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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

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**Homonyms are spoken words that sound the same, however have entirely different interpretations. E.g: Feel and feal. They sound the same but to feel is an emotional experience, while feal is a state of cleanliness. Misconceptions are a big premise in understanding theology in this story.

Capítulo 1 - Definitions and Cinnamonbiscuits

Fanfic / Fanfiction Her Sense of Propriety - Capítulo 1 - Definitions and Cinnamonbiscuits

I feel so fucking good

And your room is as feal as it should..


What could top this?

Oh. Topped. Is that a word? Or a state of being?  Could it... be? Topping is a dessert.... which could potentially top this, and oh, would I like a topping put on me. No, not whipcreme; how cliche for you to think... I'm a chocolate kind of girl. However.

 I'm into what you're into. 

So it's kind of some cycle of what I like and what you like and what I think you like or I should like it or maybe I would like it or...


Hmmm. You could put whatever you want on me and I would probably like it. Because I like you. And I would hope you would put something on me that you would like.. ha... to... to.. take off of me...and 

 what if.. what if I had nothing on me but topping.. what would you choose to put on me? Hmmm. Butterscotch. Or maybe my favorite.. butter. Ha. And you might drink scotch. 

Only If you thought I'd like it. Oh god. Because you like what I like too. Oh my. This is getting complex. Butterscotch poured on my chest.. oh. my. This is getting intense oh. my..

"Topped" ... topped could be like an adjective, like a very fine "flat surface" perhaps or, hmmm, I dont know, a very flat - topped hat? That sounds better... however, What. Could. Top. This........ mmm or do I mean who?.. tehe. Or where? Oh. My. Or ... how? Oh God. 

Butterscotch is all over the floor.



It was only supposed to be Theoretical; but why not make it Hypothetical and maybe Potential and Exponential.... mmm. I bet I know what could grow exponentially. Man I am so unintentionally rhythmically inclined and man do I wanna feel your energy. 

Ooooooooh Energy. 

You're not created nor destroyed

So would you like to be my toy?

Because you play me all the time.

I pull your strings and you pull mine.

You control me by keeping me...



      A live. 

         A life.


Like an Entity. Does it have identity?  

Oh, Energy. It's in the air we breathe. 

It's so mesmerizing and just so..

transcendent. And transparent.


Where was I going with this?

Energy. You're so complex. And I appreciate how you pump adrenaline through my veins. How energy particles drip off my skin....... like how I could be Topped by energy particles. How. If I was topped it would use a lot of energy. Because a lot of chemistry. Oh. My. 


.... I would ask you to warm it up first.

Or maybe make it cold.

Oh, how dare I assume it would even be liquified buttercotch. Maybe, um, maybe you wanted to use butterscotch discs from the bottom of my purse? Like that would be SO much easier and I'm really new to this and I'm nervous and I thought you might think it was cute that I thought of your favorite candy first. Well. Besides the whip creme... lol, that I dont want! Really. Dont do it. Unless you want to. Oh. Anyways... the butterscotch, ha, I have some actually, if you could just let me reach over you and grab my purse... let me just reach over you... let me just....

Reach my hand over you.

 I can feel your energy so..

Maybe I'm doing okay, haha,

maybe it's not weird that I'm..

asking you to put candy on me

bed squeeks

Oh.... My. That sound.



You watch me as I go into my knees on the bed just to reach over you and grab my purse that has candy in it; which is entirely unpractical and unethical to use in this kind of situation. I mean really. Hard candy. Who uses hard candy to eat off someone. That's so freaking weird but still you say nothing. I can't tell if you're studying me or intrigued by me or if I messed up but I trust you so I hope for the best. 

I have my hand in my purse. It was on the side of your bed. It felt like an eternity reaching over your... topping. Oh my. I could actually pass as your topping right now. 

I can feel my face getting red. 

I scavenge through my purse, all the while you never actually said you wanted to use liquid kind or solid. Come to think of it you never said you wanted to eat anything off me for that matter; ha. Matter. It's in solid, liquid and gas.... I wonder if butterscotch is in a gaseous form... no. not. Probably. Anyways. I'm afraid to look at you but that's also all I want to do. Is it fear actually?

Or excitement... 

Fuck. I can't find any candy. Now this is all kinds of lack of control here. It's entirely chaos really. And all I know is I can feel your... energy. Mmmm. 

I can't resist. I've already made a fool of myself, so I decide I will look at you. I will probably then admit that maybe toppings on me was an odd thing to begin with. You would say it's a good idea. However. going to the store right now would Totally ruin the mood. Wait. Theres a mood? Oh. 

We still haven't said anything and I still haven't looked at you.... my hand is still in my purse and I'm still stretching my body over your lap to be in said purse. I have to think of something here. 

"Sooo.. um. I dont have any butterscotch in my bag, ha. This is weird." 

Nailed it

"Not that I think this is weird. I mean. I feel like what I'm doing is weird. Wait. that's counter productive. What I mean is, um," 

Adjusting myself slightly to dig a little more, I press my chest against your arm slightly, trying not to touch your lap. Wait. Was your arm here a second ago? Did you move it closer to me?... were you going to make a move on me. 

I mean technically I'm "on you" kind of. So would it be you making the move? Oh God. Shut up. He isn't doing anything. 

"Its okay, you dont have to keep looking," 

You said it so sincere that I felt it within me.

I dont have to keep looking.

Well I stopped looking at you already but that's really what I have already found. 

A special bond. A covalent bond.

