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Capítulo 38 - The page

Fanfic / Fanfiction Letter 2 U - Capítulo 38 - The page

“Very well, I guess this was bound to happen. Just go now, you can all leave. I’ll take care of everything, including his body. Forget you’ve even been here.” Dr. Lee said coldly as she stared down at Mark on the couch. Jinyoung pulled Tae-U away from Mark and helped the elder to get up.

“Are you gonna let us go just like this? I’ve just managed to twist that freakin’ cervical collar, break your brother’s neck and you’re not even a bit bored by it? ” Mark asked in an annoyed tone as he let himself being dragged away from the couch by the singer. The other members weren’t sure if they should celebrate or get ready for another fight either.

“Mark, you heard the woman, let’s get out of this damn island.” Jackson advised quickly, as he threw the gun he still had in his hands on the floor. However, the American still eyed the woman with disgust.

“Would you rather if I made a scene? Would you rather if I told you that now you had indeed brought the wrath of the Lee family upon yourself? Don’t worry, young man, he brought this upon himself. His days were numbered anyway.” Dr. Lee commented calmly as Jinyoung and Mark moved to the other side of the room where the other members of the group stood stupefied.

“What are you gonna do about him? What about our fingerprints on the guns? Who’s gonna take the fall for all this mess?” Jaebeom finally spoke, uncertain of their supposed freedom.

“What happens to my brother’s corpse is my business only. I’ll handle the police, as far as I know, none of you were ever here. Got7 won’t have anything to do with this. I give you my word.” The woman said as she sat on the couch and closed Tae-U’s eyes. The American couldn’t believe his own ears. He had just commited another crime and he was going to remain unpunished. He couldn’t bear that. He felt like he deserved to be punished, after all, he was a murderer. So he swiftly picked up the gun Jackson had thrown on the floor and pointed to the composed doctor before them.

“Mark hyung, what are you doing? Put it down, let’s just go home, please.” Yugyeom said from behind him. Mark shook his head energetically. Bambam also managed to say something to calm him down, but he didn’t listen.

“Don’t you all see what’s happening here? She’s playing us! Remember what her brother said? She’s worse than him! She was the one who tried to run me over with a car. All the therapy sessions I had with this woman messed with my mind even further. She brought Tae-U here with a broken leg and a neck injury! Why would she do that?! Why was she waiting in that van for so long? Tell us the truth!” Mark shouted at the doctor, who wouldn’t take her eyes of the body next to her. She paid him no heed.

“Mark, baby, drop this gun now. Unless, you wanna shoot me.” Jinyoung said as he positioned himself in front of the couch, putting himself between the doctor and the gun in his lover’s hand. Mark’s determination seemed to waver. His whole arm trembled, and within a second, he lowered the weapon and JB tried to take it away from him. Nevertheless, the American was faster and pointed the gun to his own head as he took a couple of steps away from the leader. The doctor finally turned her eyes to the scene before her.

“I’d rather die right now than go through another letter2u nightmare again.” Mark announced darkly.

“Hyung, don’t do anything stupid, here. Please, don’t.” Youngjae wailed as he gazed at his hyung’s panicked expression in horror. Jinyoung and Jackson tried to approach the elder but he only stepped further away from them. The doctor’s collected voice filled the room again.

“Don’t doubt his resolution. He will shoot if you take another step. I know he will. That’s all he wanted for a long time.” She got up from the couch and silence fell again. No one dared to move.

“If you are going to use any of your psychological tricks here, you’d better hurry then.” Jackson managed to say in a frightened voice. The woman gave an emotionless smile and walked to the American.

“Mark Tuan Yi-en, you robbed my brother of his last breath. And as you can tell, this was my job as his wretched sister and sworn enemy. Your reckless act cannot be overlooked this time. You shall not take the nearest exit here, I won’t allow it. You will walk out that door and go back to your life. The one you had before Lee Tae-U showed up in your path. Your recovery won’t be easy, nor permanent or speedy. Yet, you will get better at some point. And one day, when you put all of this horror behind you and finally build a joyful and satisfactory happiness for yourself, we’ll meet again. I’ll personally come find you and take your most precious thing away from you. You will feel at loss, just as I feel now, lifeless. Your death shall be determined by me, then. You must hand me this gun. It has no use for you right now.” The doctor extended a hand in his direction and unexpectedly, the American slowly lowered the weapon and put it in her hand. The others gasped in relief and immediately and ran to Mark’s side. They didn’t expect the elder to obey her, but they were thankful that she managed to get inside his head and make up his mind for him.

