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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 22

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Capítulo 22 - Is Ema....?

Ema's POV
It was about 10:00pm and Yuki isn't home yet. I was sitting next to her while the game was going on but since Subaru lost, I left that loser in the court and came back home. I saw her go to Akashi and his teammates. Maybe she's celebrating. Who even gives a fuck?

All the brothers and me were watching a movie. I was sitting in between Kaname and Ukyo. Kaname being the old man that he is, pretended to yawn and put his arm around my shoulder. Thats is such an old technique but I'll give him props for trying. Ukyo noticed it and pushed Kaname's arm off of my shoulder. Natsume, Fuuto, Hikaru and Louis looked like they didn't give a fuck. I have to get them to love me too.

We were at the climax of the movie when the front door opened, revealing a guy with Yuki in his arms. She held onto his neck and looked miserable. She was shaking too.

'What the fuck?' I thought.

As soon as they entered, Natsume and Fuuto ran up to them. The rest of the brothers and me were just standing still in our place with a shocked face. I honestly didn't care at all but I had to act like I actually give a damn. So I put on a shocked expression but still didn't move from my place.

"What the hell happened?!" I heard Natsume scream.

The guy carrying Yuki just shushed him and started heading up to where Yuki's room was. Natsume and Fuuto just followed quietly.

The brothers and I were left in the hall with many unanswered questions. All of us looked at each other with confusion except one. Asuza. He was looking up the stairs where the guys had disappeared with a worried expression.

"The fuck?! Is he starting to care for that bitch again?? God!! I have full more poison into their brains." I thought.

Asuza's POV
I looked up to where the guys and Yuki disappeared with a genuinely worried look.

'What the hell happened?! Yuki looked miserable! She was even shaking and no-one is even going to talk about it?? I guess nobody cares about her anymore. I don't even know how this hatred started. We all just woke up one and decided to treat the girl very badly. Why? Maybe because of Ema. I really love Ema and I know that my brothers do too. Well except Natsume, Fuuto, Louis and Hikaru.

I really don't have anything against Yuki so whenever shit goes down between her and the others brothers or Ema herself, I just stay quiet. My silence is harming her and I know it but I can't do anything. I'm starting to think that Ema is faking everything. Her smile. Her laugh. Her love towards us. But I know that she hates Yuki just by looking at her eyes. Do I love the correct girl?  Am I wasting my time on her?'

Ryu's POV
As soon as I entered Yuki's house, a guy with orange hair and a guy with chestnut coloured hair ran up to me. The rest of the guys and one girl just stood there with shocked looks.

Yuki was still shaking in my arms. I felt so bad and also guilty for not being able to stop what happened. Her face had tear stains and she looked miserable.

"What the hell happened?!" The guy with the orange hair shouted. I guess he's one of the brothers who still cares huh.

As soon as Yuki heard the loud voice, she whimpered. I quickly took notice of her subtle action and shushed the guy. I knew where Yuki's room was so I started heading up to her room to let Yuki get some rest. The two guys followed me but I'm sure Yuki wouldn't notice.

As we reached the room door, I looked at the guys and motioned for one of them to take her room key out of her handbag. The chestnut coloured hair guy did it. He looked really familiar but I couldn't place my finger on who I thought he was.

He opened the door. I told the guys to remain outside as I'm sure Yuki wouldn't have wanted her brothers to see her this vulnerable. They agreed and stayed behind. I entered the room and slowly placed Yuki on her bed.

"Thank you Ryu." She muttered. She was very tired. I could feel it. She slowly started to close her eyes. I pecked her forehead and left her room to talk to the guys. I slowly closed Yuki's room door behind me.

"Mind telling us now what happened?" The guy with orange hair asked.

"No. I don't mind. But in the hallway?" I questioned.

"We can go to my room. It's on the same floor." The chestnut coloured hair guy said.

I nodded and we went to his room. I took a seat on his bed with him on my left and the orange haired guy in front of me. The guys entered and locked the door behind them so that nobody could enter. Suddenly the orange haired guy spoke up.

"Actually Fuuto, go call Louis and Hikaru. I'm sure they're worried too." He said. The other guy named 'Fuuto' nodded and returned with 2 other guys. One looked really polite and the other was dressed as a girl. They looked trustable.

