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História Kacchan - Capítulo 16

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Capítulo 16 - Hiding

//2 month time skip//

kirishima POV 

finally, i get to leave behind that hellhole called middle school. 

i take a deep breath, and put my uniform on. 

i don't have too many bruises on my face, and the uniform is long sleeved, thank god. 

i examine my new hair i dyed yesterday. 

bright red, matching with my eyes, which makes me think of katsuki once again. 

i wonder if he's doing alright...

today is the final day i have to stay in this house with my father, since UA have dorms the students stay in. 

i pick up my suitcase and brace myself for the last beating i'll get in a while as i open my door. 

bakugo POV

its been 2 months since kirishima disappeared. 

no matter how much i try, i can't remember what happened that night. 

i wonder if i'll ever see him again...

i pick up the photo next to my bed of deku and i. 

it was of the first day of middle school and my mum forced us to to take a photo. 

i stare at deku's happy smile.

i miss him so much, dammit. 

tears overfill my eyes for the hundredth time, as i hold the photo to my chest and pull my knees up into my face. 

i try to sob quietly. 

i wanted this feeling of grief and guilt to loosen just a little by the time i go to my new school, but it still suffocates me each day. 

i should be happy i got into UA, but this feeling just wont go away. 

"i'm sorry, deku. but i'm going to our dream school without you..."  i whisper. 

midoriya POV

"it's alright, i'm happy for you kacchan." 

i answer, stroking him on the back as he releases shaky tears and breaths. 

"the uniform suits you..." i smile, making my way onto the floor, sitting down below kacchan who was curled on the edge of his bed with his head down. 

kacchan hasn't taken his medication... 

i glance over to the bedside table next to the window. 

i walk over and push the pill bottle onto the floor to make it look like the wind knocked it. 

kacchan flinches, revealing his face, red and wet from crying. 

he wipes his eyes, and picks the bottle off the floor. 

i notice that he takes more than prescribed. 


he stares at himself in the mirror, and seems disgusted at what stares back. 

he puts on his scowl for a few seconds, then  lets his face loose again. 

sadness piles up in the pit of my stomach. 

it's my fault that kacchan has to feel like this...

he brushes his hands through his hair, as he stands up, still glaring at his reflection. 

after looking at himself up and down several times, he pulls his pants down below his hips, and rips his tie off. 

he puts his hands in his pockets and slouches, attempting to look bad-ass i guess. 

i smile slightly. 

i think kacchan suits it better like that. 

kacchan walks back to his bed, and picks up his bag full of his stuff. 

since UA is a dormitory school, everyone who goes there have seperate rooms to stay in overnight. 

of course i'll be watching over him, but i wonder if kacchan will be okay on his own...

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