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Capítulo 30 - Birthday on coast

Fanfic / Fanfiction Hyperdimension Neptunia: The color of my future is green - Capítulo 30 - Birthday on coast

There is no other way; I will have to speak. 

Me: - The way you hugged me when we slept together, and... you let me see almost everything until you tossed the dogoo in my face. 

Vert: - I understand. 

She keeps a neutral expression. 

Me: - Are you not mad? 

Vert: - No, my mistake. 

She comes closer and holds my chin. 

Vert: - However, if you think you can peek at your naked Goddess and get away with it, you’re wrong. Get it, naughty boy? 

Me: - Mm-hm... 

Vert: - Give me those lips. 

She kisses me, but takes distance quickly. 

Vert: - One more thing: what made you ask for my hand yesterday? 

Me: - Well, everything I said yesterday was truthful. I love you and I want to return the favor you have done for me since last year because I know you feel the same for me. 

Vert: - I understand perfectly that you are also willing to be my nexus so I no longer get the risk of breaking anything by accident. 

Me: - You told me I had a choice to make by myself. This was my answer: you gave me a worthy life here, and I want to devote it to you not just because you are my Goddess... you are the world to me. 

Vert: - Come, my sweetie. 

She opens her arms and... looks like she got heart-shaped pupils right now; it’s odd, but seeing her like this and hear her calling me sweetie makes my heart race. I get closer, she lets me rest on her shoulder and gives me a warm hug. 

Vert: - Let me pamper you a little... 

She caresses and kisses my hair slowly while my face is right above her breasts. Shortly thereafter, we end up kissing, but she interrupts it and lets go of me. 

Vert: - ...Calm down... that’s enough for today. Dismissed. 

In this talk, some things were really weird to know, but nothing really serious. For the next weekends, we kept having this kind of talk, knowing more and more about each other and she taught me to do some housekeeping the way she likes. We planned the ceremony’s script partially, Vert wanted me to learn a certain dance with a professional, as she particularly wishes us to have a slow wedding dance in front of everyone’s eyes. I mentioned that Reushissaquergen really wants to witness the marriage, and she answered that it’s possible that people will get startled by his size, although they can pretty much understand that he’s no more than a guest. 

We have decided that our wedding will occur one year and one week after our first date, which is slightly more than one month after my next birthday according to this world’s calendar. When the day I became 20 years arrived, there was nothing special in the base since I never talked about this to anybody here, so this is expected. I went to the Basilicom and did not find Vert, so I contacted her. 

Me: - My lady, where are you? 

Vert: - Oh, sorry. I had to go and I don’t know when I'll be back. I'll message you soon. 

Me: - Okay. 

When it’s almost noon, she messages me. 

Vert: - Honey? 

Me: - Back already? 

Vert: - Actually, I have a task for you. I’ll send you the coordinates, but go east by land when you arrive at the spot. 

Me: - As you wish. 

I thought I'd spend this day with her, but looks like I was wrong. This reminds me of the valentine’s first hours... anyway, I get to the coordinates, see a coastal region to the east, but not the seaside itself because it’s covered by a dense forest, then I descend to the trees and do as Vert told me. When I'm about to get to the coast, Histoire shows up. 

Histoire: - Hey, Alex. 

Me: - What are you doing here? 

Histoire: - I think it’s not a good idea to use your uniform and Hanoyami while you’re here. 

Me: - Why? 

Histoire: - Just trust me. 

She takes me to a closed tent, asks me to wear the clothes in there and leave Hanoyami with my uniform; there is only a shirt, shorts and flip flops here. What’s the purpose of this after all? I end up giving it in, change my clothes, go to the coast and as soon as I leave the trees behind, the beach stands before me. Now standing on the sand, I have a beautiful sight of the sea, but I look around and there is nobody to be found. I do a few steps and stop because there is something off here. 

Me: - What’s going on here? 

Histoire disappeared, something very large comes out of the water and an illusion before me fades. 


It’s Reushissaquergen emerging and coming closer fast, the illusion’s dissipation reveals all the Goddesses and a few more girls surrounding a large table that is filled with food and a flag saying “happy birthday”, and there are some boards around too. Vert has a cake in her hands and it got a pair of candles that have “2” and “0” shapes. 


All of them say “surprise” simultaneously, and immediately start singing a short birthday song. Honestly, I already had my suspicions, mostly because Histoire asked me not to come here with uniform and Hanoyami. Even then, I cover my face and look away out of shame, since I never experienced something like this before. Vert drops the cake on Nepgear’s hands and as soon as the song ends, she comes closer. 

