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Capítulo 39 - The return

Fanfic / Fanfiction Letter 2 U - Capítulo 39 - The return

The trip to Korea was tiring, but Mark could notice how his husband’s enthusiasm refused to decline as soon as they set foot on Incheon International Airport. There was a certain familiarity in the air of that country which made him feel quite sentimental. The American had spent more than eight years of his life there and even though he had to face many challenges during his kpop idol days, that place still held a special place in his heart. The people, the language, the culture, everything looked the same. And being there once again with Jinyoung, now as his husband, made his heart beat faster with anticipation. He didn’t know how his in-laws would welcome them, he just hoped that they would accept him or at least tolerate the fact that their marriage was just a proof of how in love and committed to each other they were. Jinyoung walked by his side, giving all his attention to him, but now and then he would steal a glance at their surroundings, afraid that some fan could recognize the two. If an ahgase jumped on Mark, he knew he would have to discreetly take care of the situation, after all he didn’t know if his husband was ready to deal with a loyal fan or a random sasaeng so soon. Luckily, the masks and sunglasses they wore were enough to keep their identity hidden. They didn’t have a problem finding a taxi either, even though the airport was extremely packed due to the upcoming holiday. As soon as they reached Jinyoung’s apartment, the Korean pushed his husband against the closed door and gave him a breathtaking kiss.

“Wow, I wanted to do this as soon as we landed.” The younger whined, abandoning the elder’s lips. He nuzzled his husband’s neck, teasing the soft flesh with gentle bites. Mark closed his eyes and just titled his head a bit to give more access to Jinyoung’s breath against his skin.

“I wanted to do this even while we were on the plane.” The American said giggling as the Korean tickled his sides.

“Are you hungry? What about we order some food?” Jinyoung suggested as he held him by the waist, guiding Mark to the couch.

“What about eating me first?” The American replied sexily as he winked at the younger. Jinyoung shook his head in disbelief.

“That sounds very tempting, sir. However, I don’t want you to pass out while we are at it. You need sustenance to keep up with me. Only when you’re properly fed, I’ll gladly chew you up. How does that sound?” Jinyoung asked as he glanced at his watch.

“It’s incredible how you never miss the time of any of my meds. It’s like you’re my hot nurse or something.” Mark smiled as he observed Jinyoung open a bag and take his pills out of it.

“I’d invite you for an exhilarating session of shower sex with your hot nurse right now, but I know these make you drowsy. So you stay here, order some food for us and later I’ll give you a bath myself, okay?” Jinyoung told the American as he handed him his pills, gave him a kiss on the cheek and got up from the couch.

“Yes, daddy.” Mark cooed, batting his eyes at the younger. Jinyoung only made a face as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom.

“Just don’t order pizza, okay? We’re not in America anymore. Let’s try something else. Surprise me.” The Korean waved at his husband and disappeared into his en suite. The elder obediently took his cellphone from his pocket, opened his food app and tried to choose the best and most exotic Korean dishes for their late brunch. It only took five minutes before someone rang the bell of the apartment. He was clearly impressed with the quickness of that delivery service. He gulped down a pill and went to get the door. When he opened it, he was greeted with a familiar smug look.

“I knew it was you! I saw someone in front of the building with Jin and I had no doubt! I called Bam and asked him if you were in town and then he said I was tripping. Come here, man.” The idol pulled Mark to him and gave the elder a bone-crushing hug. The American returned the hug without the same intensity. That one spoke such a fast Korean that Mark could barely follow what was spurting from his mouth. It would take the elder sometime to get used to the rhythm of the language again. The guest finally released him and took a better look at his face. The American couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. That guy knew how to make him blush.

“What are you looking at?” the elder asked shyly, looking away.

“Still beautiful aren’t you? Some couples gain weight and get older faster when they get married, but not you two. You are both exactly as you were a few years ago. Forever handsome, especially you, loverboy. I guess some things never change.” JB smirked, shaking his head in disbelief as he witnessed the elder’s ears turn pink.

“You seem happy to see me.” Mark muttered a little dull as he followed the other to the living room.

“Of course I am! If it weren’t for those letters, I’d have paid you at least one visit in America. I mean, I’d gladly check up on you once in a while. And I wouldn’t have missed that wedding for the world.” Jaebeom looked disappointed as he lazily sat down on the couch. Mark frowned at the former leader of Got7.