That same morning Got7 packed their baggage and decided to leave Jeju without looking back. Jinyoung and Yugyeom kept an eye on the American and helped him to pack his stuff, but they didn’t notice when Mark went to the bathroom, opened its cabinet, got a bottle of analgesics and swallowed all its content down his throat. He wasn’t planning to kill himself, but Dr. Lee’s words perturbed him no end and he didn’t want to have a panic attack in the during their flight to Seoul. They all had to leave that place as soon as possible, and in a way or another, they did.


2 years later…

It was a sunny Sunday morning in LA. It was already 10 AM and he was still in bed. He did not feel like getting up yet. Beside him, a stunning dark haired Korean man slept soundly and peacefully under his blankets. Mark loved everything about that man. That one was his life partner, his other half, his soulmate and the husband he chose to spend the rest of his life with. He had left some troubled chapters of his life behind and he knew he wouldn’t have been able to do it without Park Jinyoung by his side.

After six long months spent in different mental facilities, living on antidepressants, antipsychotics, psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications, Mark was able to overcome a deep state of psychotic depression he went through two years ago. The events, which developed in Jeju Island while he was still part of GOT7, shattered his mental stability for several reasons. He had killed a man with his own hands, he had battered another in a café and cheated on his beloved boyfriend with his best friend and bandmate. However, even before the most successful K-pop group in the globe had landed on the island, Mark already felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. A blackmailing and obsessive sasaeng threatened the integrity and career of his group, a young man had been thrown in front of a train right before his eyes, his ex-boyfriend had been poisoned during a fanmeeting, he was almost ran over by a car, and he was raped at a brothel in Macao.

The American-Taiwanese former rapper of GOT7 had a lot on his plate and even JYP couldn’t help but let Mark go back home when he overdosed on the plane back to Seoul, and a second time right after he had left the hospital. His family brought him back to America to properly look after him and Jinyoung would travel to LA whenever he could to visit him at the mental facility he was committed. The singer had promised Mark that as soon as he got better they would get married. But the first months weren’t easy. The former idol couldn’t easily get rid of the ghosts of his past, he’d hallucinate for hours. Wherever he looked, letter2u was there, peeking at him, stalking him, smirking and calling his name. Mark was misdiagnosed several times and it took his doctors a while to come up with the right combination of medicaments for him. Most of the time, Mark had to lie during his therapy sessions and that fact kept his state from improving faster. He would talk about his rape, but he would insist that he didn’t have a chance to see the face of his rapist. He would talk about the hacker kid killed by a train, but he would never admit that he knew his murderer, he would talk about the guilt he felt for breaking the neck of his sasaeng, but most of the time, he would claim that that killing only happened in his dreams. He would talk about hitting and cheating on his lover, but he would never reveal his identity.

During his stay, Mark connected with people just as broken as him and while he attended the constant group therapy sessions he started to realize he wasn’t the only one scarred in that place. When he was allowed to have visitors, Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae would check on him once a month. As for Jinyoung, whenever he had a holiday or a couple of days off, he would book his flight to North America. Jaebeom and Jackson never came to see Mark while he was going through treatment.

