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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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Capítulo 29 - There's a Man

Fanfic / Fanfiction Keep You Safe - Capítulo 29 - There's a Man

"Well... I guess",you fiddled with your fingers,"Really?",Jimin smiled widely."What am I gonna tell Jisoo?",you looked up at him,"You're not gonna tell her anything, you're just gonna ignore her and see how that works", he shrugged,"What? I can't do that, she'll... do something to me",you scratched your back then sighed,"No she won't",he shrugged.

"Why don't you think she will?",you asked ,"Because, she wants me... and I'll just tell her not to",He sighed,"Uhh... hopefully it works", you forced a smile,"Don't worry, it will",He pocked your leg. You and Jimin sat on his bed in silence for a while,"So since you're my girlfriend now we need to do what girlfriend and boyfriend do",He raised his eyebrows and smiled."And what is that?",you laughed lightly.

"Go places!",He pulled your arm and ran out."Nooo Jimin",you whined,"I'm to tired",you smacked your lips",Nope",He dragged you across the living room floor,"Put your shoes on y/n",he slipped his on,"Fine",you got up slowly and put your shoes on."Where are we going?", you stood up and brushed your hair back into a ponytail. "We're going wherever the wind takes us",He smiled widely.

"Whatever you say",you rolled your eyes. "Get your phone y/n",the phone was ringing up stairs in Jimin's room,"I'll be in the car!",He shouted as you walked up the stairs. When Jimin bough you the new phone he didn't keep anything but the pictures on it, meaning your phone number was changed and No one can reach you anymore. 

Phone call:


Jisoo:Love the new phone Park bought you, is that rose gold?


Jisoo:I have money... meaning I have connections... i have connections meaning I have people... and most of all I have people... and my people can mess you up.


Jisoo:If you want to know more, meet me at school.

You: ...


"How did she-",you turned around to see a man standing outside Jimin's window with a camera. "But that doesn't make sense",you realized you were upstairs meaning that man has to be on the roof or something. You opened the window without hesitation,"Hey!", you shouted at the man. He ran and slipped off the roof. "Got ya",you ran down the stairs quickly, hitting your shoulder against the sharp edges of the banister.

"Did you see him?",you ran past Jimin's car"See what?",he opened the door."The... the man... h-he was on the... roof", the man wasn't where he fell, he must've got up and ran quickly. "What happened?",He looked at you weirdly. "And what happened to your shoulder?", he touched you shoulder and you winced. "I-I don't get it",you frowned,"Come on y/n",He pulled you slightly,"We have to cover this up", there was a bloody wound on your shoulder. 

You looked back into bushes and saw the man snap one more photo. 

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