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História Kacchan - Capítulo 3

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Capítulo 3 - Guilt

Fanfic / Fanfiction Kacchan - Capítulo 3 - Guilt

midoriya POV

"you've got some injuries too, young man..." the nurse pauses and stares, especially at my arms. 


"let me take a look at them" she speaks cautiously. 

she pulls up my uniform sleeves as i wince in pain. 

this was the last thing i wanted anyone knowing. 

especially kacchan. 

the nurse peels back the sleeve up to my shoulders and her eyes grow wide when she sees the lines of deep cuts up my arm. 

she asks the question i had dreaded to hear. 

"did you..." she hesitates when she sees my eyes fill with tears. 

"did you do this to yourself?"

slowly, i nod as i glance my eyes over to kacchan, expecting him to be scowling at how weak i am. 

but instead his face is

b l a n k. 

his eyes are fixed on my arms.

bakugo POV

speechless, i stare at deku's arm. 

this is all my fault. 

i feel a wave of tears at the back of my throat, but i desperately attempt to keep them in. 

they end up reaching their limit, pouring out of my eyes in big droplets. 

i grab my hair and pull on them as hard as i can, drowning in guilt. 

"ka..cha..nn?" deku croaks between sobs. 

"bakugou, are you alright?" the nurse asks even more worriedly than before. 

i was stuck in my mind of fog but my numb lips manage to speak. 

"i- i'm f-fine."

help me. 

"i'll be calling both your parents to come and pick you up... midoriya, come with me so i can get you cleaned..."

it's my fault. 

anxiety is something i've been dealing with for a long time. i never showed it or talked about it because i didn't want anyone thinking i was weak. i cover my vulnerable side with anger and hostility. panic attacks are regular and i take medication but nothing is making it better. 

i watch deku’s emotionless face staring at the ground. 


its my fault. 

//time skip to their houses//

midoriya POV

i take my shirt off and reveal all of the bruises and cuts kacchan, myself and my abusive mother have given me.

the injuries cover everywhere on my body, barely any skin is left undamaged...

i don't have any friends i can trust anymore. 

most of them unfriended me when they found out i was quirkless. 

i've always stuck with kacchan because he's the only person who hasn't unfriended me yet. 

even though he doesn't like me very well...

he's the only person that likes me at all, i guess.

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