After 3 months in a clinic Mark was allowed to go back home, but he relapsed and was forced to spend another 3 months in another clinic. Luckily, his family was against electroconvulsive therapy and they were clever enough to seek another therapy alternative, which gladly, the American finally seemed to be responding. With time, the alarming symptoms were lessening. His depressed mood, the excessive episodes of anger, anxiety, the hallucinations, the suicidal thoughts were abandoning him. And as soon as he was discharged, he started a spiritual pilgrimage. He had been in PTSD healing and trauma retreats all over the world. In Thailand, he spent some time at The Dawn and New Paradigm. While he was in the country, he even spent a week at Bambam’s house. The Thai ‘young and rich’ man was now the owner of a TV channel in Thailand. He was also a director and a producer of videoclips. He still worked for JYP as a solo rapper, but he also worked with several international bands around the world, making and producing award-winning music videos. Mark also took a two-week trip to a spiritual retreat in India with Yugyeom. The younger had never been to the country and Mark invited him to come with him when he was on vacation. The Kim brothers were able to bond even more during the trip and even got matching tattoos on their forearms to mark the occasion. Since they had reaffirmed the genuine friendship they were able to keep even living in different countries, their tattoos simply said, “Truth”.  The maknae still worked for JYP as a renowned choreographer and also a singer in the unit JUS2 he had started with JB while Got7 was still active. The dongsaeng informed Mark that the former leader of their group also had a brilliant solo career, as a singer, dancer and composer. The elder wasn’t surprised to hear that as much as he wasn’t surprised to hear that Jackson had become one of the most prominent MCs in Korea and that his Team Wang basically ruled the entertainment industry in China. Jinyoung now was a full time actor in Korea. He’d sing occasionally, do some collaboration with other musicians, but he wouldn’t perform on a stage again without Mark, so he focused on dramas and films. It was difficult to maintain the long-distance relationship with the American, but he wouldn’t mind doing that for the rest of his life if it meant to be with Mark. He couldn’t describe the feeling that would take over him whenever he wrapped up a drama in Korea and hurriedly booked a flight to The U.S just return to his lover’s arms. While Jinyoung was busy with work in Korea, Mark kept reconnecting with his family, himself and his dongsaengs. He once took Youngjae to Spain so they could walk the Camino de Santiago together. He had read somewhere that such a pilgrimage walk could change a person’s point of view on life once it was completed. And he wanted to do that alone with Jae.  Mark had always some difficulty to express his feelings and he wanted his dongsaeng to know how grateful he was to him for have forgiven his affair with JB. In the four countries Mark went on adventures with his dongsaengs, he was recognized by fans and mercilessly photographed. A bit shy and polite as always, he would nod and smile at whoever asked him for an autograph. Soon, he became a hot topic again in Korean news and some IGOT7’s social media. Everyone anticipated a possible comeback of the most successful kpop boyband of the world. The Korean members of the group were often questioned about it, but they wouldn’t have an answer for that, they only asked fans and paparazzi not to invade Mark’s privacy and respect his space.

Ahgases all over the world still monitored each step their favorite idols would take. Some die-hard fans still believed that the group was only on a break because Mark was still recovering from the two overdoses he had in Korea. The occurrence was all over the news when it happened and no one discarded the possibility of attempted murder. Just as Jackson had been poisoned once by their infamous sasaeng letter2u, many netizens came up with the theory that Mark had flown to America in order to escape from his stalker. If the public still idolized the 7 young men, the band still had a chance of returning to their loyal fanbase and JYP knew that. He purposely never announced the end of the group officially. Mark’s contract with JYP was still on hold. The CEO had discussed with his parents that once the idol got better he should be the one to decide to leave the company or not. Therefore, he still waited patiently.

As Mark stared lovingly at Jinyoung in bed, he remembered the events of last night. Jinyoung had returned from Seoul and he looked exhausted, jet legged, yet, surprisingly excited. In two days, it would be Chuseok and he had finally managed to convince his parents to let Mark join them in the celebration of that traditional Korean holiday. Several months ago, the Parks didn’t react well when their son informed them that he had married Mark in America as soon as the elder was discharged from the second clinic he was committed. His mother and father didn’t like the idea of their son marrying a foreign man, in a foreign country. The fact that his husband had problems with drugs in the past and recurring mental issues didn’t help either. However, Jinyoung still tried to convince them that Mark was the man of his life. The married couple bought a place not far from the house Mark’s parents owned in LA and whenever Jinyoung was overseas for work, he knew his husband wouldn’t be completely alone. The American was aware of how difficult it was for the former singer to manage his private and professional life at the same time, and he knew if they just moved back to Seoul, things would be easier for his husband, but Mark wasn’t sure if he was ready to go back to Korea yet.

“Enjoying the view? What are you thinking about?” Jinyoung eyes didn’t open, but he wanted his husband to know that he was already awake.

“Just wondering how lucky I am to have such a good-looking actor in my bed.” Mark smiled back giving him a peck on the lips. The Korean’s eyes fluttered open as he beamed at his husband.

“I can read your thoughts, though. You’re still wondering if you should accept my parents’ invitation or not.” Jinyoung said knowingly. He saw indecision plastered all over his husband’s face and the way he bit his lower lip easily gave him away.

“They hate me, Jin. Your mother thinks I took you away from your own family, turned you into a faggot, chained you to me in a union that won’t even have any value in South Korea, and because of that she’ll never have grandchildren.” Mark shook his head in frustration. Jinyoung rolled his eyes at him.

“Mark, that was a long time ago. My mother loved you before when you were just a member of Got7, she’ll learn to love you again as her son-in-law. She knows we cannot have a proper mother and son relationship without you in the picture. I told her that. You are a part of me now. She has no option but to accept us.” Jinyoung said firmly as he brought Mark’s hands to his lips and gave each one of his fingers a kiss. When his lips wandered to the wedding band on the elder’s ring finger, his teeth bit the skin around it playfully.

