História Harry Potter and the year everyone was GAY - Capítulo 5

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Capítulo 5 - Amren is too muggle for Slytherins to handle

Ten seconds into Slytherin and Amren had earned the respect of fellow house mates.

Goyle was trash talking her grandfather and grandmother. He said something so vile and disgusting (more disgusting than Trump's face) that even the Slytherins' faces blanked into a mask of indifference.

Without warning Amren punched Goyle in the face.

"Scoot over" Amren said to Zabini and forced herself between him and Draco.

She munched on a weird dish that looked like a mushroom but tasted like roasted lady fingers.

"Where's the potter kid?" Amren asked between bytes.

She felt the boy with blue eyes tense "You must be Draco Malfoy"

He nodded "The one sitting beside a red haired girl."

Amren stared at the boy, with a lightning scar on his forehead "He, umm...he looks like ordinary white kid with shabby hair, long eyelashes, nice hands by the way"

Draco looked like he wanted to argue but prefered to keep quiet.

Suddenly Harry looked up, his eyes meeting Amren's curious stare.

Amren clutched Draco's hand tightly and repeated 'oh my god!' again and again.

Zabini glanced at Draco's uncomfortable stance and barely kept himself from laughing "What is wrong?"

Amren turned towards Zabini, taking her eyes off Harry Potter "His eyes. Holy Hera! His eyes are so fucking gorgeous. Like they are so green, that if I want to save planet Earth from Global Warming his eyes would be our fucking salvation. His eyes would turn carbon dioxide into oxygen."

"What's global warming?" A girl with blonde hair asked.

Zabini joined in "And carbooxide or ox-what-en?"

Amren later that day found out the girl was Pansy Parkinson. According to Amren if Hogwarts was a muggle school, Pansy would be the bitchy cheerleader.

"Sometimes I wonder how you guys can live without knowing these things."

With an air of superiority Pansy said "We are pure bloods and we don't degrade ourselves with muggle indulgences."

Amren shook her head sadly "That's sad. You guys don't even know how awesome wi-fi is."

By the end of dinner whatever reputation Amren built kept deteriorating because she wouldn't stop taunting the high horsed Slytherins with her muggle knowledge.

Amren loved magic more than anyone, and after staying at Hogwarts for a few hours she didn't ever want to leave Hogwarts. But there was something wrong with Slytherins and according to Amren the only thing that could save them was to notch their ego's down a little.

"You guys don't know what's MCR?"

"Have you guys ever used smart phones?"

"Ever been to tomorrowland?"

"Never tried coffee?"

After dinner Draco Malfoy walked Amren to their dorms.

Amren was amazed by the aesthetic snake art adorning the house common room. The wierd arcs of couches places strategically across the fire place.

Draco took Amren by her arm and dragged her to the secluded corner.

"What are you doing? You think showing off your muggle traits will make your life easy in Slytherin House. They will tear you apart."

Amren smiled "That's what I'm counting on."

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