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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 13

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Capítulo 13 - It's going to be a looong day

Author-chan's POV
After spending that night at Serena's house, Yuki returns early in the morning to Sunrise Residence as she didn't take her school uniform along.

As soon as Yuki enters, she finds Ukyo standing there with a rage filled face.

Ukyo's POV
A few minutes before Yuki arrived

'Where the hell has this brat disappeared?? I swear she is such a nuisance!! I literally feel like murdering her! Who the hell does she think she is leaving the house without permission??! I'm so going to-'

I was interrupted from my thoughts with one of brother's bedroom door opening. It was Masa-nii. He walked down the stairs and looked at me. He probably noticed that I'm raging.

"What happened? Why are you pissed?" He asks calmly.

"That idiotic sister of ours has left the house yesterday and hasn't come back till now. Apparently she got discharged from the hospital. I don't even know where she is!" I explain trying not to shout so that I don't wake people up.

"It's fine. Do you really care?" He asks with a face that says 'Cause I don't give a fuck'

"No! Why would I give a shit?" I retorted back defensively.

"Exactly. Calm down and finish breakfast. You don't need to ruin your morning because of her." He says

"Yeah... She'll be back when she wants. I don't care. If it weren't for Louis convincing me, I would've kicked her out for sure." I say calming down a little.

Masa-nii goes back to room to change his clothes and get ready go to the hospital. As soon as he closes his room door, I hear the opening of another. It didn't sound like a bedroom lock though so I figured that the brat was back.

'I won't allow her to ruin my day but I can always ruin hers!' I thought, letting a smirk make its way across my face.

Back in present time

Yuki's POV
I opened the door painfully slow so that it's sound doesn't wake anyone up. I don't want to deal with them this early in the morning. Its only like 5:30am.

As soon as I entered and closed the door behind me, I see the face of an angry Uky-nii. I obviously still didn't have the guts to call any other brother or him -nii anymore.

'Oh I'm so dead! Why God why???' As I thought this, I swallowed the lump created in my throat and controlled the intense urge to run up to my room. I stood in front of him with my head hanging low and sneaking quick glances at him.

Silence. It was deafening in this case. I couldn't take it. I normally hated silence but in this tense moment I hated it even more. The moment I was building up the courage to get back up to my room, he spoke. Finally.

"Where the hell were you?!" He shouted but not so loud as to where people would get up out of bed. I shuddered a bit.

"At Serena's house" I told with my voice barely audible but I know for a fact that he heard me.

"And why is that?? Is it because you hate us too just like Ema?? Is it because if you stayed here you wouldn't be able to control the urge to hurt Ema or one of us??! I don't know if you saw but I was the one who broke your guitar!" He shouted angrily. Now it was so loud that Asu-nii came to see what was happening.

Upon hearing about my broken guitar again, my heart broke, again. I knew it was him but I was just trying to deny that he would do something so terrible and hence I was kind of shocked. My eyes widened a bit, my mouth agape and tears threatened to spill.

I could literally sense that he was happy with the reaction that he was drawing out of me. I refuse to budge though. I wouldn't let anyone take advantage of me with my weaknesses. I controlled my tears and didn't allow them to fall. I wouldn't give him what he wants. Never.

"I saw and I know" I replied.

"Well that's great! Now you know how it feels to be hurt!" At this point he was smiling like a maniac and Tsuba-nii, Baru-nii and Yuusuke joined Asu-nii and were watching this scene go down.

'I'm being put through hell!! I've been to hell before! Of course I know how the fuck it feels to get hurt!' I thought.

Without even saying a word, I started walking up to my room, while I was suddenly pulled back with a tight grip around my wrist. I was only inches away from Uky-nii's face. He was pissed.

"This is what you get for hurting Ema." He said in a low voice but clear enough so I could hear it.

That was it. I knew he wanted to ruin my day and he did. But I didn't want to give him the feeling that he did. I didn't say a word again and he was getting more pissed by the passing second. I roughly shook my wrist out of his grasp and starting walking again.

"Tch! I will make you experience hell Yuki!! Hell!!" He shouted and obviously I didn't give a fuck.

'You already are' With that thought, I entered and shut the door to my room. I plopped down on my bed and let out an exasperated sigh.

"It's going to be a loooong day isn't it?" I spoke out loud and started to get ready for school. Today I had practice so I had to take an extra duffle bag for my dance clothes. I started to do my morning routine.


Masaomi's POV
"Did you really have to cause that scene back there?" I asked while I took my seat with the other brothers for breakfast.

"Well you can't really blame me for wanting to ruin her day now can you? She had it coming." He says taking his seat.

"True" I say understanding his point.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me right! How can you guys do that?? She's our sister!!" Fuuto yells while banging his hands on the table.

Wataru flinched a little.

"Language Fuuto!" I warned him.

"I don't fucking care! You guys are fucking blind if you are not seeing what's happening. I hate this family so much!! Yuki is the innocent one and Ema is the bitch here and when you guys find that out, you're going to be begging Yuki for forgiveness for the hell you put her through!!" Fuuto screamed even more and stormed out.

"I'll calm him down." Louis said and followed Fuuto.

Wataru was kind of scared but managed to speak a little.

"He's right Onii-chan. Yuki-nii is not wrong. I'm going to Fuuto-nii now." He says with his head lowered and walks away towards where Fuuto and Louis went.

"See! This family is falling apart because of her!" Ukyo stormed out too.

'Well it's going to be a loooong day!'

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