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História Kacchan - Capítulo 12

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Capítulo 12 - Saved

bakugo POV 

trapped deep in my mind, i think about nothing but useless thoughts as my legs kept walking unconsciously. 

now everyone will think i'm weak. 

akio will never forgive me for doing that to him. 

everybody will hate me. 

a car honks at me, causing me to snap out of my thoughts.  

i realise i was in a neighbourhood i had never seen before. 

"shit..." i mutter. i had ran from school without realising. 

i decide to use this chance to clear my head and escape my worries. 

i spot a decent place beside a bridge over a rocky creek which sparkled a deep blue in the sun. 

kirishima POV

i keep running. 

i don't care that i left school, 

i don't care that tears are pouring uncontrollably out of my eyes. 

i just keep running before i can change my mind. 


"finally..." i whisper. 

i reach the top of the bridge. 

i lean on the railings trying to look natural as i wait for the people behind me to walk past. 

all those years of abuse.

all those years of bullying.

all those years i've tolerated without my mother...

it's finally gonna be over. 

"i'm gonna be with you soon, okay mum?"

i say as i look up to the sky, still letting tears pour down my cheeks. 

i climb over the railings and take a deep breath before setting myself free. 


bakugo POV

i thought that this would have helped me to clear my thoughts, but they're louder than ever. 

whenever i try to close my eyes, i see deku plummeting into the floor, bringing the sickening guilt to flood back in my gut. 

it's your fault, katsuki...

why don't you go and do the same? 

that's only fair, right?

"shut up!" i yell, holding my head, begging for the voices to disappear. 

but for the first time, the voices finally make sense. 

i look up at the bridge, concidering if i should, when...

i see a boy around my age with black hair about to step off the bridge i was looking up at. 

panic fills me again. 

i knew i couldn't hold the guilt of watching two suicides happen. 

i step forward. 

"i can move..." 

i launch explosions from my hands and hold them by my sides to project myself to the boy. 

"i only have one chance..."

i aim for directly under him, and use my speed boost move to make myself go faster. 

i flip over, my stomach facing upwards when i'm directly under, and successfully catch him. 

i breathe a sigh of relief. 

i slowly land onto the ground, holding the boy tightly. 

i lay him down, and see that he's unconscious. 

he has a bruise that covers a third of his face, and bandages around both of his arms. 

"what the hell happened to you...?" i mumble, inspecting his face a little more. 

he's kinda cute... 

i shake my head. 

i glance over to the boy, and pick him up. 

he's a lot lighter than i expected. 

"you're coming home with me." i mutter.

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