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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 29

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Capítulo 29 - Leaving

Yuki's POV
Finally the day has come when we leave for Las Vegas for the BBMA's. It's Wednesday and we have to get there to practice with the singers and idols. I'm so excited!! BTS is coming this year and i could not be happier. I literally learnt Korean so that it would be easier for me to understand their songs. Shawn Mendes is coming too! My life is going to be complete. I have been waiting for their Collab and it seems to be taking ages!!

Anyway.... I didn't bother to explain where I'm going to any of the brothers except to the ones who still care for me and also Asuza. He kept nagging me about it and I have no idea why so I told him. He also told me that he wouldn't bother telling the other brothers and that he was sorry for his behaviour towards me. I had forgiven him as he seemed genuine but I still didn't trust him. I mean, you couldn't blame me. Shit went down the last time I made a mistake of trusting someone.

Not my problem anyway. I packed my suitcase and left for the airport with Natsu-nii. He came to pick me up even though it was still very very early. It was only 4:30 am and we had to leave before the other brothers or Ema wake up.

Natsu-nii helped me put my suitcase in his car and we both got in and drove to the airport where the rest of my club members were waiting for us.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to the airport without any traffic. Damn. We get into the airport and as I bid Natsu-nii goodbye, he stopped me.

"What happened Natsu-nii?" I asked.

He suddenly pulled me towards him and hugged me. I was a little taken aback but I hugged him back.

"Be safe Yuki. I love you." He said as he patted my head ever so gently.

"I will and I love you too Natsu-nii. Don't worry too much and take care." I said reassuringly.

"Bye Yuki!" He said, waving me off.

"Bye nii-san!!" I said as I jogged towards my group of friends.

Natsume's POV
Well... She's gone. It's going to be so boring but at least she won't be tortured here. She'll finally truly enjoy herself.

"Ok. Time to head home. I have to work on the new game. Wait- who is going to test my game now? I really need to know the status of the games. Dammit Yuki.... Why am I so dependent on you?" I mutter to myself as I head out of the airport.

Yuki's POV
"Morning Yuki." Serena greeted me while yawning.

"Morning to you too Rena. Aren't we sleepy?" I said, chuckling.

"Yeah... Couldn't sleep all night due to the excitement. I'm glad that we get the business class though. It's going to be so comfy. I can't wait to get on the plane." She said, stretching.

"True dat." I said.

After we got through the security check, we went to the waiting area where we had to wait for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes, they announced for the boarding of our flight and we got on the plane.

It took us all 10 minutes to board the flight and we all got settled in. Once we were all in, I took a glance around and noticed only my club members in the business class. I smiled at the thought of no crying babies.

Once when I went to Hawaii with my brothers, or should I say ex-brothers, our plane had 2 babies. I have nothing against babies but just their crying. It is slightly annoying. Wait- let me rephrase that. It was super annoying and I couldn't catch a wink of sleep.

Well, that's something which won't happen again as I am assuming that I won't ever travel with them. Man, I miss those days so much. I didn't know that everything would change so quickly.

As i was lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice that I had been frowning.

"Yuki." I heard someone call my name. I look over and see Serena with a worried expression painted on her face.

"It's nothing Rena. You should get some rest." I say, smiling gently. I was glad when I saw her expression relax and she nodded as she laid her head down on the soft pillow and drifted off into slumber.

"You have to get some rest too Yuki." I heard Chloe say from behind me.

"Okay. Good night." I say as I yawn.

"Good night." I heard Chloe chuckle.

I let out a sigh and let the darkness and my tiredness consume me.


Ukyo's POV
It's 5:30 am now. I got up early to make breakfast.

"I'm so tired." I mumbled to myself.

I didn't catch more than an hour of sleep as I was working on a case. Speaking of cases, I wonder what Yuki meant by the statement that people have been trying to kill her for 10 years.

Honestly, sometimes I don't even know if I know her or not. We've been so distant and I don't blame her and it's neither my fault. She's been hurting Ema and she deserves everything that she is getting right now.

I cut my train of thoughts and start to think of what to make for breakfast and after 5 minutes I decide to settle with pancakes. I start making them and by the time I finished, people started to wake up.

First was surprisingly Fuuto. He never gets up this early. Wonder what the matter is.

"Morning Fuuto." I said as I smiled at him.

He gave me a look and completely ignored me as he took his seat at the table.

"You're not supposed to ignore your older brothers you know. It pains me to see this side of you Fuuto." I say genuinely.

"I honestly don't even know if I can consider you guys as my brother's anymore, with a few exceptions of course. You've been treating Yuki like shit and I bet even you don't know why. And about pain, it will be better if you don't talk about that after what you made Yuki go through." He said and left to where I'm guessing is his room.

"This boy." I sigh as I set up the table for the others. They soon came down and Ema also offered me help. Yuki would never do that.

~Timeskip to after breakfast~

"What's up with Asuza?" Subaru asked me as I was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen.

Asuza acted strangely during breakfast. Even when we were trying to engage him into our chats, he totally ignored us. The only one he talked to was Fuuto and I was surprised when Fuuto also replied to him.

Those both continued to talk to each other until Wataru came down. He didn't go to his usual seat. He usually sits himself next to Masaomi but today he sat next to Fuuto and those three talked and laughed normally.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Yuki today. Even if she leaves before all of us wake up, I see her everyday from my window as she is leaving and when she comes back, I can hear her door room shut even if she tries not to make any noise.

"I honestly don't have any idea." I reply honestly.

"Well... Something's weird and I know that for a fact." He said as he kept his water bottle in the fridge and left the kitchen.

"What is happening to this house? Why is it happening? Is this how it is supposed to be?" I mumble to myself as I finish up the dishes and head back to my room to work on the case.

Natsume's POV
I head to the Sunrise Residence as Asuza called me telling me that he had to talk something about Yuki.

As soon as he said that it was important and it was about Yuki, I rushed over.

"What the hell happened now?" I mumble to myself as I was driving to the house.

As I enter, I was met with silence.

"Guess everyone left. That's good." I say to myself before calling out to Asuza.

"Natsume!" He exclaimed.

"What's wrong? Why did you want to talk to me? And I've not seen you so excited in a while." I said.

"Well..." Asuza began explaining.

"What??!" I shouted as he concluded.

"Yeah." He confirmed.

"They are so done!!"

I was enraged. How dare Tsubaki?!! I don't even want to think of what would have happened if the principal wouldn't have interrupted at that exact time. I removed and threw my coat on the sofa as I waited till the evening when all the brothers would return.

"It's getting too out of hand. Enough. It's enough." 

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