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História Legend of the Big Four - Capítulo 6

Escrita por: Fanficwriter47

Capítulo 6 - Pitch’s Lair

Pitch traveled inside of Jack’s body to his lair

        underground. As Pitch stepped out of the Guardian’s

        body, Jack fell to his knees, feeling weak.

        “Now that I have the fifth Guardian of Childhood,”

        Pitch said, “I can finally execute my plan.”


         “What plan?” Jack said.

         “Well first, I must offer you a choice. You

         can either join forces with me and take over the

         world. Or you can be locked up like the other

          Guardians and be invisible to the world.”

         “Why would I even bother teaming up with you?”

         “Oh, I see. You’re just afraid.”

         “Oh, please. What could I possibly be afraid of?”

          “Well, let me see. You can be afraid of the Guardians

          losing their trust in you, being invisible to the world

          again, or losing your friends.” Pitch smiled. “What

          am I saying? You shouldn’t be afraid of losing your

          friends because you already did, thanks to me.”

           Before Jack could answer, the two heard someone



          “You corrupted Jack’s body?!”

           “Who said that?” Pitch said.

          The three friends and Toothless sat down, thinking

           about their “friend’s” behaviour.

          Wonder what got into him, Toothless thought.

        “I can’t believe Jack said those things to us!” Merida


        “The question is why did he,” Rapunzel said. “We

         didn’t do anything wrong. All we did was met up,

         became friends, helped the Guardians, and now

         Jack’s mad at us.”

         “You know, I’m starting to regret about what I said,”

         Hiccup mumbled. The girls and Toothless looked at

         him.“About being better off in our own ways.” He

         sighed. “Let’s go home. Pitch won.”


         “We can’t give up now,” Rapunzel said.

         “Raps, without Jack and the Guardians, we can’t

         fight Pitch,” Merida said. “Hiccup’s right. We might

         as well go home.”

         Rapunzel sighed. The three members of The Big Four

         and Toothless walked around the forest. No one could

         fight Pitch now. The Dark Ages will return without

         any dreams, wonder, hope, or fun. Then, Hiccup

         heard a familiar voice.

         “...join forces with me and take over the world.”

          “Did you hear that?” Hiccup asked. He followed the

          voice and it led to an old bed. Everyone followed

           Hiccup and lend him a stick nearby to stab the bed.


           “Why would I even bother teaming up with you?”


          “Jack?” he whispered. He jumped into the hole, so

           did the rest. 

           The three were behind Hiccup since they don’t know

           what’s coming to them. They saw a globe in a room

           of empty cages. As Toothless flew around the room,

            finding the Guardians, the girls saw that there were

            a few lights on, meaning that there were some

            children that believed in the Guardians. The voices

             got louder as Hiccup walked into the halls.

          “What am I saying? You shouldn’t be afraid of

          losing your friends because you already did, thanks

          to me.”

         Hiccup let that information sink in. Pitch was the one

         who killed Sandman? Jack was possessed by Pitch? It

         sure sounds like it. He couldn’t help but shout out,

         “You corrupted Jack’s body?!”

         “Who said that?”

          “Hiccup?” the person turned around and it turns out

            it was Jack Frost himself.

          “Jack!” Hiccup beamed. “Girls, I found Jack!”

          “Did you hear that, Punzie?” Merida smiled.

          “Hiccup found Jack!” The girls and the dragon

          ran out of the room and ran in the halls of Pitch’s

          lair. Toothless roared in delight. Rapunzel smiled,

          but frowned. 

          “Wait, where’s Jack?”

         “Guys, help!” Jack shouted. “I’m over here!”


          “Don’t worry, Jack!” Merida said, running in the

          halls. “We’re coming!”

           “I don’t think so!” Pitch said as a shadow went over a

            scared Jack.

           “Jack!” Hiccup tried to grab the winter sprite’s arm,

          but he was too late. Pitch teleported Jack and himself

          far away from the group.

          The girls and Toothless ran up to Hiccup. They

          looked around, but they didn’t see Jack anywhere.

          “They’re gone,” Hiccup whispered.

           “No, they’re not,” Merida said. “Come on, they could

           be anywhere in this place.”

           This time, everyone followed Merida. They found a

           trail of smashed colored eggs.

           “Colored eggs?” Merida said, examining the trail.

           “Maybe this will lead up to the Guardians!”

            Everyone went up to the tunnel and it led them to a

            place cold and windy. Antarctica.

            Where’s Jack? Toothless nudged at Merida’s elbow.

            The gang saw a fog of nightmare sand, revealing

            Pitch Black himself. Without Jack.

            “Alright, Pitch,” Hiccup said. “Where’s Jack?”

             “Oh dear,” Pitch said. “I almost forgot.”

             He snapped his fingers and another fog of

             nightmare sand appeared and this time, it revealed


             “Jack, turn around,” Pitch ordered.

              The winter sprite turned around and looked at


              “Jack!” The three smiled and ran to their friend.

             Toothless, on the other hand, wasn’t happy to see

             Jack. Instead, he looked suspicious. Something

             fishy is going on.

            Before anyone got closer, Jack blasted out frost

            from his staff. Everyone backed off and looked


            “Jack, what was that?” Rapunzel said. “It’s us. Your


            “Friends?” Jack scoffed. “I don’t think so.”

             Hiccup and Rapunzel gasped. They knew Pitch 

             wasn’t in Jack’s body again. This time, Pitch

             brainwashed Jack!

            “Sorry, kids. Looks like Jack is on my side now,”

            Pitch said.

            “We’ll just see about that,” Merida said.

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