“What letters? I’d be delighted if you stopped by to see me at the psych ward when I was allowed visitors. As for the wedding invitations, they were sent to all of you.” The American crossed his arms around his chest as he tried to understand what the other meant.

“Bam, Gyeom and Jae received them, but Jackson and I were warned to stay away. Sseunie confirmed that it was your handwriting, Mark. He couldn’t be wrong, he’s never wrong when it comes to you.” JB furrowed his brows confusedly. The elder became alarmed.

“I didn’t write them! I don’t write fucking letters. What the hell! You could’ve given me a call or sent a text, an e-mail, anything!” the American insisted, feeling wronged. He had no reason to lie to the former leader and the idea that someone could be writing letters in his name made him feel terribly uneasy. Letter2u was the one who liked to play those kind of games. Mark couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about those letters.

“I don’t know. I thought you hated me after I slapped you back at Jeju. Everything happened too fast. As soon as we left the island, you overdosed twice and then your parents came. I didn’t have a chance to say that I was sorry. I didn’t want to impair your treatment. I really missed you, man, but I unwillingly stayed away, because I thought you needed it.” JB sounded hurt, as he tried to convince the elder of his motives.

“I didn’t want to lose contact with any of you. I missed you too. But I wasn’t the one who wrote these letters, I swear. Jack got it wrong. ” Mark confessed as he sat beside his old comrade and put a hand on his shoulder. He wondered who could’ve imitated his crippled hangul so well to the point of convincing Jackson that he was really the author of those so called letters. That bothered him to no extent.

“Maybe you were confused at the time, and you don’t remember now. It could’ve been the meds.”

“I said I didn’t write them!” Mark shouted impatiently. He hated to be treated like a sick person.

“I did it. I wrote them.” Jinyoung announced as he climbed down the stairs. He didn’t seem happy when he glanced at the guest sitting in his living room, but his eyes softened when he turned to his husband.

“Is that because you thought Jackson and I presented some sort of threat to your relationship?” JB looked puzzled and taken aback at the same time. The American eyed the actor intently, also waiting for an answer to that question, anything that would justify his actions. Yet, Jinyoung walked towards Jaebeom and gave him a hard stare before he started talking.

“I was desperate. A desperate man take desperate measures. While I was in America with his family trying to find the best treatment for him, my parents were threatening to disown me if I didn’t return to Korea and stopped being gay! It wasn’t easy to hear that from them or ignore their phone calls. Yet, I couldn’t leave Mark, I’d rather die. And I didn’t lose hope even when nothing seemed to work, or when he was catatonic, withdrawn, imprisoned in his own mind. Doctors didn’t know what to do with him. He just didn’t seem to be getting better, it was frustrating. There were days he wouldn’t even recognize me, JB! He would improve in a week and get worse in another. When he relapsed, I promised myself that if he ever recovered, even if it was just 50%, I’d do whatever was possible to conserve his mental health. And I did. Actually, I don’t care if you or Jackson missed him. As soon as he was allowed visitors again, I couldn’t risk having you guys around my husband while I knew you two could be obvious triggers. So, to answer your question, Jaebeom, I wasn’t afraid that you guys could present a threat to my relationship. I just simply thought you might be a menace to his well-being.” Jinyoung’s face was stained with tears when he finished his speech.

“I think you should go, JB.” Mark stated, firmly. He himself wasn’t expecting to hear all that. It was heartbreaking to see his beloved in that state. At that moment, he realized how hard that whole situation had been on the younger. Having to be forced to choose between his parents and the man he loved was a dilemma the elder never had to resolve. He couldn’t possibly imagine how disheartened Jinyoung must have felt as he was put in such a difficult position. And still, he chose him. If that wasn’t the purest kind of love, he didn’t know what that was.

“Right. Look, Jin, I’m sorry, man. I really am. I didn’t know how bad it was. We don’t talk anymore about these things. You never tell me when you’re going through a hard time, we don’t confide in each other anymore. Believe me, I don’t like the way things are between us. I wanna help you, I wanna be there for you when you need me, I want us to be close again. I want us to be best friends like we used to be. Please, just think about it, okay? I mean it.” Jaebeom gave him a pleading look and followed Mark to the door. Before the Got7’s former leader left the apartment, it was the American’s turn to give him a strong hug.

