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História Kacchan - Capítulo 8

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Capítulo 8 - Hatred

Fanfic / Fanfiction Kacchan - Capítulo 8 - Hatred

bakugo POV 

"FUCKING IDIOT!" i scream into the mirror, throwing myself into the bed. 

the realisation of killing deku is finally starting to sink in. 

"idiot... idiot... idiot." i tug at my hair repeatedly, cursing loudly. 

i let my explosions from my hands loose and press them into my face. 

"...id.i..ot..." my voice cracks as once again, my weak self lets out bursts of tears from my tired eyes. 

exhausted, i give in to my heavy eyelids and let them close. 



"deku!" i scream helplessly as i watch him smile, standing on top of the building. 

i run, sprinting my hardest down a road that seems to never end. 

"what's the matter, kacchan?" he grins. 

"what if i did this...?"

deku lifts one foot up slowly, dangling it down the side of the roof. 

"NO! DEKU!!"  

i run faster and harder than before, regardless of the feeling of my chest closing in on itself. 

pill bottles the size of boulders rain from the sky, smashing into the road. They block every possible chance to get to him in time. 


i fall to my knees in defeat, being forced to watch as he plummets ten storeys into the ground. 

"IZUKU!!...." i scream, my chest tightening, my heart aching as tears leak out along with my wails. 

time seems to stop completely as the body crushes into the concrete sidewalk, gruesome blood painting the path red. 

his face covered in blood turns slowly to look at me with wide eyes. 

the creepy grin is still plastered onto his face. 

"it's all your fault, kacchan..."

                                                       all your fault..

                                all your fault...

...all my fault. 

. . . 

my eyes jolt open, 

heart pounding out of my chest. i try and maintain my heavy breathing as i notice pools of sweat soak the sheets and my tank top.

"the fuck was that nightmare...?" i croak, cradling my head in between my knees with the image of deku's bloodstained grin growing vivid in my head for the rest of the restless night.

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