História It's Gonna Be Okay-Imagine Bts - Capítulo 3

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Capítulo 3 - Chapter 2

Fanfic / Fanfiction It's Gonna Be Okay-Imagine Bts - Capítulo 3 - Chapter 2

For weeks BTS was all we ever spoke about. We went to our nearest clothing stores and dug up anything related to the words ‘army’, ‘bulletproof’, or ‘BTS’. We ordered their signature light sticks online, and purchased body pillows with our bias’s on them to hug at night.

We had...an obsession to say the least.

As my friends and I were walking around, discussing whether Vmin or Vkook was cannon, I laid my eyes on a familiar face.

“LP!”, I whisper-shouted, loud enough so that only my friends could hear me.

“Who?”, they all asked simultaneously.

“Lucas Philipe, the guy that i bumped into on the first day of school!”, I explained.

They all turn around to look at him. He notices all the people staring at him and quickly turns his gaze towards us. He offers a small wave and i wave back.

“Oh he’s cute!”, says Anna, a bit too loudly. “You should go talk to him.”

“I don’t know... I havent said a word to him since the first time we met. I wanted to start a conversation with him but I was in a rush and I havent talked to him since. I guess my new obsession made me forget about him.”

“Guess Kim Taehyung’s been keeping you busy lately.”, Vibi says with a mischievous smile.

“Can you blame her? Taehyung’s keeping ALL our minds busy.”, adds Jhein, stating facts.

“I’m so glad you guys finally learned how to say his name properly. I can finally stop cringing every time you talk about him.”, Julia adds, making is all glare in her direction.

“That was harsh,but she’s right. We were butchering his name before.” I admit.

They all shrug and nod their heads in agreement.

“Oh speaking of BTS members, did you guys choose a bias yet?”, Julia asks us.

“I’m pretty sure we all know Y/N’s bias by now”, Jhein says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Shut up I’m not that obvious.”, I say while blushing a little.

“Right...Its not like you somehow always seem to shove the word Taehyung into every sentence. Hell I bet the people in Korea know that by now.”, Vibi says, making all the girls laugh at me. I blush harder. “Anywho, Namjoon’s my favorite. He’s drop dead gorgeous AND he’s smart.”

“Mine’s Kookie!”, Anna chimes in, “He’s so cute and innocent, and that bunny smile of his can cheer anyone up!”

“I have the biggest crush on Mr. worldwide handsome, Jin.”, Jhein declares. “I mean the man is stunning, can cook, and his shoulders are wider than my future, what more can you ask for?”

“Your biases are cool and all, but mine’s Hobi.”, Julia says, her eyes shining as she talks about him. “He’s so cute and funny. He tries to cheer everyone up even if he’s not feeling that great, he really is a ray of sunshine. Apart from Hobi, Jimin’s a close second, his vocals are beautiful and his dancing is always in sync to the music.”

Julia looks so passionate when she talks about them. She smiles and opens her mouth again to speak.

“Now that I’m done with my rant, onto the subject at hand, are you going to talk to LP or not?”, pushes Julia.

“I-I can’t! What if he doesn’t want to talk to me? I doubt he even remembers my na-”

“Hey LP!”, Julia interrupts my little rant. LP looks at her quizzically.

“Julia what the hell are you doing?!”, I say angrily.

“I knew you weren’t gonna talk to him, so i thought id help you out a bit.”, and with that, Julia struts towards him. We all stare at her as she walks away.

She comes back a few minutes later.

“What did you do? What did you tell him? Julia i swear to God if you embarrassed me Im gonn-“, she cuts me off mid sentence.

“Relax Y/N I said i was going to help you out and I did.”

“What did you tell him though?”, asks Jhein, just as confused as we are.

“Its a surprise.”, Julia shrugs her shoulders and walks away with that mischievous smirk of hers. That girl’s going to be the death of me.

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