“Thanks for coming. I guess I needed to hear all of that from him. The words are finally out. He held them back for so long. Only you can make him open up like that. I really missed you, Beommie.” The American whispered as he buried his face in the other’s chest.

“Maybe you could convince him to hang out with us later. I mean, it would be nice to gather the whole gang again, wouldn’t it?” he commented as Mark disentangled himself from him.

“Leave it to me. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks, Markie.” The Korean smiled at him.

“No problem. By the way, I have a feeling he’ll come around, you know? Just give him a bit of time. JJ project is not completely dead yet.” Mark’s tone was reassuring,

“I really care for him. Despite my unforgivable mistakes, I truly hope he can absolve me from them someday and give our friendship a second chance.” JB said sincerely, as the other nodded at him understandingly. The Korean gave Mark a brief kiss on his forehead and walked away.

“Did you just let him kiss you?” Jinyoung raised an eyebrow at his husband as soon as the American closed the door. Mark didn’t know he was watching them from afar.

“It was just my forehead. The rest is all yours, including my heart.” An Mark replied, smiling weakly at the Korean as he walked up to him awkwardly. Jinyoung immediately wrapped his arms around his waist and sought his lips possessively. He only broke the kiss because they needed to breathe at some point. He gazed at Mark’s reddish lips with a starving lust.

“Promise me you’ll never let JB kiss you again. He and I can never be friends if you guys keep reminding me that you two fucked like bunnies at Jeju.” Jinyoung whispered, but his tone was demanding as he leaned on Mark’s neck to bit his earlobe.

“I won’t, I promise. That’s ancient history.” The American said quickly, as he watched how his husband’s hands slithered inside his sweatpants and gave his dick a hard squeeze. He couldn’t help but moan with the contact.

“Louder.” Jinyoung commanded, as he pushed Mark against the wall and pulled his sweatpants and boxers down. The movement of his hands around the older’s penis increased. Within a second, Mark’s hoodie was gone and his husband’s shirt was also thrown on the floor. The American liked the rough way his husband’s fingers masturbated him while his tongue traced the outline of his nipples just to suck, lick and nibble them with his teeth. Mark pulled Jinyoung’s body to him so he could explore his godly like abs and stroke his back. Yet, the actor was so focused on bringing his husband to an earth-shattering climax, that Mark was easily distracted by the dexterity of the younger’s rapid tugs and the pressure of his thumb on his shaft. The elder’s legs were about to give out.

“I won’t let him!” Mark moaned louder, as he put his hands on Jinyoung’s shoulders for support.

“I can’t hear you, babe.” The Korean insisted teasingly, as he decreased the rhythm of the handjob. Mark whined. He was painfully hard and he needed to come.

“Please, Jinyoungie.” The other pleaded as he let out a timid wail.

“Say you won’t let any other man lay their hands on you. You’d better sound convincing this time.” Jinyoung kissed every inch of his face and sucked his forehead right on the spot JB had landed his lips minutes ago. Mark sighed in frustration as his husband gave his dick a hard squeeze again, but paused his movements abruptly. He was losing his mind.

“No one will fucking touch me, I swear. Only you, husband! I love you so fucking much, it hurts! Just let me come, please!” Mark yelled before he captured Jinyoung’s lips in a rapturous kiss. Jinyoung moaned into his mouth and finally increased the speed of the handjob. Mark closed his eyes, as he felt the orgasm building inside of him. When Jinyoung released his lips, he attacked his neck relentlessly. He intended to leave his mark there, he wanted to lay his claim, and he did. He bit the American so hard that the other ejaculated instantly. That hickey would definitely take some time to disappear and that was exactly the Korean’s intent. When the elder came, part of his semen was released on the floor and the other went down Jinyoung’s throat. The Korean got on his knees just to clean Mark’s dick with his own tongue and suck the remaining liquid that escaped from its tip. He wanted all of Mark to himself.

“Shit, that was good.” A panting American managed to say as he leaned his head on the younger’s shoulders for support. 

