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História Kacchan - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - Friends

midoriya POV

"qu-quit it kacchan.." i stutter, glancing up helplessly, my beaten up body frozen in fear. 

"get him, katsuki." one of kacchan's friends snickers. 

"look at him, he's so helpless!"

"please... stop." 

i plead as their tall shadows tower over me, my insides curling into a tight knot. 

"shut it, deku."

 all i can do is wince, holding my arms above my head while i brace myself for what's coming next. 

i hear quiet sparks quickly turning to balls of pure anger in kacchan's palms. he grimaces. 

"ya know what, deku.. you must be some kind of idiot if you think a quirkless brat like you can apply to my school..."

his explosions charred my arms, while i desperately tried to scream for help. 

"and you say you wanna be a hero when you can't even take this?" kacchan chuckles. 

"you really are deku, aren't ya?"

^^ "deku" means "useless" in japanese. 

he finished the job by kicking me in the ribs, into the wall he had cornered me on. 

i take a sharp breath in and whimper, winded from the blow. 

kacchan grins, as if he's proud of what he's done. he steps closer, and spat in my face. 

"by the way.. don't even think about applying to my school.. you out of all people already know what the answer's gonna be, right?" 

he walks away smugly, with a satisfied look on his face along with his friends. 

pain rushed to my head as i feel warm blood trickling from my arms. 

"some hero you are..."  

i whisper as tears start to well up hopelessly in my eyes.

i notice my hero notebook was left lying on the floor after kacchan exploded that too. 

my uniform is half burnt and dirty...

as i start walking, the heavy feeling in my gut and the voices in my head start to come back again. 

tears fall from my eyes, splattering onto the floor. 

why are you still trying, izuku?

do you really think you can be a hero?

"stop" i mutter, holding my head in my hands, before the voices get louder. 

"if you wanna be a hero that desperately why don't you take a dive off the roof in hopes you get a quirk in your next life, huh?"

kacchan's words scream in my head on repeat. 

"huh, deku?"

"take a dive off the roof..." i repeat quietly and slowly, my breath shaking.

Notas Finais

hii i’m originally from wattpad, i’m just copying and pasting my story from there so more ppl can read it :) hope u enjoy

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