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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 15

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Capítulo 15 - Back To Practice It Is!

Yuki's POV
Guess what day it is...! Wednesday!! Uggghh.....middle of the damn week. Weekends are hard to come by these days.

I don't even know how but I get my ass of my bed and do my morning routine. Boring as hell.

*Bang* *Bang*

Oh wait!... I live in Sunrise Residence. How can it be boring??? What torture now?

I get my bag and head towards my bedroom door. By the time I reach there, the person outside is trying to break my room door so I open it.

I am standing face-to-face with the one and only asshole. Yup that's right! Tsubaki Asahina. When I opened the door I guess he was about to kick it open as his leg is in the air and both hands in his pockets.

'I swear this punk needs to take a chill pill. People like him are the reason why double doors were invented.'

I smile at my amazingly stupid humour and look up to see Tsubaki looking down at me like I am crazy.

'Ummmm...hey? Might wanna move cause unlike you I got to go to practice and actually do something in my life' was what I wanted to say but I sugar coated my words a bit.

"Hello?? Anyone home?? Why are you here?" I asked in the most polite way possible to a person who I've come to despise.

"Tch" He turns and walks away.

'What the actual fuck dude! You almost broke my door down for nothing?? Well... Justin's song was right : All we need is a rude awakening.'

I get out of my room and head downstairs. I don't see Wataru, Fuuto or Louis so I just walk right past the table that all the brothers are at. I look a little over my shoulder and see their pissed off faces.

'Well I guess I angered them. What was I even supposed to do? Suck up to their asses after what happened? Naahhh biiitch!! I ain't gonna do that. I'm glad I pissed them off. It was fun.'

I left the house with a smirk. I left for practice and let out an exasperated sigh that I didn't notice. I reach school, clearing my mind of all the nonsense and meet with Serena.

For some deranged reason we didn't have classes today so Yuusuke and Ema weren't here. There was only practice and I was kinda glad that it was only practice today because I know for a fact that I won't be able to study anything right now.

Me and Serena went to the practice room to find everyone already there, warming up. I'm the youngest of the group and am often pampered.

Only me and Serena are first years in the club and the rest are mostly second and some are even third.

I received a few 'good mornings' and a few fist bumps. I kept my bag and phone to the side and started warming up.

After about 10 minutes of warming up, our coach arrived and started setting everything up for the practice to start.

"Morning Yuki!" Chloe says with her usually cheer voice.

"Morning." I said with the same cheerfulness.

"Okay guys let's start! And we are going to have to practice real hard as we have an upcoming program next to next Saturday." Coach announces.


"Aye yo coach! What program?" Asks one of the students. I couldn't see their face as we were all gathered around.

"Oh I haven't told you guys have I? This program is in Diamond Palace and...." He was cut off by us shouting.


"Yes and I can't believe I'm not deaf yet. Anyway let me continue. It's in Diamond Palace. It's gonna be there for the entire day. Unfortunately family members are not allowed for some reason but other guests are." He continues.

'I didn't wanna bring anyone anyway'

He briefed us about the program and we were soon going to start our practice. It was going to be one hell of a practice.

"Wait! What about the others? Only main dancers are here." Chloe asks curiosly.

'I haven't even thought about that. When coach requested our presence today, I wasn't paying attention that he called only a few. Nice observation Chloe!'

"Good question Chloe. I have called only those people who I can trust will put up an amazing performance. And they are you guys." Coach says smiling at us.

"Well let's start!" He says excitedly.

Author-Chan : This was so amazing that I had to put this in. Just imagine that Yuki and all did this dance in a dance studio.

Author-Chan : Kyle Hanagami!!!! Their dance covers are holy!!

"Ok guys I guess that's enough for today." Coach yells.

We all fall to the floor, tired as hell. The only sound which could be heard was the panting of all the dancers.


Ukyo's POV
"Okay why the fuck are we actually here?" Tsubaki asks.

We are all here because I wanted to have a 'talk' with Yuki. We see her through the windows and she looks so vulnerable and exhausted.

Yuki's POV
"Yuki!!! Someone is here for you!" Chloe says.

'Who the fuck is here. Whoever it is I won't be able to answer properly. I am so exhausted. Prepare for my wrath humans!!!'

I go out of the room and look to my left to find most of the annoying Asahina brothers with Natsu-nii, Fuuto, Louis and Ema, the bitch herself.

'I can't deal with any of their shit right now. I won't be answering properly I guess.'

I walk up to them looking like a freaking boss and crossing my arms.

"What do you guys want now?" I ask trying now to show the rudeness.

They looked taken aback and I loved it. Natsu-nii and Fuuto were smirking.

"I wanted to have a little chat with you, Yuki." Ukyo says.

"Well my life is too precious to be wasting it on something so useless." I state and turn around.

"Wait you bitch!" Tsubaki yells but I ignore him and start walking away.

"YUKI!!" He shouts.

"Yes?" I question innocently.

"Are you deaf? Couldn't you hear me??" He was pissed and I was smirking on the inside.

"Oh that was for me? I thought you were talking to Ema because you said bitch. My bad. What is it though?" I finish and I see Natsu-nii behind smirking and Fuuto trying not to burst out laughing.

"Why you..." Tsubaki starts to walk towards me but is stopped by Ukyo.

"Look we know you're exhausted but watch you're attitude." The four eyes says.

'Someone is talking about watching attitude. Well Mr. Four eyes, news flash : I don't care how I behave towards you.'

"Fine. What is it?" I ask a little more politely.

"Good. Now I was about to say that we-" he was cut off by Chloe yelling for me.

"Yuki!!" She yelled.

"Yeah?" I turn around to face her. She was running and was trying to catch her breath.

"Very important. Sorry." She says.

"Oh it's cool." I reply and turn around to face the brothers again.

"Can we continue this at home please?" I say hoping they would say yes.

"Fine." Ukyo says plainly.

"Thanks" I say politely and bow and walk off with Chloe.

Walking in to the practice room again, I'm met with Coach.

"Guess what Yuki?" Coach says.

"Huh? What?" I was legit confused.

"Yuki your phone is gone!" Serena yells.

'Wait whaaaat!!??'

"Whhaat??" I search for it and it was nowhere to be found.

"What the hell??" I say frustrated.

"Remember who used to do that to you Yuki?" Serena asks.

"Huh? It was Ryu but he's not here so it must be someone else." I say.

Serena gives me a mischievous grin and I know for a fact now that the person who took my phone is --

"Hey there cupcake!" A voice says behind me. It was the voice of a male. I turn around and there he is.



"The one and only. And yeah your livelihood is with me."

He smirks and holds up my phone. When we were in middle school he always used to take my phone and run away. He also was the only one who always calls me cupcake. I don't even know why.

"Ryu! My phone please." I held out my hand and walked towards him. He bolted out of the room.

"Ryuuu!!!" I yell and run behind him to get my phone back. We went out a fair distance when I my phone started to ring.

"Ooohhh!!! Who's Seijuro, Yuki? Your new boyfriend." He asks looking a bit..... disappointed?

"No Ryu! He's just a friend." I say panicking.

"Oh great! Let's talk to him shall we?" He says and picks up the call.

"No please Ryu!!" I say, running towards him.

He stops me with one hand and gets on the phone with the one and only. Akashi Seijuro.

'I'm doomed'

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