“And it’s gonna get better.” Jinyoung announced, and he slowly laid Mark on the floor, removed the boxers and sweatpants that were still around his ankle and positioned himself between Mark’s legs.

“You’re the only one still wearing pants. The floor is cold, let’s go to the couch.” Mark suggested, a bit uncomfortable. The meds were making him sleepy. Jinyoung shook his head in disagreement.

“You haven’t convinced me yet, babe. I want you to scream my name while I take you right here on the floor.” The younger seemed to be in a hurry, as he opened his zipper, pulled his erection out of his boxers and spread the American’s leg wider. Mark tensed a bit.

“That doesn’t sound very romantic. Let’s not do this when you are upset.” The elder suggested, trying not to sound too alarmed as he could already feel the tip of Jinyoung’s penis near his entrance. He didn’t prepare him for that. Mark tried to close his legs a bit as a sign to his husband to stop, but Jinyoung’s next words changed his mind.

“Are you afraid you’re gonna bleed on me? It wouldn’t be the first time. It’s just a little bit of blood. I wanna be inside you Mark, and I want it now. Prove to me how much you love me, convince me with your blood.” Jinyoung’s voice had an edgy tone. The American knew he should say no and try to get Jinyoung off him before he became a bloody mess on the floor. However, he just gave in to the younger. He didn’t know if it was the meds or Jinyoung’s sad speech from earlier that made him spread open his legs wider and nod at his husband.

“Do it.” Mark bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly as he waited for the excruciating invasion in his anus. He just hoped it was over soon. Yet, the thrust never came. His husband only simulated the act, he rubbed himself against one of Mark’s inner thighs and after some more friction, he came all over Mark’s stomach. Jinyoung got off him closed his husband’s legs, put his dick inside his pants again and sat beside the elder on the floor with a distressed look on his face.

“Why would you let me do that? Why didn’t you say no? Why didn’t you fight me even when I insisted to pound your ass?” he sounded annoyed when he turned to his husband again.

“You didn’t penetrate me.” Mark looked clueless as he sat up on the cold floor.

“Of course not. I’d never make love to you like this. It would be only rough sex, painful sex. I can’t feel any pleasure when I know you are in pain. I’d be taking advantage of you, I’d feel like a rapist.” Jinyoung just wanted to know how far Mark would go just to convince him of his faithfulness. However, he didn’t expect his husband to agree with was about to happen on that floor. It saddened him to know that Mark would allow himself to go through that.

“The why did you even ask for it then? I was about to freak out here with that bloody proof of love talk.” The elder complained. Still, relief washed over him when he realized Jinyoung was just testing him.

“Then why didn’t you protest!? Mark I don’t wanna see you doing stuff you don’t want to just to please me. Both of us need to be into it. I want you to think of yourself first. Mind and body, please look after them. Respect your own will and desire, your body, your rules. You don’t owe me anything.” The younger struggled to make the other value his own opinions.

“But I wouldn’t mind if it was you. You’re my husband.” Mark found his boxers abandoned near the couch and impatiently put them on. He couldn’t understand why his beloved was so upset.

“That fact doesn’t give me permission to hurt you. Remember that. You’re nobody’s property. You are the man I love and even if I get jealous sometimes, or too possessive of you, you don’t have to prove anything to me. I already know how you feel. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have married you.” Jinyoung gazed at Mark with adoration in his eyes. He undoubtedly loved that man, he just wished Mark would love himself a bit more.

“But you’ve done so much for me. To think of all the things you sacrificed to be with me…How could I refuse that?” the American looked down, as he bit his lip nervously. The other caressed his cheek while shaking his head in frustration.

“You’re hopeless, Mark. That’s why I didn’t wanna discuss with you in details how bad was the situation with my parents. I knew you’d feel guilty about it. Just don’t start blaming yourself, okay? Remember why we are here. It will be Chuseok soon, and we’ll be joining my family. Things are changing.” Jinyoung didn’t want him to worry unnecessarily, he wanted Mark to be optimistic about that trip. They would have a brighter future ahead of them, once they worked on it together.

“All right. I’m sorry.” Mark whispered as he crawled up to his husband’s lap and laid his head on his tight.