"So. Tell us now. From the beginning." The orange haired guy said.

"Okay. Firstly, I'm Ryu. Yuki's childhood friend. She must have mentioned me when in middle school. I guess you guys are the only brothers who care for Yuki now huh?" I say looking down.

"As a matter of fact, she did mention you. A lot. You guys were very close but we didn't get a chance to meet. By the way, I'm Natsume and I'm a game developer." He said, smiling a little.

"I'm Fuuto and I'm a popstar." The guy with chestnut coloured hair said.

"I'm Louis and I'm a celebrity hair-stylist." The guys who looked really kind with brown eyes, said.

"And I'm Hikaru. And let me mention, I'm a man." The guy with long hair and a red dress said.

"I know that you're a man." I chuckled a little. He looked taken aback but didn't push it.

"Now. The information that you guys want." I said and guys were all ears.

"Yuki was invited to watch the basketball semi-finals by Akashi Seijuro, the captain of Rakuzan." I began and was cut off already.

"How do they know each other?" Hikaru asked, getting impatient.

"Yuki was the manager for the Generation of Miracles in middle school and in high school also she was a manager for a team called Seirin but she left to focus more on her singing and dancing club." I explained. He nodded and let me continue.

"The match was against one of your brothers. Subaru. He must have invited Ema as she came too. Subaru lost the match. Ema was very disappointed and just left the court without even saying a word to Subaru. I'm assuming you know this Natsume-nii as you were there."

His eyes widened as he heard what I called him. He smiled and nodded. Well, I guess he's okay with me calling him that.

"Wait. But you weren't there with Yuki so how do you know what happened?" He asked.

"I did go to the match but I didn't go with Yuki. I didn't trust Akashi so I wanted to make sure that Yuki was okay." He looked confused a little but let me continue nonetheless.

"So since Akashi won the match, he, his teammates, Yuki and some of Akashi's  friends wanted to celebrate. They went to the coach's house to crash first as they were super tired. The coach left as he couldn't handle the noises that the guys were making." I paused.

"Now. A little something to know about Akashi. He is obsessed with Yuki and will do anything to get her. Even the coach was suspicious of him doing something stupid to Yuki when they were together, so he called me. He told me that Yuki and Akashi were at his place crashing and I felt uncomfortable. I immediately started off to the coach's house. It was about half and hour away." I continued and again took a short pause.

"After that I don't know what happened in detail as I wasn't there but when I reached the coach's house and opened the door, Akashi was on top of a crying Yuki, trying to take her clothes off." I explained and the guys gasped, their eyes widening.

"I quickly went over to them and got Yuki from under him and punched him. I might have been a little too harsh as he fell to the floor but my mind wasn't working at that time. Yuki looked like a mess and anger was boiling inside of me. The other guys who were with Akashi were about to hit me when Akashi himself stopped them. I grabbed Yuki's hand and got her out of there as fast as possible." I said, looking at my fists as anger started to fill me up once again. I watched my knuckles turn white.

Natsume-nii placed a hand on my hand, trying to tell me to calm down. I took a long breath and continued.

"As soon as we got in my car I hugged her tight. I tried to calm her down and after a few minutes she did but she was still crying. I drove here as fast I could but carefully. I knew I shouldn't have left her there. I knew I should've been with her. I knew I couldn't trust Akashi but I failed. I couldn't protect Yuki. I'm so sorry." I said as I lowered my head even more. Tears starting to come out of my eyes.

Natsume-nii was on the floor on one knee so he could look at my face.

"Listen Ryu. I know you care about Yuki. We know you love her dearly. It wasn't your fault. In fact, if you didn't reach there on time, who knows what could've happened. You don't need to apologize. Thank you for taking care of our sister. We're glad that she has such caring people in her life." He said and smiled. I looked up at him and the others. They were all smiling at me with a sense of understanding.

"You should go home and take rest. We'll take care of Yuki here. Don't worry. We'll also inform Serena so that Yuki gets support from another girl." Hikaru said.

I nodded my head and stood up. I bowed and left the house for that night. From my car, I looked up at Yuki's balcony.

"Please take care Yuki. I'll come by tomorrow. I love you." I whispered to no-one in particular and drove away.

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