História Her Sense of Propriety - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - Perplexity

Fanfic / Fanfiction Her Sense of Propriety - Capítulo 2 - Perplexity

I want you so bad.. 

EVERY part of me just wants to grind with you and against you...

 I want it so bad that we might 


:grinds down against your lap and arches my back in your hands... they go from squeezing my ass to holding my hips... mmmmm...  you're pressing me against you while kissing my rising arched chest is before you.... we could start a fire from the friction of your boxers and my yogas.... mmmmm.   I want you to just rip through then and penetrate me with all your might..

I begin to bounce a little.... you start to lift me up from my hips which allows more space for you to grow... holy...

"FUCK.. ME."

"If you insist..,"

:Picks me up by my hips and raises me on your shoulders.: 

"I'm not that light!!  Be



What are you,  

"Oh  OH MY GOD BABY.. YESSS. YESS!!!: I press my back against the wall harder and wrap my legs around your shoulders... 

:you use your nose to rub against my clit and shive your tongue so deep inside me I shiver and call out your name:

I dont even... know what to , 


:I grind against your face snd you. Start. to. bounce. me. 180 lbs and 5'5,  with your shoulders... my body is literally your toy I am so fucking arroused...

I'm making my lips bleed 


Oh I wanna feel you inside me... 

:You allow me to slide down the wall slowly .. kissing my body as I slide down.... how am I still breathing... and little did I notice you got into a squat positon.. and you were ready for me to slide right onto your massive. Fucking bulge... mmm!! You let me fall onto that shit snd we both moaned in excitement snd I hurt you a little bit,

"Fuck you think, are you trying to rupture your dick???" Laughing snd slightly concerned all in one, 

"Only if it can rupture you. "

Mmmm ...

That was it for me. I begged you to take my pants off and just rub against my clit... oh please... please give it to me...


I wake up from this hot ass dream soaking wet with my melted icecreme besides me and my BB8 android running into my leg... good morning to you too buddy. " 

I stretch my legs

.... everything feels good about not body. I am

 WOMAN.... and mmmm do I just want to love that...

I roll over and grab my toy from my dresser.

All 7 inches of its colorful ness... it compares nothing to what you could be, but it suffices me..

I lean against the wall eith 1 arm and mm on my knees.... I shove my toy inside with no warning... it hurts but it feels so fucking awesome...

"Yess.... yess. .mmmmmmmm.... pperrrrr right th ere...."

I can feel how juicy I am now. My toy starts to slide from my hand but I clench tight. I need this.. 

I spread my legs where I'm almost doing the splits with my toy in me as far as it goes... I think about the vibration setting...  no I want this raw.... I start shoving my toy in my pussy super fast and bouncing on my knees, leaving 1 hand free now to

.. so I start rubbing my clit ln circles while I bounced and I swear I was gonna squirm all over my bed room floor....

Now to make some eggs snd remember to put laundry in. Fuck.... I kinda wanna shove my toy down my throat.

 I havent gotten the courage. But I deeply desire this... mmmm..... yes

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