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Capítulo 36 - The intervention

Fanfic / Fanfiction Letter 2 U - Capítulo 36 - The intervention

Mark was still in the bathroom when a concerned Bambam entered Jinyoung’s room without knocking. The Thai boy looked exasperated as he started telling the singer, who was still in bed, that Jackson was going to leave the island.

“Someone leaked his parents’ addresses in Honk Kong and China. Can you believe that? He said he’s going back home to fix things. I tried to change his mind, but he won’t listen to me. He just got into a cab and took off.” Bambam spoke nervously as he hoped his hyung would be able to help.

“We should get JB, I don’t think I’ll be able to convince Jackson to stay. I’m not sure if I want to. If I go after him by myself I’ll probably encourage him to go ahead with his suicide mission.” An upset Jinyoung announced as he got up from the bed.

“Is JB back already? Where’s Mark hyung?!” The Thai boy looked surprised when the American suddenly came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“I’m right here.” As soon as the words were out of the elder’s mouth, Bambam ran to him and enveloped his hyung in a tight embrace. Jinyoung raised an eyebrow at his dongsaeng’s gesture. Bambam was never a hugger and the way he was giving the half-naked American a body-crushing hug was unexpected. Yet, it didn’t take long for the singer to hear the Thai boy sniff and choke back tears. Only then, the Korean realized how Bambam was distressed with that whole situation. They all were. Soon Jinyoung’s frown dissolved into a tiny smile. Bambam was not the skinship kind of guy, but when he did it, he really meant it, and right now the younger didn’t want to let go of Mark.

“Oh, bro. You are here, and you are okay! I thought you would ditch us. Thanks for coming back, man. Thanks for not abandoning us. Don’t do that again. Don’t you ever walk out on us again.” Bambam wiped his face as he rested his head on the American’s shoulder. The elder only patted his back and let him cry a little more. It was not his intention to make his dongsaengs suffer, but he knew his wayward behavior was affecting everyone.

“Bam, let go. We gotta get Jackson back, right?” Jinyoung reminded him, as he wondered if the rapper could really be stopped at that point. Bambam then released Mark and nodded to the Korean.

“I kinda overheard your conversation. Can you explain to me what exactly is going on?” Mark asked as he started getting dressed. Jinyoung had already put some clean clothes in the bed for him to wear. He didn’t wanna interrupt a possible 2jae moment upstairs just to get some clothes out of Mark’s closet, so he decided to lend his boyfriend some of his own. Bambam talked hurriedly about the events of last night, including how unsettled Jackson had become after hearing about the leak of the Wangs’ addresses that morning.

“He won’t be able to get in there even if he tries. Hong Kong airport is in chaos. Flights have been cancelled and protesters are blocking the international terminals. It’s a matter of time for the police to show up there and things might get even more out of control.” Mark pointed out, surprising the other two.

“How do you even know about all this shit?” Bambam asked quizzically.

“These protests have been going on for months. Don’t you guys watch the news?” Mark eyed the two, as he shook his head in disapproval.

“I’m gonna get JB to come along. Wait here.” Jinyoung announced as he turned to leave the room, but the elder took his boyfriend’s arms in a strong grip.

“Don’t bother, I’ll do it. I’m going to Jeju airport and I’m gonna convince Jackson to come back here, but I need to do this alone.” Mark declared, now fully clothed and with an expression of unflinching determination. Bambam just nodded at him, but the singer didn’t seem to like the idea.

“If you’re going, then I’m coming with you. I’m not leaving you alone with him ever again.” The Korean argued, suddenly displeased as he removed his lover’s hands from him impatiently.

“Are you for real? For Christ’s sake, Jin! It’s an airport! What’s the worst that could happen?” Mark said as he stared at his lover in disbelief.

“Just let him go, man! Mark is quiet and not very expressive, but we have to admit that he has a way with words when it comes to Jackson. If there’s someone who can persuade him to come back, it’s this guy here. That’s an undeniable fact. Stop being jealous already.” Bambam asserted, as he hurried the American to leave. The singer seemed to consider the Thai boy’s words for a second. And now, it was Jinyoung’s hands that grabbed the elder’s shoulder.

“Remember who’s your boyfriend. Do not leave your property behind. I’ll be waiting for you, Mark.” The singer warned him as he intentionally played with the ring around his finger. Mark gave him a tiny smile and a peck on the lips. Jinyoung sighed as his expression softened.

