História Harry Potter and the year everyone was GAY - Capítulo 6

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Sorry guys for the irregular updates. This extra chapter is for you wonderful people. Enjoy the amateur smut.

Capítulo 6 - Harry and Ginny could get caught!

Ginny couldn't get Amren out of her head. She kept replaying their conversation outside the doors.

She stood so close to Ginny, that she could smell the vanilla essence of her skin.

"Your kissing technique is old school. Ever tried french kissing?" Amren said, scaring Ginny out of her mind.

Then she gave Ginny detailed descriptions on various types of kissing, while Ginny just stood there not able to comprehend a thing.

Now at midnight, Ginny couldn't stop thinking about her and her tips.

So Ginny got up, threw on a sweater to cover her flimsy night dress and trudged down Harry's room.

She silently opened harry's dorm room's door, then quitely walked up to him.

She pushed Harry's shoulder and whispered "Wake up! Harry"

Harry woke up with a start "What?"

"Shhh. Come follow me."

Harry walked behind Ginny, discombobulated by her sudden appearance.

Ginny stepped out of the Common Room and pushed Harry inside a classroom with windows looking out to the view of Slytherin Dorm.

Before Harry could utter a word, Ginny took off her sweater and started kissing Harry passionately.

Ginny grabbed Harry's hair, while Harry took her face in his hands, kissing feverently.

Ginny nibbled Harry's lower lip which made him gasp and following Amren's advice, Ginny slipped her tongue inside Harry's mouth.

Harry's eyes widened in surprise. He couldn't believe they were doing this. Ron would kill Harry if he found out that his best friend tongue kissed his little sister.

Harry pushed away those thoughts and slipped his hands along Ginny's curves. To his delight Ginny wasn't wearing anything other than her nightgown.

Ginny kissed Harry's jaw and went down his neck, nibbling and sucking. Harry couldn't stop moaning.

Ginny grinned with satisfaction going back to kissing his lips. She took Harry's hands and placed them on her breast knowing well that Harry wouldn't dare take the first step.

Harry's breathe hitched as he felt Ginny's nipples harden under his touch.

He squeezed her boobs lightly, kissing her neck and making Ginny moan.

He slid his fingers under Ginny's sleeves, pushing the fabric down her waist.

The moonlight falling on Ginny made her look like a Moon Goddess, Harry thought.

"Wow" he muttered as he experimentally touched her boobs "they are so soft"

Ginny giggled and started pulling Harry's tee shirt. But Harry stopped her, pushed her against the bench and taking her hands in his, he aligned them on the bench.

This made Ginny's already full breasts bigger in size.

Ginny's breathing shallowed as she pushed against his arms. But Harry's grip was unforgiving.

Without wasting any time Harry's mouth was on Ginny's right nipple, and his free hand caoxing the left.

Ginny moaned loudly, pushing her hips upwards. Her groin collided with Harry's erection.

Harry cursed loudly but didn't stop sucking her nipples.

Ginny wanted Harry's tee shirt off, but she couldn't get Harry to leave her breasts which Ginny was cool with.

She liked Harry's amateur tongue strokes.

Harry parted her legs with his own, took his hand off her boobs and reached down her legs.

Ginny screamed as Harry's hand stroked her already wet cunt. His hands were inside her and Ginny was amazed by the feel of his hands.

Harry started stroking her, rubbing her outer folds. Ginny screamed once again, the pressure building up.

Ginny was about to come when Harry suddenly stopped, his mouth slack on her breasts.

He was breathing hard, his hand still inside her.

He looked up at her, with an expression she couldn't quite comprehend.

Before Ginny could ask what was wrong they heard the unmistakable voices of Hermione and Parvati.

Oh no!

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