Vert: - Psst. Look at me. 

I take my hands off my face and she sees that I'm holding myself not to cry, thus she caresses my cheek. 

Vert: - Happy birthday, my love. 

She hugs and kisses me. Now that she’s very close, I notice that she’s using a small collar, a sexy white top with lilac stars, a pair of wristlets on left wrist, and a white, lilac and pick colored cloth partially covering her lower body. 

Me: - Thank you, my lady. Hey, nice swimsuit. 

Neptune: - I’ll bite both of you if you keep cuddling, huh! 

Hearing that from Neptune made me laugh. Vert took me to the table with interlocked arms. 

Vert: - Take care of the candles. 

I throw 2 tiny ice projectiles on both candles’ fire, extinguishing them. 

Vert: - No, no, no. That's not how it’s done. You had to blow them. 

Me: - Ops. 

Vert: - Never mind. 

One by one, the other Goddesses greet me and say “happy birthday”, then Compa, IF, Tekken and Nitroplus do it as well. None other than the 13 ladies, the dragon and I are here. All the girls are wearing swimsuits like Vert, but I didn’t pay attention to details, and I don’t intend to do that for obvious reasons. In the table there are a lot of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, but before I start to eat, I walk to a point where the sea touches the sand to get closer to Reushissaquergen. The sensation of this water through my feet feels so nice. 

Reushissaquergen: - Happy birthday and congratulations for your engagement, boy. 

Me: - Thank you. 

Reushissaquergen: - Why were you so shy just now? 

Me: - Birthday “there” were not a thing. Then you guys prepare this for me and start singing... 

Reushissaquergen: - Ah, I see. 

Me: - How did you get here? 

Reushissaquergen: - Histoire warped me. 

Me: - What about the girls? Were they afraid of you? 

Reushissaquergen: - Yes. Poor Compa... the only one who studies nursing here almost had a heart attack upon seeing me. 

Me: - Geez... 

Noire: - Hey, you’re the birthday person. Won't you eat anything? 

Me: (I look at Noire) - Oh, yeah. Sure, sure. (I look at him again) But all of them are fine now, right? 

Reushissaquergen: - Of course. 

Vert: - Look at how nicely they get along. 

Me: - How long were you underwater? 

Reushissaquergen: - About half-hour, but I have underwater breathing... 

Uni: - Did he forget about us or what? 

Me: - Excuse me. 

Reushissaquergen: - Go ahead. 

I take a few steps back to the table, but I stop midway. 

Me: - Wait a minute... how is he going to eat anything since he’s this big? 

All the girls stop and stare at me briefly. 

Reushissaquergen: - Did you all hear what he’s concerned about? Isn't he a nice little lad? 

Nitroplus: - It isn’t for nothing that he conquered the heart of a Goddess... 

Ram: (Whispers) - He’s still a bit weird because he didn’t even know he had to blow the candles. 

Histoire: - Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. 

Histoire makes a giant snack on the dragon’s palm. 

Reushissaquergen: - But thank you for asking. 

Vert: - Come, honey. Let's eat. 

We started eating everything on the table, except the cake. Neptune was devouring all the pudding uncontrollably until the other girls began to push her away from the table while Reushissaquergen and I laughed at this scene. After eating a fair portion of the food, they dispersed, but Nepgear came up with the idea of “surfing”. 

Noire: - There are 4 humans here. They can’t swim right after eating. 

Compa: - No problem, we can go later. 

Vert: - Do you want to come with us too? 

Me: - No, thanks. 

Vert: - If you say so. What do you want to do now? 

Me: - to relax a little. 

Vert: - Ok, I'll be right back. 

I lay down on a sun lounger, but the sunlight bothers me from the start. 

Vert: - Here, honey. Put the sunglasses on and have a coconut water. 

I wear the sunglasses and she gives me a coconut. 

Me: - Thank you. 

Vert: - A peck... 

She gives me a little kiss and lays down on the nearest sun lounger. 

Vert: - How do you like your little birthday party? 

Me: - Very enjoyable. 

Vert: - That’s the least I can do for my fiancé. 

We smiled at each other for a second, then I sip the coconut water, and it tastes nice. When it ran out, I looked at Vert again and she was paying attention to the sea... I start staring at her boobs for almost a minute until... 

Vert: - Boobs are like the sun: you may have short peeks, but with sunglasses on, you can appreciate the sight as much as you want. 