“You’d better.” The American squeezed the Korean’s fingers in his before ruffling Bambam’s hair. As he walked out of the room, he gave the two a last reassuring look and finally left the lodging.

“Are we still doing the intervention thing? He looks normal.” Bambam commented as he turned to Jinyoung.

“We’ll start as soon as he returns with Jackson. We still have to hear from JB about what happened yesterday at the hotel, but I’m sure he’ll agree with our idea.” The singer replied confidently, hoping that GOT7’s eldest would see their action as a proof of their affection for him.

At Jeju International Airport, a certain brown haired American with cinnamon eyes looked all around for a certain black haired Hongkonger with ebony eyes. It didn’t take long for them to meet. They would’ve found each other even if they were lost in the middle of the heaviest blizzard of their lives. Mark had sat on a bench next to the rapper without announcing his presence. Jackson had a backpack on his lap and a passport in his hand. A hoodie, a mask and a cap were supposed to hide his identity from the crowd of travelers, but Mark wasn’t one of them. Before Jackson realized Mark was sitting beside him, he had felt the scent of his presence near. Bambam had already texted him about Mark’s decision to pick him up at the airport. He had no choice but to wait. He wasn’t able to find a flight for that day. He had called his mother and she had instructed him to stay away and be safe. She assured him their family was out of danger and that he shouldn’t worry about them.

“Your father called me. I’m surprised I could understand his Mandarin. I guess I’m improving.” Mark commented. He stayed quiet for painful long minutes before he started speaking. He knew Jackson had already taken notice of him there.

“And what did he say?” Jackson asked without looking at him. They haven’t had a decent conversation since that day at Lee Tae-U’s mansion. He had so many things he wanted to say to the American, but at the same time he didn’t know how to.

“He asked me why I am not looking after his son. He wants me to keep one eye on you and make sure you are out of harm’s way. I can’t believe you still haven’t told them we broke up.” Mark commented with a snort. Jackson adjusted his cap and finally looked directly into his eyes.

“I didn’t find the right opportunity.” He said, trying to sound casual. Suddenly he realized how he missed those eyes. The American seemed well-balanced and he had a sympathetic air around him.

“It’s okay. It’s not like I have told my Mom and Dad either. Can we go back to the lodging now?” Mark asked tentatively.

“Do the others even want me there? Maybe I should take this opportunity and disappear from their lives. Go somewhere no one knows what I’ve done or who I am.” The younger confessed tiredly.

“I’d like that too. Can I come with?” Mark asked out of the blue, making the other chuckle sadly.

“You’re the last person who should be asking me this, Yi-en.” Jackson shook his head in frustration as he realized how he missed simple chats like that. The members of Got7 ignored and spurned him for so long that he almost felt thankful for having someone to talk. He didn’t expect to have a levelheaded dialogue with the elder so soon.

“You’re not the only one who made mistakes, or committed a crime, Ka-yee. I am no saint. They just don’t know about it yet. My boyfriend is clueless.” Mark sighed as he bit his lower lip nervously. The younger was so familiar with that gesture that he couldn’t help but smile a bit. A wave of nostalgia overcame him.

“If this is still about what happened at Lee’s mansion, it wasn’t your mistake. It was mine. You were in no condition to make coherent choices in that nightmare room. It was too much, no one can blame you for acting weird.” Jackson sounded like he was trying to comfort his ex.

“That’s not true. At some point, I really wanted you, and then I didn’t, and panicked. It was like an out of body experience. My spirit had left the building. Some part of me will always be trapped in that Macao brothel. I guess I’ll always feel like that about you too.” The American reflected on the ocassion, as he played with the nape hair of the younger. Those words weren’t said in anger and Mark wanted him to know that. The rapper welcomed that touch. He lately felt so unloved, so unwanted, that such a trivial caress meant a lot to him! It almost brought tears to his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Jackson couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. He let them fall copiously.

“Will you ever stop saying that? We’re both broken, Jack. Most of the time we’re not in control of our emotions. We’re rarely in charge of our reckless behavior. We shouldn’t be asking forgiveness for being who we are.” Mark said, as he felt like crying too, but no tears filled his eyes.

“I really wanna make it up for you. I know it sounds stupid and I have no idea how to do it, but I need to.” The rapper’s voice was full of emotion.

