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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir culturas, crenças, tradições ou costumes.

Capítulo 14 - Episode 1 5


¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid)

¤Written by

¤Etz sky prince

Episode 15.

I walk sluggishly toward the cafeteria with so many thoughts in my mind, I turned down Every offer made by Vincent to follow me,i don't want any complications with the headboy.the thought of what he is gonna ask me were overing in circle inside me, i could not fathom the exact thing he needed from me. Come to think of it, he seem harmless and good unlike what the head girl and Vincent were enunciating,but why will he suddenly ask for a meeting after saving me?.i sighted him from a distance seating comfortably with some food and drinks on the table,he was alone munching his meal and he signal to me with his hand waving in the air to come forward which I did.

Prestigious kings cafeteria is located at the outskirt of the school Main Building and waiters could be seen moving round in numbers serving different varieties of foods.

I remember I have not eaten anything for that morning and my tongue started salivating along with my intestine that were signifying That they are still inside me with a rumbling stomach.the thought of using part of the money offer to me by the principal and the calculus teacher evaded my mind but I couldn't do it. I can't use part of the money when my mom have not seen it.

I stood abrutedly close to the head boy watching him munch on a chicken lap with hunger ravaging my Stomach staring at the second chicken lap in a plate on the table.

"seat down idiot ".

"thank you sir " I said stretching my hand toward him.

"are you mad?"He asked and I became surprised.

"why are you stretching your hands?,is that how to seat down?".he asked drafting attentions toward us as students started laughing hard watching the ugly scene.

"am sorry sir "I quickly apologize,i thought he asked me to take the chicken on the table, that is what I heard bluntly from him.so,why is he acting like I did something wrong?.

"your entire generation can never Price this chicken not to talk of eating it "he added amidst scream which procure a hell of laughter in the cafeteria and I became so ashamed with tears forming in my eyes. Is it that the spirit of rudeness always follow the rich folks?,I thought Isabella is rude but this person seating close to me can be best describe as ruder,if there is any words like that in the English dictionary.saying the head boy is rude will be a complete understatement,any word can be use synonymously to describe him but not the word rude. For the first time I regretted not accepting Vincent idea of accompanying me.

"sir you sent for me? "I muster courage to ask cos it seems he has forgotten.

"my reasoning faculty is not low,seat down and let me enjoy my food then we will talk ".he said using a table knife to cut a piece of chicken in his mouth as I watch him chewing it slowly like with a disgusting grin.

He rounded up his meal and wash his hands,and he use a handkerchief on the table to dry the Water off his hands.

"you are the boy seating close to Isabella right?"he asked and I nodded in affirmative.

"I have waited patiently for a day like this now the opportunity is running straight to me,i have humped almost forty percent of the girls in this school and I need the most beautiful in the school now"he said slowly with a bright smile on his face.

"sir what is hump? "I asked with a confused expression .

"sex you idiots"he shouted drawing attentions toward us as people stare at our table with a shocking grin.

"Oh gosh,this guy is really the king of fools,look at the way he is advertising his stupidity in public ".i thought in my mind staring at him with a disgusting look.

"that girl is fucking rude so I need her friend to get closer to her,that is where you come in"he explained.

"but Sir I..... "

"oh shut up fool,if you don't do it I will make sure I make your life miserable in this school".he threatening with a broad smile on his face.

"because of you i had to hump on that useless Mariam Just to save your ass if you don't do what I ask then you better do your self a favor and stop coming to this school ".

How can I do this when I don't talk to the person in question,someone that hate me with passion?, he is even calling me her Friend,am I really a friend to Isabella?.

"you will be helping me to deliver gifts to her everyday till she become mine "he said and motioned to a waiter who came forward to our table with some things which I presumed to be food in a black nylon with the name "prestigious cafeteria boldly written on it and he motioned to her to hand them over to me which she did and she left. The aroma emanating from the food is so captivating and sweet and it make me to yearn for food.

"go and give them to her, make sure she collects them and tell her I sent you "he enunciated with a serious expression.

"yes sir "I replied.

"meet me here tomorrow,dont let me look for you"he added and he stood up to leave which I also did.

I walk on the pathway leading to my class with a rumbling stomach, for the first time in my life I regretted not being a girl. If I were a girl a random guy out there would have been doing this same thing for me also.i thought deep in my mind.


I enter the class and I saw that many students have returned from break already,though the period was not over, all eyes fall on me as I marched bare footed with the food in my hands toward my seat and I sat down in fear staring at Isabella.she focus all her attention on a book she was reading,i took a quick glance at the cover of the book and I discover it's a book titled "Against the nation (the cause for war".she was so engrossed in the book and I stare at her with mixed affection.I was dun scared by mere seeing her beautiful face ,why will a beautiful girl be fill with mischief I ask myself the second time in less than 72 hours .i was still thinking hard with the nylon in my mind when she drifted me off my thought with a shocking word.

"eat the food,and tell him I collected them from you"she enunciated with her gaze still focused on the book.

"what!!",I exclaimed with shock.

"who might have told her about the food? ".i asked slowly in a less coherent voice and she drifted Her attention to me taking a quick glance at me for the first time of the day.

"Idiot,i know you are hungry,eat the food and tell him I accepted them from you "she said returning her gaze to the book.

"I will deal with Richard"she elucidated shocking the living daylight out of me with her words and I become scared.

"who is this girl?,how did she know what was in my mind? "I asked rhetorically in an incoherent voice contemplating if I should really eat the food.

To be continue........

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