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História Kacchan - Capítulo 9

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Capítulo 9 - Eijirou

Fanfic / Fanfiction Kacchan - Capítulo 9 - Eijirou

kirishima POV

"EIJIROU!" my dad thundered from the living room.

my eyes snap open to the sun seeping through the curtains to realise,

it's a new day

but the same shit. 

i start to panic when i hear the sound of footsteps hammering down the hallway, towards my room. 

i soon meet with the large man standing by my door. 

he has crimson red eyes, the same as mine which i hated. 

his jet black hair covers most of his face, but i could see the pure rage that was behind it. 

"YOU BETTER START GETTING READY SOON, YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL, FUCK FACE!" he yells, as i flinch again at his unnecessarily raised voice. 

"y-yes father..." i whimper. 

"BOY YOU BETTER MAN UP YOU'RE NOT A LITTLE GIRL!" he says in the same tone but this time he takes his hardened fist and punches me straight across my face. 

i don't manage to harden in time, taking in the full impact of his swing which sends me straight to the floor. 

i take a shaky hand to touch the side of my face as my cheek floods with extreme pain. 


he booms before slamming the door shut, leaving me sprawled on the floor, tears streaming down my face. 

when i try and wipe them away, something else comes off with them. 


the pain was unbearable, yet i felt so numb at the same time. 

besides, nothing could overrule the pain i felt inside. 

i pick myself up, trailing my way to the bathroom. 

i start to wash away the blood, hoping i hadn't broken anything in my face. 

the water running from the tap soon turned a murky red, as i stare at the blood that was still on my hands. 

temptation to do 'it' screamed in my head, almost like an order. 

it didn't take much for me to give in. 

i grab the blade i kept in the drawer and rolled up my sleeves to reveal all the battles i had fought with myself and lost. 

i slide the blade across my skin slowly and neatly at first, until i soon grow impatient as they start to get faster and messier. 

blood spills onto the floor, finally giving me the satisfaction i was looking for. 

as i drop the blade, i place both hands on either side of the sink and stare at myself deeply. 

my flat black hair... my pasty skin... my lifeless eyes the same as my fathers... 

i hate it all. 

i quickly wipe the blood off the floor and bandage my arm, trying not to leave any evidence as usual. 

i glare at the immense bruise that was forming, hoping no one would notice it. 

finally, i take a deep breath and let my fake smile mask the pain from within. 

i'll say it once again...

new day...

same shit.

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