“We shouldn’t have married without their consent. We shouldn’t have had the wedding in secret. Your father was very hurt by that. We didn’t even invite them, only my friends and family were here. I understand how they feel.” Mark looked away trying to come up with a better excuse to avoid that trip to Korea. It had been two years of therapy, meditation, PTSD and anger management programs, yoga and medication. He worked hard to be sane again and he wasn’t sure if he could keep improving once he returned to Asia.

“Do you regret marrying me?” Jinyoung softly turned his chin to him and looked firmly into his eyes.

“Never.” Mark answered promptly. The younger’s eyes shone with satisfaction as he leaned onto his husband and brought their lips together for a deep kiss. They were already naked under the sheets and all Jinyoung had to do to press their skin together was to climb on top of the elder.

“Last night I enjoyed riding my husband. Is there a chance I can be inside him now?” the Korean whispered lustily in the elder’s ear. The way Jinyoung uttered those words in perfect English next to his neck sent goosebumps all over his body.

“There’s always a chance.” Mark smiled a bit shyly before Jinyoung captured his mouth again in a hungry kiss. Mark’s legs automatically opened, allowing his husband to nestle himself between them. His dick was already aching to be touched and when he felt Jinyoung’s hands envelop around it, he couldn’t help but moan loudly.

“I love you, husband.” Jinyoung managed to say while he ravished his man’s lips and masturbated the elder. The Korean loved to say that word. He would never get tired of it. Every time he called Mark ‘husband’ he reassured himself again and again that their union was not a dream. After all the thunderstorms they had to go through in their lives, MarkJin fortunately prevailed.

“I love you too, hubby.” Mark sexily whispered back to him as he circled his arms around the younger’s back digging his nails into his skin. Jinyoung groaned while he showered Mark’s collarbone with kisses and licks. His mouth travelled to his chest, nipples, the birthday tattoo on his side and his tempting belly button. The American’s wandering hands squeezed and pinched Jinyoung’s butt and played with his balls. His husband was deliciously erect but he wouldn’t touch his hard on with his hands, he wanted that gorgeous penis inside his mouth.

“Do you want to 69?” Jinyoung suggested between pants, feeling adventurous. Mark eagerly nodded in agreement. The couple had tried that position before, as matter of fact, since they got married, they’ve been exploring all kind of positions.

“Hell yeah.” Mark uttered as he waited for his husband to change his angle above him and bring his crotch to his face. As soon as Jinyoung descended his hot mouth onto Mark’s penis, the elder bucked his hips to him and captured his husband’s erection with his lips. They pleasured each other in the same frenetic rhythm. The sound of their saliva in contact with each other’s flesh, the thrusting, biting and rubbing followed by moans filled their room.  Mark sucked the younger’s dick with the same hunger that his husband sucked his. However, no matter how hard Mark tried to prolong that foreplay and wait for his husband so they both could come at the same time, he was unable to contain the sensations piling up in his groin and genitals. He couldn’t help himself but ejaculate inside the younger’s wet cavern. Jinyoung would always win that battle of who would make the other cum first. The American reached his climax too early and before he could apologize to his husband, the other changed his position again and captured his mouth passionately. While the elder still recovered from the mind-blowing orgasm he just had, Jinyoung made him taste the vestige of his own semen through the needy kiss they shared.

“I love how you easily come undone underneath your hubby.” Jinyoung whispered against his cheek just before showering his face and neck with love bites. Mark was still trying to control his breathing when his husband’s head approached his happy trail and massaged his inner thigh. He kneeled between the elder’s legs, brought Mark’s hips closer to his knees, lifted one of the elder’s legs above his shoulder and started rimming him. The contact of Jinyoung’s tongue in the entrance of his anus instilled new sensations inside of him. He started moaning when the Korean started stimulating him again with a handjob. Jinyoung sucked his anus and shoved his famished tongue deep inside Mark’s hole, like a pointy little dagger. They stayed like that for a while till Mark started writhing under him again.

“Jin, that’s enough. Just put it in me before I lose it again.” Mark begged, drunk on the arousal his husband skillfully provided him.

“What, darling? I didn’t quite catch that.” Jinyoung teased as he pushed his tongue even further his entrance. His husband whined and held Jinyoung’s head up.

“Fuck me senseless, Nyoungie. Thrust your hard dick inside me now, hubby.” Mark said sensually as he himself put two fingers inside his mouth wetting them slowly and driving them to his own hole. Jinyoung’s vision blurred. His erection got even harder as he observed the erotic gestures of his husband. The American knew exactly how to make his husband lust for him, how to drive him to the edge.