"Yeah, but I wanna make this special, you know? And I didnt think about what we would actually use, I didn't really think It through all the way, I HAVE to have something sweet in here I mean it's me now," 

:Stubbornly reaches into my bag more and presses my chest into your arm as I reach, and I feel your body tense. Wow you're so strong. I'm so cliche. You tense again. Mmmm. 

I didnt think that mattered to me until it did. I dont think its strength so much as it is power. Or energy. Hmm. 

I like it.

"You don't have to know everything, or prepare for it all Estelle,"

I laugh

"I'm sorry, :laughs again: but we both know that's not in our nature." 

"Oh, well, What is.. in our nature?"

Oh now I'm tense.

Oh. my.

 It's like a lightning bolt through me.

I can feel my breasts tingle and I tense even more trying to hide the fact, but what I can't hide is how hard my nipples are getting. And my upper body is pressing hard against your arms now. So. Hard.

I'm... it's.. just so fucking hot. Everything is. I can feel my energy just radiating right off my skin, my pheromones are probably rumbling right off me like a sick joke to my current tragedy. I'm so dramatic. Get it? Ha.

I wanna get it. 

Oh my.. my reality sets in and I'm still basically on top of you and you've donte nothing but respect me and it's so fucking sincere and sweet that it melts me even more and I realize my hand stopped moving in my purse a few moments ago. Or has it been longer. Oops. 

I think you notice too. You'd have to, right? I have to write... 

to justify my current state of being,

I make an impulse move.

I literally press my chest against your arm harder.


What the fuck is this? Animal planet? How to not mate? Who said we were mating? Oh, mastur..mate.. oh

Pushes my torso against your arm and you tense against Me, almost flexing, which is totally unlike you. We're learning a lot here. So out of character. So risque. So

Finding my sense of propriety. 

I don't know the right time and place for this you see. So I'll make a place to exist, indeed. 

You flex again. Oh. My fucking God. 

The tingles reach down my arms and my spine this time. 

I am so cliche. 

You flex and your arm pinches my bra against my nipple and I can't hide it anymore. I still can't look at you. You're probably smiling. Oh I dont even know anymore. 

It feels so fucking good and you're barely touching me. This wouldn't even be considered touching to most people.

I bite my lip. Hard. 

I'm tingling consistently and I shiver against you. 

You had to notice

Oh God you had to notice my face too. I'm so embarrassed but I'm so invigorated simultaneously I could care less.

When I shivered, my body somehow moved closer to your lap. I really tried to avoid it, or did I really? As I've been here for however long lingering over you. Maybe I knew what I was doing. Or maybe I am just lucky. Oh my God what if I get lucky?

Are we up all night to get lucky? 

I give in more. I am ignited.

I decide to bounce my chest against your arms some more. I'm pushing you to push me. This is a weird cycle and I can't tell if I'm I'm control or if noone is or ever was but I'm taking the wheel now. If you didnt notice then I'm making you notice me. I'm so scared of what you might say. But I also just wanna hear you talk. I also don't wanna hear anything except the sound of your bed,

I impulsively bounce again. The friction of your arms against my nipples is driving me fucking wild and I look so silly

Squeek Squeek Squeek

Oh my. I am literally bouncing against you and you are taking it so well. Or is this going bad? Oh what does this mean. I don't think it means anything. Oh you know what I mean. I hope. Oh my God I just want you to feel pleasure and I'm also so selfishly indulging. Oh my. 

Maybe you just trust me so much too you dont mind. Or not "mind" so much as you...understand? Or what's the word.

I dont know. 

I stopped bouncing when I heard the squeeks. It turned me on so fucking much that I had to stop the stimulation and the sound or I just might keep going. 

Who said I couldn't keep going?

Oh my. 

I look at you shyly yet fully trusting at the same time, I'm sweating now and your arm has gotten really close to my lap now but you still haven't tried to touch me. 

In one last act of defiance or sexual deviance I decide I want to test this. 

You asked me what was in our nature..  and that was the last physical words we spoke.


So maybe this whole time I've been answering you. What is in our nature?

I dont fully know. Yet I feel so sure.

I look you in the eyes, beet red, answering everything and knowing nothing at the same time, I threw all of my cards on the table and I sharply breathe.

Oh God, have I not been breathing?

I dont think you have either. 


The air is so thick but I like it.

Oh god.

I know what else I would like.

I bite my lip again. 

You blush. 

Oh my God your so precious when your nervous. Oh whose fault is it? Did I make you nervous? Or is it something else that you're red for? and whose line is it anyway? Please someone stop this chaotic improv because I shouldn't be in the lead....

I instinctively bounce again. 


Never breaking eye contact with you now, you fully take my initiation. I have made my point. My nipples are rock hard on your arm and I hope you can feel them. I hope you know how much you're doing for me. And I hope I'm not doing too much to you. 

Oh. My... 

I think my lip is bleeding

You straighten up your posture and lean back against the wall, so fucking casually I think I might die. The moment you moved, I shot up like a lightening bolt from helplessly leaning against you and the wall, trying to gain my composure.

"No, no. Let me teach you a thing."

I'm intrigued

You put you hands around my hips and pull me unto your incredibly enticing and bulging lap, I looked down at your massive bulge as you pulled me in, fast enough to take control of me, (not that I was resisting), but slow enough to watch in slow motion as I progress toward it in completely mesmerized. 

"If you're gonna bounce.... you should do it right here."

Oh. My. Fuck.

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