“Come back with me. I have a feeling that I’ll be needing a friend very soon and a pretty good lawyer too.” The elder gave him a disheartened smile as he ran a hand through his own hair, while he kept massaging Jackson’s nape with the other.

“Did you really assault Kwon?” the rapper asked without ceremony as he dried his tear stained face with the sleeve of his shirt. Mark looked taken aback for a second but his alarm soon dissipated. That one knew him too well.

“Yes.” The elder answered honestly. He had no reason to hide that from Jackson.

“I’m not judging you, you know. The guy provoked you the whole time. I’m on your side here, no matter what.”

“I know.” Mark replied shortly.

“What happened in that toilet?” Jackson wanted to know everything.

“Does it really matter? Nothing justifies my crime.” Mark shook his head dejectedly.

“Tell me, I’m not judging, remember?” the rapper gave him a reassuring look.

“He called me a whore, and shoved his dick in my face. He basically told me that if I sucked him off he would leave Jin alone that night. He claimed I don’t deserve Nyoungie.” The elder summarized the event leaving a shocked expression on the Hongkonger’s face.

“You didn’t blow him, did you?” Jackson looked extremely upset now.

“No. The asshole stopped me from doing it. He feared I could give him some disease if I touched him. Then he laughed at my face and made fun of me. I felt like I was back in middle school. I wanted to kill him so much!” Mark revealed as his hands trembled a bit.

“Then we are two. I can’t believe he did that! Jinyoung will obviously take your side once he hears the whole story. I feel like going to that hospital and strangling Kim Kwon myself!” Jackson was outraged.

“I think he already had enough.” Mark said bitterly. Jackson hated to see him so troubled. He was aware that it was difficult to Mark to talk about the topics like that and he just wished he could lighten up his mood a little. He felt bad for Mark. Somehow, the American always ended up becoming someone’s victim and his traumas kept piling up one after another. He wished he would be able to protect him from the world. However, he knew that wasn’t his job anymore.

“Imagine Jinyoung’s face when he learns you were willing to suck that sick fuck’s dick because you just wanted your Nyoungie all to yourself! Man, this moment will be priceless.” Jackson joked, as the other made a face at him. Mark didn’t look too amused.

“Can we go back now? I’m gonna tell the others what happened and you ought to stay by my side when I do it.” He promptly stood up and extended a hand to the younger.

“Sure! But I have to confess that I’m really relieved you didn’t touch Kim Kwon’s dick though.” Jackson emphasized with his husky voice as he took Mark’s hands in his and walked alongside him.

“Always the possessive one, aren’t you?” Mark eyed him knowingly.

“Mark you’re in a relationship. Only your boyfriend should be granted the honor of a high quality blowjob.” Jackson made an exaggerated gesture with his hands and winked at the elder who openly laughed at his antics. The rapper loved that sound, he couldn’t believe he was making Mark laugh. It was like the sun had finally started shinning and everything in the world made sense again.

“Would you be surprised to know that I had other dick in my mouth, besides yours and Jinyoung’s?” a teasing Mark eyed him attentively. He didn’t believe that he was having a healthy dialogue with Jackson about the importance of a blowjob. Months ago, he would’ve never imagined an event like that one. He rolled his eyes at Jackson when he frowned at his question.

“Oh, no. Was that Kim Tae-hyung kid? I’m gonna cut his balls off as soon as we get back to Seoul.” The rapper said dramatically with a goofy smile on his face. But deep down, curiosity and another uneasy feeling were eating him inside. It bothered him not to know who, apart from Jinyoung, could’ve shared such an intimate moment with Mark.

“That’s another story, for another day, my friend. The others must be waiting for us, let’s go.” Mark announced before he got inside the same taxi that drove him there. The American had asked the driver to wait for him and the other passenger he was going to fetch at the airport. Gladly Mark was able to accomplish that mission and take the rapper back to GOT7.

When Jackson and Mark entered the lodging, everyone was gathered in the living room. The air was tense and suddenly the American feared the worst. None of the boys seemed surprised to see the two foreigners together. Nobody doubted Mark’s influence on the rapper. And since the whole group was there, they had other pressing matters to discuss now.

“What’s going on, JB?” the elder immediately regarded the leader, whose eyes met his briefly, but looked away. He wondered if the MarkBum secret was out.

