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Yay heres chapter 1. It's my first story on here so reader comments and constructive (I STRESS CONSTRUCTIVE) critism is appreciate.

Capítulo 1 - Meeting Yuki

Asuka stumbled through the barren streets. Every burning car, mutilat, bloody body she passed made her eyes grow even more bleak.

The flashbacks of her parents, friends, her precious girlfriend Misuki. Asuka killed them all becuase they were suffering and she hated it so much. That she had to remove all connections, anyone that could help her, she killed them becuase she couldn't trust anybody.

Since the MKT7 virus appeared, no one was safe and a cure couldn't be produced fast enough. So it got to everyone in her district but her and few weaklings who killed themselve.

Asuka ran as far away from home as he could, stole cars food, ammunition guns. She was only 14 and for the past year she's been surving until now.

The little girl sat down and rested her entire body weight on a rusted car, with shattered windows and white leather seats crusted in sickly black blood.

A crystal clear tear rolled down her cheeks, soon followed by floods of tears and pained shrieks.

"WHATS'S THE POINT ANYMORE!" She yells, cutting through the deafening silence. "PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO DIE ALREADY!" Asuka cried harder burryinh her blood and tear stained cheeks in her even bloodier hands.

The girl was broken down. This situation, this place, what people had become broke her down into nothing. Asuka felt useless, like trying to survive was useless. As if everything she had done had lead to nothing but death and misery.

A little while later a black corvet pulled up right in front of Asuka. It's tinted windows rolled down as if opening it's eyes to reveal a tan skinned girl.

"Hey." The mysterious stranger snaps at Asuka. "Do you wanna die out here? Becuase sitting by an abandoned car, across the road from  factory crawling with mutant your going the right way about it."

Asuka gave no response, instead she stared blankly at the floor, hoping, praying that the stranger would leave.

The ignoring method had wuite the opposite effect. The stranger stepped out of the car and knelt down in front of the crying girl.

It was not obvious wether the stranger was male or female, but from the figure Asuka decided that the stranger was a woman.

"Hey. I'm talking to you." The stranger says again hoping for a reply.

She recieved no reply whatsoever.

After letting out an exasperated sigh the woman spoke again.

"Look, if you want to live then i suggest you come with me. Becuase it's nightfall soon and your baiting yourself right now. Either that or take opal." The female stranger pulled a shining white handled hand gun out of her boot and placed it on the floor in front of Asuka "Hit 'em between the eyes cutie."

The stranger stood up and took of her sunglasses, fixed her hair and was about to clib back into her corvet. However, Asuka finally spoke.

"Who are you?" Asuak asked, her face puffy and red.

The woman grinned.

"Me? I'm Yoichi Tezuka and i'm also your last hope."

"Will you take me with you?" Asuka asks again gripping opal toght in her hands.

"Of course i will." Yoichi says with a smirk plastered on her light brown skin. "As long as you promise me you won't give up."

Yoichi holds out her hand, the seyting sun casting a shadow over here, a god like image shrouding her like a cloak of superiority.

Asuka took Yoichi's hand and suddenly felt safe.

"I promise." Asuka replies, smiling a genuine smile for the first in a year.

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