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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir culturas, crenças, tradições ou costumes.

Capítulo 13 - Episode 14


¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid)

¤Written by

¤Etz sky prince

Episode 14

Standing before me is one of my class mate Vincent.i and Vincent have never cross by on The road neither have we ever discussed in the class. I was surprised when he refer to me as a friend.

"are u surprised?"

He said patting me on my shoulder with a bright smile emanating from his lips while I stood abrutedly staring at him in awe.

"I know this is not a good time to discus it, but can you please be my friend ".he pleaded stretching his hand forward for a hand shake which I reciprocated.

"can we be friends?" he asked stunning me more.

"sure we can "I replied and we shake hands.

"let's go under that shade and discuss"he added pointing to a mighty tree at the back of the junior section,i never knew there is a tree at that side have never noticed that.i follow him slowly with curiosity all over me,while he was saying some irrelevant things that I contributed a little or nothing to.


"I know you must be wondering why I came to you today"he retorted when we have sat down along with some other students who were playing,discussing and minding their business under the tree. Some seat where arranged in numbers under the tree it was a beautiful sight to behold and a nice place to receive fresh air.

"oh not at all".i lied.

"that is good, I thought you are,i just wanna be your friend".

"what happened to the history teacher? "I gathered courage and ask, now that I have a friend I think I should begin satisfying the mystery in this school one after the other.

"oh, you have not heard? "

"heard what? "I retorted. This is my only problem with the blacks,always answering questions with questions.

"she has been sackad from the school ".

"sacked?,asin bag of rice? "I asked rhetorically in a confused espression.

"I mean she has been rusticated from the school "he explained using another synonymous word since it was obvious I am not tagging along with the latter.

"she went and reported Isabella to the principal and she started ranting insulting Isabella in the office ,all effort to calm her down proved volatile and she even went as far as to slap Isabella in the office".

"slap!! ".i said bashing into the conversation.

"yes, she slap her and Isabella stormed out of the office with anger,the principal told the teacher to follow Isabella and apologize to her but she refused,then Isabella father call the principal to rusticate the teacher from the school with immediate effect that was why she was crying that day ".he concluded and I became puzzled.

"how can an individual terminate a government teacher at work from his house? "I asked.

"this school is built by the Government and the state for the prominent people in the society,and 20 percent of this state revenue come from this school,Isabella father is the president of the parent teacher association a body with the aim and objective of assisting the school on every needs and they do that more than the government.70 percent of the staff of this school are been paid by the association and many other facilities ranging from the laboratory ,library,the sport field were all awarded to the school by the association".he explain slowly while I listen with rapt attention.

"that is not all"he stated with a bright smile on his face.

"what happen tell me friend"i said and a bright smile appear on his face.

"the teacher went mad immediately when she got Home for three good days"he said and I became shocked.

"mad!!,why?.i stated in a shocking expression.

"I dont know,no one knows,she pulled her cloth and started running around the street naked picking and eating papers.".he elucidated.

"who is Isabella? " I asked with a cool countenance.

"oh, you don't know?"he asked in a funny glance which open his eyes bow wider.

"if I do I won't be asking you"

"you don't know anything then,isabella is the only daughter of chief obinwa,the c. E. O of obinwa's group of companies all over the world " he said demonstrating the last phrase with his hand rolling in the air.

"why is she so silent,arrogant and full of mischief? "I asked again.

"if you ask me,who will I ask? "he replied.

Just then,a Junior student badge into our mist drawing their attention to him.

"senior wisdom, the head boy is calling for you at the cafeteria".he elucidated bluntly.

"what??!,the head boy? "Vincent exclaimed in shock.

"yeah he actually save me today when I came to school late" I enunciated bluntly.

"if the head boy,richard that I know free you when you came late to school,then you are in a big problem that you can ever imagine,nothing good as ever come from that boy without a dangerous price"he elucidated bluntly with a serious and scared expression repeating almost the same thing that the head Girl stated that morning while some goose pimples appear immediately on my face.

"what am I going to do? "I asked rhetorically in an incoherent whisper.

To be continued......

Thank you all for the wrong guesses kikikikikikiki

Lemme laugh joor

Abeg una too much keep the good work Rolling. 

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