Me: - Tsc. 

Vert: - What’s up? I let you look at them with or without sunglasses, you know. 

Me: - If you say so... 

I look barefacedly, she covers her breasts and gets up. 

Vert: - I changed my mind... they’ll call you pervert if they see it. 

I stay here until I decide to go swim after some of the girls stopped surfing. Once I'm several meters away from the land, Reushissaquergen comes and gets his face close to me. 

Reushissaquergen: - May I ask you a favor? 

Me: - Of course you can. 

Reushissaquergen: - Pay me a visit after you get married. 

Me: - Why? 

Reushissaquergen: - Because I want to make a portrait of you to use it as part of my lair’s decoration. 

Me: - What do you mean? Were you the one who made the paintings? 

Reushissaquergen: - Yes, with some help of spells because I can’t hold a paint-brush with the claws I have, but it was indeed myself. 

Me: - Well, I've never said that, but they’re splendid artworks; captivates the eyes. 

Reushissaquergen: - Thank you. 

He starts to whisper. 

Reushissaquergen: - Was there any celebration in your home world? 

Me: - Nope. No holidays, no events, no birthday, only work. I’ve seen some parties here before, including birthday. 

Reushissaquergen: - What do you think about yours? 

Me: - Great. 

Reushissaquergen: - Your wife-to-be's idea. 

Me: - No doubts. 

Reushissaquergen: - Although I thought there would be more people. 

Me: - I wouldn’t want this to be too public anyway. But I don’t know... it’s odd that only me, you and 12 ladies are here. 

Reushissaquergen: - True. You’re a lucky boy, huh! Surrounded by “coochies”.

He playfully says that, however, I’ve been here for long enough to know what this slang means. Did I seriously hear that from a dragon? Since this is a “men’s talk”, I decide to give an answer at the same level just to see his reaction. 

Me: - That’s right, but there is only one I want to eat. 

He turns his back on me and moves away to dive. 

Me: - Where are you going? 

I think I stepped over the line because he did not respond. Because of that, I leave the water and approach the food table. 

Noire: - Guys, do you hear that? 

Tekken: - Hear what? 

Blanc: - It’s coming from the sea. 

Vert: - Where is Reushissaquergen? 

Me: - He submerged. 

Noire: - I’ll check what’s going on. 

Noire transforms, goes after him, returns seconds later and goes back to normal. 

Noire: - I don’t know why, but he’s laughing hysterically underwater. 

Me: (Whispering) - I fucked up. 

Ram: - Why is he laughing? 

IF: - Good question. You should know because you two were swimming there right now, weren’t you? 

Me: - It’s nothing. 

Vert: - Are you sure? 

Me: - Hey, that was “men’s talk”. I don’t want to say it loudly. 

Vert: - Then let’s forget it. 

Neptune: - Now I'm curious. 

Blanc: - Fuck that. 

Neptune: - Oh my ears! 

We left that aside and kept having fun for the next hours, then we finally started eating the cake that was kept safe by some kind of barrier. As we stopped, we enjoyed the view of the sunset and I thanked everyone for their presence. When we couldn’t see the sun anymore, I immediately excused myself to get my uniform and Hanoyami. 


Ready to leave, I went back to the sand to go with Vert, but Blanc approaches me with a surprised look on her face. 

Blanc: - Is this Hanoyami by any chance? 

Me: - Yes. 

Vert sees that I brought the katana here, but before she could take action... 

Neptune: - Will we be called auntie in 2 or 3 years? 

Noire: - Are you for real? 

Neptune: - Yes, why not? They’ll get ma... 

She was happily talking until the very moment she looked at me. 

Noire: - Neptune? 

Neptune ignores Noire. 

Neptune: - Hey! 

Vert: - Why did you bring it here? 

Me: - Err... 

Neptune: - Alex, what do you think you’re doing with Hanoyami? 

Neptune talks with a harsh tone and a very hostile expression. Everybody gets surprised, since not even the other Goddesses are used to see her like this. 

Me: - I was gifted. 

Neptune: - How so? Was it by him? 

She points her finger to the sea as she says “him” and I confirm it... 

Neptune: - Polar Beam! 

A large azure beam comes out of her hand, freezing all the water it touches and a little more around it, then Reushissaquergen appears seconds later. 

Reushissaquergen: - Who did that? 

Neptune: - I did because I want to know what is he doing with that in his hands. 