“Mark, we need to talk.” Yugyeom started, as he took the elder by the hand and guided him to a chair in the center of living room, where the whole group sat in front of him, except for Jackson. The Hongkonger knew what they were trying to do, and he just wished that so-called intervention wouldn’t ruin Mark’s day. The rapper sat on the kitchen counter and observed the situation develop smoothly. The elder sat confused on the chair they had prepared for him as he gazed at his boyfriend, who had a solemn expression etched on his face. Jinyoung was the one who stood up from the couch first and approached him.

“Guys, you know how I feel about being on the spotlight, right? Just tell me what this is.” The American almost begged with an awkward smile on his face.

“Mark, you are not well.” Jinyoung started. “We all love you very much and we don’t wanna see you destroy your life the way you are doing. We are here today to ask you to seek professional help. We understand your fears and we know that being committed to a mental facility is not a pleasant experience, but something must be done. Urgently. I beg you to listen to what each one of us have to say before you make up your own mind. We are all your friends here and we care for you dearly. I have your back, baby.” The singer looked relieved when all Mark did was nod at him.

Bambam and Yugyeom told the American how hard it was for them to watch him losing his mind the day before and how shocking it was for them to see the bruise on Jinyoung’s cheek. The youngsters promptly told Mark he was their favorite hyung and that they needed their big brother in their lives. They finished their speech begging Mark to forgive them for planning that intervention behind his back, yet, they knew it had to happen in a way or another.

Youngjae also talked a bit, something similar to what he had told Mark when the elder brought him breakfast in bed the other day. The American was too overwhelmed to say anything. He wasn’t able to look Youngjae in the eye, nor JB. The leader didn’t say much either, but he was obviously as remorseful as Mark. He just hoped that with time, the awkwardness between them would go away. Jaebeom managed to tell the elder that he admired his resilience and wisdom. And it was because Mark had both qualities that he would be able to admit that he had a problem and bravely face the future challenges ahead of him. Jackson saw for himself that the intervention was ending quite well, so he joined the group in the living room and decided to say some words too.

“I didn’t think this was a good idea. But I must admit I was wrong. Maybe you needed to hear all this, Yi-en. As for what I have to say to you, you already know. Please, let’s get some real help, and luckily avoid all the Hannibal Lecters out there this time.” The rapper said as he gave the tearing up American a thumbs up. Mark nodded and smiled at him. He felt like they could really start being friends now.

“Thank you, guys, I never felt so close to each one of you like today. I really don’t know what to say…” the American wasn’t able to conclude his sentence when someone entered by the front door applauding the scenery before him. The infamous smirk was already playing on his lips. He had a cast on one of his legs and he was wearing a cervical collar. The 7 idols looked horrified to see their sasaeng at such a delicate occasion. One of Lee’s bodyguards helped him reach the center of the living room and quickly gave him a seat beside Mark. The group seemed to hold their breaths for the whole time.

“So what did I miss? Did you guys manage to survive without me for a while?” Tae-U’s words ignited an irrational and nameless fire inside the rapper. In one minute he threw a vase at his direction and in another he was trying to violently reach for the psycho’s neck, but two bodyguards were able to stop him. The two burly man had a hard time restraining him, but soon Jackson quieted down when JB pleaded with him to get a hold of himself. Letter2u didn’t mind his explosion and he didn’t fear the death glare Jackson was giving his way either. The two men positioned themselves behind the sasaeng’s chair in case any other of the idols pulled another stunt.

“Where the hell did you come from? Do you think it’s fun to mess with the lives of a person’s family!? I swear if something happens to any relative of mine, you are a dead man!” Jackson shouted at the young man who couldn’t stop smirking.

“Wow, so savage, Wang! Family is always our biggest concern, right? I do have a lot to worry about! Look at my state. My fucking sister almost ended me! That venomous bitch doesn’t know when to stop! You guys might think I’m the devil, but you have no idea of what that fucking woman is capable of.” Letter2u exclaimed exasperatedly.

“I already like her. It’s a pity she didn’t kill you.” JB retorted as he had both his arms around Youngjae protectively. Lee smiled wickedly at that gesture. He would love to undo that lovely embrace.

“So, you guys must have lots of questions, mustn’t you? Ask away!” Lee seemed elated to finally see his favorite K-pop group again.

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