“Shit, Markie. You’re so hot, babe.” Jinyoung looked under the bed, found the bottle of lube that had been used the night before and smeared its content on his hand, around his penis and on the elder’s entrance. Mark licked his lips, and touched himself while he observed the younger’s wet fingers slowly push inside his hole and scissor around him. The Korean only finger-fucked his man for a while. No matter how aroused his husband was, he would always be careful with him. He would never penetrate Mark without fully preparing him. He would take his time, even when the American impatiently insisted that it wasn’t necessary. Sometimes Mark would get too horny in bed and beg the Korean to thrust inside him even without lube, but Jinyoung never succumbed to that temptation. He loved Mark and he had to keep in mind that he should love him even more whenever the American forgot to love himself.

“Make love to me, Jinyoungie.” Mark whispered as his husband leaned on him for another kiss. As the younger tenderly pushed his tongue inside his husband’s mouth, he also gently inserted his erected penis inside his warm anus. Everything was done painfully slow and the elder appreciated every second of it. When Jinyoung had finally fully penetrated him, losing himself in the tightness and warmth that wrapped around him, Mark already felt like he was closer to another orgasm. Jinyoung knew all his weak spots by now, inside and out. He knew how to ignite every single fiber of his body, how to make him pass out with pleasure. As a married couple, they had enough time alone to study each other, to improve their lovemaking, bring their intimacy to another level.

As his husband moved in and out of him nonstop, Mark also moved his hips and spread his legs wider to meet his beloved’s deep thrusts. They were synchronized, their bodies were one, their moans and groans resonated each other’s. That carnal and emotional connection between them refused to end, they struggled to delay that explosive moment of pure delight because they wanted to remain entwined together, forever, rooted in each other’s embrace. But eventually, that familiar wave of nameless pleasure overtook them, as their bodies trembled, weakened and discharged the proof of their passion in and upon each other. The hushed ‘I love yous’ uttered within those walls consummated the devotion they nurtured for each other. They never had just sex, yet, they always made love.

When Jinyoung’s body tumbled on Mark’s right after he ejaculated inside the elder, the panting Korean remained between his legs, doing his best to keep his penis inside his husband a little longer. He loved to feel his seed sweeping out of his beloved’s hole. The American enjoyed the afterglow moment just as much as him. Mark slowly closed his eyes, kissed the top of his head and just to bring their bodies impossibly closer he wrapped his arms around his spent husband and smelled his ebony hair.

“When do we leave to Korea?” the question slowly slipped out of the elder’s mouth. Jinyoung lifted his head a bit just to look at him.

“Are we really going?” he looked surprised to hear that.

“With you by my side I can go anywhere, everywhere, as long as you are there.” Mark rhymed, in a rapping tone of voice. At that moment, he knew he would be able to face whatever obstacle fate presented them.

“Can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they see you there. None of them think you will ever dare to step foot in South Korea again. Youngjae claims you must be afraid of what doctor Lee told you in Jeju.” Jinyoung said as he broke their embrace and rolled to the side just to study his husband’s features more closely.

“Maybe I am.” Mark said honestly. He wondered if letter2u’s sister didn’t think he was happy enough now. If she really planned to take his most precious thing away from him, that would probably be a person, and without a doubt, it would be the man lying beside him at that moment. The American couldn’t think of anything or anyone else.

“Hey, you know why she said those things. She intended to keep you from hurting yourself. We talked about this dozens of times. If she really wanted to do us harm she would have already done it. Now Korea is just as safe as America is for you. Tae-U is gone, baby. We are all free from him.” Jinyoung reassured his husband with a kiss on his cheek. The younger’s words always made him feel safe.

“I’m starting to think you might be right.” Mark sighed, somewhat relieved. He needed that kind of assurance. It had already been two years and no one dared to steal Jinyoung from him. Perhaps he should stop worrying about the doctor. She had never liked Tae-U anyway, so Mark did her a favor. It should be okay to fearlessly rule his own destiny now, right? For the first time in a long time, Mark felt confident and ready to turn the page to the next chapter of his life. After all, re-reading the worst ones would never allow him to move on. Jinyoung was there by his side and he knew that with his help, they could write a beautiful story together. Their book of love would never end, neither would their desire to never be apart again.

“Let’s start packing then.” Jinyoung gave him his best eye smile and got up from the bed excitedly.

“Let’s do this.” Mark returned his gorgeous smile as he realized he couldn’t be happier than that.

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