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Capítulo 3 - Today (Part 2)

Fanfic / Fanfiction Jeaulous and Furious - Capítulo 3 - Today (Part 2)

Author's POV (haha)

Artemisia just doesn't know what to do and it was paralised when the doorbell rangs again and again.
She stuck her body at the door and began to feel the tears welling in her eyes.
Sunggyu was desperated on the other of the door and starts to feel his tears coming... He would not give it up, not now. She was the woman of his life and there was no other acceptable alternative than have her in your arms again.
He shout: "Please, Sakura, my love, open it. I know you're there. I'm sorry, I was blinded by jealousy and I was so wrong about that... about everything. Please, open the door. I miss you so much that I can't breathe. Please... Please!" he punches the door and wait. With none responses, he starts to cry copiously and let his body lay down on the floor against the door. He was done.
On the other side, Sakura was devastaded and divided between the anger and the needed of him. She heard him crying and this make her heart tight, she never heard him crying like that, and just can't handle this and opened the door.
He look at her. 
She look at him.
Without saying nothing he pulls himself on his knees and clings her waist, putting his face against her belly. Sakura just hugs his head and let her energy engulfs him.
They did'nt know how long had passed there, feeling the energy flowing from each other's bodies, but Sunggyu got uo on his two feet an look at her in the eyes and said: "I need you. Please forgive me. I know I was stupid and mad but I love u so much. I just can't breathe without you. Please accept me back. Please..." 
Sakura was just staring at him and this makes he feels anxious.
She breathed heavily and said: "You're a jerk you know? I cannot accept a situation like that Sunngyu! Do you not trust me? Do you want to control me? I'm not a toy, a "thing" that you can control and give orders! I'm not your property!!!" (She screams at him) What have I done to be treated like that? It's so crazy and unfair..." (tears rolling from her eyes)
He takes her hand and kiss. "Please forgive me. Please. I promise you I will change and this time is for Real. I talked with my manager and I'll have a personal psychologist who will help me. I know I have a problem and I will take care of it. Please, stay by my side. Don't leave me..." (he was crying again right now and hugs her tightly)

Sakura was in shock. He finally admited it. My god, finally... "Look at me Gyu" Sakura says. He lifted his chin and looked straight in the eye to her. He was waiting for the veredict They were very close now and she felt a familiar shiver down the spine. Shit! Why she could not help it? They were estranged, separated, exhausted and it this not diminish at all her desire for him. Damn it! 

The atmosphere was tense. She ran a hand over his face and took his chin, bringing it closer, brushing his lips and says: "I love you and I'm with you. I'll stay with you and I'll give you the strenght to back to your own peace. I love you, Kim Sunggyu. I love you so much" and kiss his lips in a delicated way... he retributed the kiss in joy. It was just a light kiss... so pure and beautiful. Two people who really love each other were together, reconnected. They had finally found the way back home. 


<3 <3 <3

Notas Finais

Thank u <3

A very important tip: No abusive relationship can be healthy. Many say that jealousy is a good thing, but things must have limits. If you are going through something and want to talk tamos there. But do made Sakura, take a stop to it. Possessiveness is curable.


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