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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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I hope you like it!!

Capítulo 1 - The day before

Fanfic / Fanfiction Jeaulous and Furious - Capítulo 1 - The day before

One day before

Sunggyu POV:

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING??? FUCK! He saw his beautiful girlfriend, Sakura, his blossom, talking with a handsome and tall man at a cafe. They're very closer, both looking very happy, enjoying the "company". He was just staring with wide eyes at this scene. How dare she could invite you to this?  His blood is boiling and he was motionless till he saw his hand touch Sakura's hands... AND SHE SMILED! Now it's too much! He went mad with heavy steps to the cafe across the street with that scary look in this small eyes.

Sakura's POV: 

Oh! It's so nice see Myungsoo! It had been long time since I saw and felt the lack of my cousin and it gives my heart a relief. We've talked about a lot of things, and it was really a great time... then Myungsoo takes your hand into his own hands and say: "My little fighter, you promise me you'll take care of yourself?  (at this point he looks at you with his beautiful eyes) You know I still have feeling for you, but I know you love that tough guy, Sunggyu. Please, if you reconsider, call me. I still love you". 
               You take a deep breath and told him, with your full heart: "I love him with my soul. I love you too but in a different way, you know that. An I really hope you find someone who can loves you back in the way you deserve! Lean on me, cousin" You look at him with eyes full of tenderness an he nodded in agreement. It was a beautiful moment interrupted to a door slam, when you turn to look, there was him, her boyfriend, with a wide look in the eyes. You opened your mouth to argue, but it was too late. He goes to Myungsoo and punches him in the face, screaming: " Get away from her! Who you think you are to touch her? NEVER touches her again you bastard!".

You could feel his anger. You look at him, madly and speak in a low and threatening tone: "What the fuck you think you're doing Kim Sunggyu?" He look at you, with angry in his eyes, but a little scared with you voice tone - he knows, when you speak with this tone, well, a storm is in his way. "He is my cousin! Are you CRAZY?" (you screams) " Jealousy again? I can't handle this! I'm tired!! Get the hell out of my way!".  You crosses the hall through your cousin: "Myungsoo-ah, are you fine?". He touches his lower lip, full of blood, and reply: " Yes, I just need to pull some ice on it an I will be fine" he add a wink at you.

You stare at Sunggyu and told him with tears in your eyes: "I'm breaking up with you right now. I can't stay with a person who don't trusts me. I love you so much and this is what you've done to me! It's not the first time you do this and I'm tired, I AM TIRED!"

He looks at you in shock, with his mouth opened. You look at his eyes an he saw the pain in yours. He grabs your wrist and try to hold you, but you get you hand free and go back to Myungsoo. "Come on cousin, let me take you home. Please, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" An you started to cry. Myungsoo looks at you so worried that he forgot his pain: "Let's get out of here, you need to rest".

Sunggyu's POV:

What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE???? He ran his hand through his hair, in despair. He look at you desperatedly, but he knows you so well that he knows you need a time. I stayed there, looking at the scene I created: she is going out of the cafe and out of my life in just an hour and I know there's nothing I wanna do now. I was wrong. She stopped and looked at me, at the threshold and then I saw Love and sadness in her eyes. I will wait and fight for her, she is the love of my life and I just can't lost her. I felt the tears down to my face and the darkness took over my heart. I feel empty tonight.


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