Reushissaquergen: - Oh no, you must be joking... I gave him the weapon for having no use for you or me. 

Neptune: - And what made you think it’d not kill him, or that it’d be fine in the hands of somebody that is not a god? 

Compa: - Nep-nep, are you okay? 

Reushissaquergen: - Affinity with darkness. 

Neptune: - Really? Then you can dive again. 

Reushissaquergen: - … 

Vert: - Neptune, don’t you thin... 

She interrupts Vert by speaking louder. 

Neptune: - Excuse me, Vert. This is between me and him. 

Nepgear: - Sis, calm down... 

Neptune gestures “silence” to Nepgear and takes a few steps closer to me. 

Neptune: - You know what? Thanks for not allowing me to see it earlier, as I would certainly have killed the party’s mood. 

Me: - Why are you talking like this? 

Neptune: - Because you are with the artifact that I, the Goddess of fate created centuries ago, you are engaged to an eternal union with another Goddess, and the most unbelievable is that you came from another world bringing the power of a dead ancient Goddess back to Gamindustri. 

Everyone becomes speechless.  

Me: - NO! 

Neptune: - By your reaction, you know it’s true. 

IF: - Another world? Ancient Goddess? 

Uni: - Vert, did you know that? 

Me: - Just what are you doing? 

Vert: - Stop exposing him like this. 

Neptune: - There was no data about this boy until the moment that Compa and Iffy averted his death, I know the story of the ancient Goddesses because Tari is buried under Planeptune for millenia, and the dark armor he has upon transformation is literally the male version of what the Goddess of Chaos had. 

Noire: - Neptune, don’t you think you’re overdoing it? 

Me: - Do you want it back? Take it. 

I’m about to give Hanoyami back to her, but she gestures refusal. 

Neptune: - I gave Hanoyami to Reushissaquergen not just as a gift, but also to keep it away from the hands of any mortal, and then at the birthday of Vert’s fiancé, I see my katana in his hands. Do you know how dangerous it is, don’t you, Alex? 

Rom: - What is that ancient Goddess thing about, sis? 

Blanc: - Rei Ryghts. 

Tekken: - Wait a minute, is she serious about it? 

Vert: - Every word is true... 

Me: - I do, but I got along well with it for my dark affinity and my lady concluded that it would not hurt an unaware person if I don’t wish for it. 

Neptune: - And did you put it in someone’s hands too see what happens? 

Me: - Not a person who I never wanted to hurt. 

She raises an eyebrow. 

Neptune: - So you handled it to an individual you wanted to kill just to find out? 

Me: - No, it wasn’t to see what happens. 

Neptune: - Really? Tell me more. 

Me: - It was to save the child of the commander from your air force. It was thanks to Hanoyami that I could reach him and eliminate all the heretics who held him hostage, also who attacked Reushissaquergen with a stolen fighter. 

Neptune: - How did you know where they were at? 

Me: - I dreamed of the boy and how they were treating him. I woke up feeling the way there. 

Neptune: - Never heard of anybody who has ever dreamed of a face they haven’t seen before. 

Me: - I didn’t say I saw his face in my dream. 

Neptune: - Smart boy, huh? 

Me: - Can we leave now? 

Neptune: - No. 

Me: - What do you want from me anyway? 

Neptune: - Once I didn’t even have to ask what good use it had for being given to you, there is only one more thing: I want you to deserve my approval. 

Vert: - What? 

Me: - What do you mean? 

Neptune: - Stay away from him, please. 

Blanc: - Vert, Noire, our sisters and I know you for way too long to even think that you’d ever act like this, especially being not in Purple Heart form. This is very, very worrisome. 

Neptune: - I don’t need to transform to talk and act however I want. Besides, I already spoke up my reasons, now would you kindly stand back? 

All the girls move away from me, Neptune takes a few more steps towards me and materializes her weapon. 

Neptune: - Blade Barrier! 

Hundreds of over 6.5 feet tall blades that seem to be made of purple energy come out of the sand, making a circle that surrounds both of us. 

Neptune: - I’ll give you two options: fight me and earn my approval, or just leave without it and the artifact. 

Me: - I accept your challenge. 

With Hanoyami in my hands, I stand in fighting stance. 

Neptune: - Well, I’ll give you a score for your courage. Transform thinking you do not have wings. 

I do just as she said... I indeed can’t see my black wings. 

Neptune: - Do not touch the barrier, no projectiles from your hands, don’t even think of casting the dark ball. Ready for a swordplay? 

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