Ask the Chinese. 

- Oh, forget it. - said Kasumi. - Let's get something to eat. 

- Kasumi, Mega Boy. - It was Joe, who was coming after them. - I need help. 

- Hello, Joe. - said Mega Boy.

 They were in an alley and Joe was talking:

 - A hundred years go by and the Brazilian army suffers a severe embezzlement. That's because of an alien attack. 

- There's always alien attack out there. - said Kasumi.

 - How do you know? - Ask Joe. 

- I like to look into the distant future, but Pagan advised me not to look into the 30th century," Kasumi said. 

- Well, back to the point, we've created a prototype that links a person to a machine. - said Joe. - Our work was very perfect, but he ended up rebelling and now threatens to end the human race.

 - A cyborg. - said Kasumi. 

- You're very smart, girl. - said Joe. 

- I always have been. - said Kasumi. 

- So, will you help me? - Ask Joe. 

- Yes, we will. - said Mega Boy. 

- Good. - Joe would press a button on his watch and add. - Touch me. In 10 seconds, we will travel to the future.

 Joe and Kasumi were surprised. They were going to know Joe's time. They touched him then and they went on their way. 

Now that Joe has asked his friends for help, the question remains: Can they defeat Ocular?

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