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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 3

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Capítulo 3 - A Day In The Life Of Yuki

Yuki's POV
'okay like seriously....this bitch needs to chill.....what the hell is her problem anyway? I did nothing to her....she always jus-'
"-KI!!! YUKI!!!"
I was snapped out of my thoughts as Serena was shouting in my ears.

"Yes Serena I hear you" I replied

"Again in your own world? How many times have I told you not to space out at random times?" Serena scolded.

Serena...my best friend from the time that I was the age of 1. She is literally my life and I don't know what I'd do without her. Her mom and dad, Mr and Mrs Smith treat me like their own daughter as they always wanted another one.

"Gee! I'm sorry okay!" I replied exhausted.


"Okay everyone! I want you guys to take position for 'worth it' dance! Yuki up front..NOW!!" Shouted our coach.

Coach Takeda....aahhh....what do I say? He's pretty cool. I mean he's a little too cool to be a coach. He's pretty nice and caring and he sticks to what he says.

"Yes coach!" Everyone yelled.

The first dance was in which Yuki was performing.

"Okay guys! That's it for today. And tomorrow is your lucky day as I'm giving you a break. I don't want you guys to stress yourselves too much. Have fun guys! Peace!" Says our coach and takes his leave.

"YEEESSSS!!!" Yelled everyone who didn't participate in the last dance.

As soon as coach left, I immediately fell to the floor. In a matter of seconds my best friend Serena was by my side..

"You okay Yuki?" She asks

"Yeah I'm great except I'm just dying!" I said matter-of-factly

"*Giggles* anyway let's get going....you can go home and rest." She suggests

"Yeah let's go! I'm exhausted!!" I said attempting to get up and somehow succeeding.

As I get up and am about to leave, I bumped into someone who smelled like they had put their entire bottle of perfume. It smelled disgusting...
(A/N : says the one who just finished practice and is drenched in sweat..
Yuki : Shut up!!)

Serena's POV
"Ooohhh look who it is....the nasty smelling rats" says the person (people) we bumped into.

"Ughh!! Out of all people why them???!" Says Yuki

End of flashback

Still Serena's POV

"Fuck you bitch! I fucking hate you and your bitch ass face!!" Says the diva in front of us.

May (sorry if this is your name). The diva in this school. She has literally dated half our school's soccer team. She suddenly developed a grudge against Yuki and I for no reason whatsoever.

"Mutual feelings!" Says Yuki casually holding up her middle finger.

"You trying to piss me off? If yes, congrats it's working!" May says fuming.

"Yes! And thanks I was expecting it to work anyway." Yuki replies nonchalantly and starts to walk away. I trail behind silently giggling.

"UUUGGGHHH!!! I AM SO GOING TO DESTROY YOU YUKI ASAHINA!!" May shouts at the top of her lungs.

Me and Yuki literally book it from school and run all the way where we have to go our separate ways laughing our asses off.

Yuki's POV
After we have finally calmed down and caught our breaths after running that marathon, we finally go our separate ways.

I reach home after 15 minutes of walking.

Since it is a Saturday most of my brothers are going to be at home.

"I'm home!!" I yelled as I entered the house.

"Welcome back big sis!!" A sweet voice greets me.

"Hey Wataru!!!" He grabs my hand and drags me to the red couch where surprisingly most of the brothers are there, except Fuuto and Yuusuke, and sits on my lap. I put my arms around his belly and pull him close and he snuggles into me. I lay my head on his back and close my eyes.

"We were waiting for you Yuki" I hear a deep voice say. I lift my head up and find the second eldest Asahina brothers, Ukyo, looking down at me.

"Oh! And why is that?" I ponder.

"I was just about to make an announcement and all the family members were required to be here but I guess Fuuto had work and Yuusuke has stay back because of his low grades." Uky-nii says


"Okay I guess I'll just start. So, since all of you know that Mom is getting re-married to Rintarou-sama who has a 17 year old daughter, she will move in with us starting next month and the wedding is 2 months away." He explains.

"Yyaaayy!!! One more Onee-chan to play with!!" Wataru exclaims happily.

"Well isn't someone excited?" I see Kana-nii say that with a smirk spread on his face.

Finally another girl!!! Geez I just hope she's not a pain in the ass and that we can get along or this house is going to become hell on earth.....

Notas Finais

I hope you guys liked this chapter....do comment below if you would like me to improve something...you opinion is always welcome and as I stated before all the videos and pictures in the media do not belong to me....

See you in the next chapter.....Adiós!

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