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História Kacchan - Capítulo 11

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Capítulo 11 - Dead by dawn

Fanfic / Fanfiction Kacchan - Capítulo 11 - Dead by dawn

kirishima POV

"what are you still doing here, huh?" 

"i thought i told you to go kill yourself, eijirou" tsukishima smirks before kicking me in the ribs. 

he picks me up by the collar as he throws me into the ground and spits. 

"nice bruise eijirou, is it from your daddy again?" he remarks in a mocking tone. 

"l-leave me alone..." i cry. 

"you weak faggot!" tsukishima screams in my face, stomping on where my bruise was. 

i wail in pain, desperately looking around for help. 

"nobody is coming to help you, eijirou, no one fucking cares about you!"

"do us all a favour and die so you rot in hell where your mummy is!"

his squad behind him laughs, and pats him on the back. 

"good one, tsukki!" 

my eyes fill with anger. i stand up, ignoring the shrieking pain in my ribs and face. 

i use my quirk to harden, and swing at tsukishima's face. 

"don't you dare talk about my mother like that!" i order. 

my fist is inches away from his face, when he uses his quirk to defend himself. 

spikes as sharp as needles stick out of his cheek, impaling my knuckles. 

i wince and fall to the ground, coming to a realisation to what i had done. 

tsukishima towers over me, smirking slightly. 

"you're dead, kirishima eijirou..."

the spikes in his face dripping with my blood retract back into his skin. 

i tremble with fear. 

i know that smirk. 

his squad stops grinning when they realise tsukishima's expression. 

"tsukki... i think that's enough there..."

"let's go now, tsukki..."

they whisper, as they attempt to drag him away from me. 

he growls and extends his spikes from his arms, telling them to stay away. 

"i'm not done with you yet, kirishima eijirou... i'll finally succeed at killing you this time..." 

"oi tsukki... stop... you could go to jail.."

his friends mumble, being cautious of his spikes. 

"you think you're stronger than me? huh?" 

he says, ignoring them. 

"why don't we see who wins this then?"

tears sting my eyes. i knew i was nothing but helpless compared to him. 

"please... no..." i beg, staring up into his eyes. 

"if you're not gonna fight, i guess we know who's gonna die!" he laughs like a maniac as he extends his spikes to his full length. 

i harden hopelessly, accepting my fate. 

but for some reason, 

i didn't hate the idea of disappearing forever. 

the spikes come close to my neck, centimetres away from instant death. 

i hold my breath. 


everything falls silent. 

is this death...? i think to myself, but realise i can still open my eyes. 

my eyes flutter open in fear as i see tsukishima laying on the floor, screaming in anger. 

one of the students had used their paralysis quirk on him. 

what is this feeling... i don't feel relieved. 

i feel disappointed. 

"run while you can." the student turns to look at me.

"it's only gonna last for a few minutes."

i spin around, obeying her, part of me wanting to wait for the time to be up. 

"EIJIROU!" tsukishima booms. i flinch. 


i secretly smile at the thought, but i already have a better idea. 

i spin around, and the crowd including tsukishima freezes. 

i give them the biggest smile i can make, and i speak slowly and carefully so they get the message. 

"don't worry... i'll be dead by dawn."

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