História Jacob's Angel - Capítulo 3

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Capítulo 3 - Chapter 3

I was currently sitting in the cafetaria. It was lunch and I was with Janise. "That son of a bitch kept kicking me under the table. I'll seriously kill him", of cource I was talking about Jacob. That bastard. Janise kicked me under the table, motioning me to look behind me.

          I moved my gaze and saw Brenda standing there, I raised my eyebrow. She looked, rather glared at me and said,"Stay away from Jacob, bitch".
Seriously? Can this get anymore cliche.
I simply rolled my eyes. "Don't you dare roll your eyes at me", she said. I groaned,"Do you ever shut up?".

          "Stop it Brenda", that wasn't me, it was Jacob. "I won't let you take her away from me baby", she pouted. "She won't 'cause we were never dating", Jacob said.
Apparently it can get more cliche.
Brenda left the cafetaria crying, but not before telling me to 'watch my back'.

          "I'm sorry", Jacob said,"for her". Before I could even open my mouth, Janise stood up and mused "Oh, it's okay, BTW, would you like to sit with us". I glared at her in anger, I mouthed a 'fuck you' to her. She just smirked.

          I was sitting in my Maths class drawing something on my desk. The bell ringing brought me out of my thoughts. I was about to leave when I hears the teacher call my name. "Miss. Maiden and Mr. Andrews, please stay back". After everyone left she told me that I was apparently very weak in Maths, and that I needed a tutor. She glanced at Jacob. Horror washed over me," Mr. Andrews would you like to  be her tutor". My eyes were practically begging him to reject the offer. "Of course, Ma'am, I would love to", he said grinning. I scoffed, "See you on Saturday, Angel", he whispered. "Go fuck yourself, Andrews", I hissed. He chuckled.


          It was Saturday today. I hope that bastard forgot all about me. But that didn't happen. My doorbell ringed exactly at 4:00. I opened the door to see Jacob, wearing a light blue T-shirt that allowed me to see what an amazing body he had. I finally looked up at him. I never realised how very handsome he was.
        He had a sharp jawline. His blue eyes were hypnotizing. He looked cute in a masculine way.
Whoa !!! Where are these thoughts coming from??
I noticed he was looking at my legs, I mentally cursed myself for wearing shorts.
          Finally he spoke "Let's get started, love". I groaned as he chuckled.

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Author's note:

Hope you liked it !!

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