“You’d better be. I just need you to realize that it’s not right to degrade yourself like that. Just promise me, that even when I’m not around, if something happens to me, or to our marriage, if you find yourself in somebody else’s arms, you won’t let yourself be manipulated like that, or be used for his sole gratification.” Jinyoung stated firmly, hoping that the elder would follow his advices even if someday they weren’t together anymore.

“Shit, Jin. Don’t even think about these things. We already have our happily everafter, not even death will do us part. If something happens to you, I’ll follow you wherever you go. No one will ever take your place by my side, because you’re already part of me. When death comes for you, I’ll make sure it will take me too.” Mark sounded too serious when he said those words and the honesty in them shocked the younger, who frowned at him in disapproval.

“Don’t be stupid, you’ve gotta treasure the life you have. Your happiness should not depend on anyone but yourself. I don’t wanna hear you say stuff like that again, Mark. I mean it.” The Korean squeezed his hands as he tried to make his point.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He said dejectedly. That topic threatened to bring his mood down. He couldn’t imagine a life without Jinyoung, and to think that someday it could happen really crushed him.

“No, I should be the one apologizing for forging those letters. That was uncalled for.” The Korean admitted as he lowered his head a little to plant a kiss on the tip of Mark’s sharp nose. They just eyed each other intently. Mark breathed quietly, while Jinyoung stroked his hair. They wanted to stay like that forever, drowning in each other’s presence.

They heard the doorbell ring again, but they didn’t want to move.

“You did it because you wanted me to be me again. Maybe you were right. JB could’ve made me feel guiltier because of what we did to Jae and you. As for Jackson, well, where do I begin?” Mark sighed, as he allowed his eyelids closed for a bit. They only opened again when he felt his husband carry him to the couch and cover his half-naked body with his own shirt. The fragrance of Jinyoung’s shampoo and jasmine soap was all over it. He felt safe and comfortable wrapped around his husband’s perfume.

His cinnamon eyes followed the younger’s every move. The Korean quickly put on the hoodie Mark was wearing earlier, before he picked up his wallet from the center table and walked to the door. The elder could smell the food from the couch. When Jinyoung paid the delivery guy, closed the door and returned to his side, a content smile formed in his lips. That whole scenery looked so domestic that it gave him a warm feeling inside.

“Wow, you ordered a lot. Are you too sleepy to join me? Come on, eat a bit. It’s not good to take those tablets on an empty stomach.” the younger reminded him, as he caressed his cheek.

“Okay.” Mark agreed as he sat up on the couch and helped Jinyoung unpack the food on the center table.

“You’d better eat properly. I’m still giving you that steamy bath I promised you earlier.” The Korean said, raising both his eyebrows at the elder.

“I’m looking forward to it. My hot nurse should be prepared to provide me lots of JYP injections.” Mark declared boldly, as he put one of his legs on Jinyoung’s. The other almost choked on his food as he laughed out loud.

“There are lots of JYP doses in store for you, Sir. Just don’t complain later if the syringe I insert in your tender, rosy orifice is too long and thick.” Jinyoung teased back, as he shot the other a sultry look. Mark blushed furiously, as he removed his leg from his.

“You won.” The American sighed embarrassedly, unable to say anything bolder back. The younger smiled proudly while he finished up his food. Jinyoung always won.

Mark’s cellphone vibrated suddenly and he just picked it up from the carpet because he thought it could be his parents asking if they have arrived safely in Korea. However, it was the old Got7 group chat that had been resurrected after 2 years of silence. Jaebeom had revealed to the others that Mark was in Korea. Several messages popped up on the American’s screen and on one of them, Jackson announced that MarkJin’s return to Korea called for a celebration. Drinks would be on him, at his house. Yougyeom and Bambam were ecstatic. Youngjae typed lots of heart-shaped eyes emojis.

“What is it, babe?” Jinyoung asked curious, unable to read the expression on his husband’s face.

“It’s the group chat.” He answered shortly.

“Oh, I muted that one a long time ago. What’s up?” he asked, still chewing on his food.

“We must attend to a get-together tonight at Jackson’s. The 7 of us should be there.” Mark announced, not sure if his husband would accept the invitation.

“We’ll be there.” The younger commented briefly, without giving it too much thought. If he started considering all the possibilities of what could happen at that gathering, he would probably have an indigestion.

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