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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 34

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Capítulo 34 - Back In Japan

Ryu's POV
"Fuck!" I yell out in frustration.

It hasn't even been two days and I'm already losing my shit. I can't believe I stayed away from her for so many years. What was wrong with me?!

I continued my pacing in the living room as my little sister, Narumi, took her seat on the coach in front of the TV and turned it on. Dad had to go on an urgent business trip overseas and mom decided to tag along thinking it was a good idea to leave a 17 year old boy in charge of a 15 year old girl and the freaking house.

"Would you take a chill pill bro? This entire pacing thing of yours is getting really annoying." Narumi said from her place on the couch.

"I can't help it!" I shouted unintentionally.

"Ok calm down. The hell even happened?" Narumi asked as her eyes widened. I've never shouted at her before, except for the the times when my reason for it was hella good, which was probably never.

She let out a sigh and walked up to me.

"Sit down and tell me what happened brother." She said as she gave me a gentle smile.

I sat myself down on the couch and took a deep breath as Narumi left to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. She handed the glass to me and I took it, immediately gulping down the water which helped me calm down, but just a little.

"Ok. Now, slowly. Tell me what's wrong." Narumi spoke in a calm voice.

"It's- it's Yuki." I said.

"What about her? Is she fine?" She asked worriedly.

"Y-yeah she's good. She just- she-" I couldn't even say it. I pity myself. It's not even bad.

"She what?" Narumi asked impatiently.

"She went on a trip to the BBMA's and I miss her so fucking much." I finally said it.

"That's it right. Fuck. I thought something happened to her." Narumi said and relaxed.

If it was some other time, I would've scolded her for swearing but I was doing myself so I wasn't really going to say anything about it and let it slide.

Yuki meant a lot to the both of us. Narumi went through a lot in school. She used to get bullied every single day and was on the verge of slipping into depression. When I told this to Yuki, she immediately called my mom and asked to talk to Narumi and comforted her. Though we were in different countries, she was able to help.

Narumi treats her like her older sister and loves and cares for her deeply. So do I but I do not look at her as a sister. I'm afraid it's something more. More than childhood friends.

"Why don't you call her bro?" Narumi asked as I was lost in my thoughts.

"Huh? I don't want to disturb her. Besides, it's not like she would pick up a call from the person who annoys the crap out of her every freaking day." I replied, trying to face the reality.

"Okay firstly, I'm sure she'd pick up. I know her by now. Secondly, you helped her bro. You mean a lot to her. You just don't know it. And thirdly, you guys kissed. Why wouldn't she care?" Narumi explains as I let out a sigh.

"Wait.. how do you know that we kissed??!! And also, if I do mean so much to her then why didn't she at least text me? She must have forgotten about me." I said.

"Damn! Are you an idiot? Why would she forget you? She hasn't forgotten you over the coarse of I don't know maybe 8-9 years and you think she'll forget over the coarse of a day? She gave her first kiss to you Ryu. Even if she doesn't think about it much, it means a lot to her.  You're really stupid of you think that she doesn't care. And as to why she hasn't texted you, she must be busy with practice or something. Either way, I'm sure she has a good reason as to why she hasn't contacted you yet. And also, there's a huge whooping difference in time. She should take care of her health too right? And I found out that you two kissed the very day you came home after clubbing. Too many obvious signs." Narumi said.

I looked at her and blinked. Damn, she's too smart for her own good. I nodded and let myself fall towards my left to lay on the couch and started thinking. About random stuff. Very random.

I was interrupted from my train of thoughts after 2 minutes by my phone. It was the sound of receiving a notification. I got my lazy ass up from the couch and walked over to the table where my phone was kept. Narumi continued watching TV.

As I unlocked my phone and opened my messages inbox, I saw it. A text from Yuki. Finally!!!!! Thank the good lord above for hearing my prayers and wishes.

"Yeah!!" I shouted.

"Holy!! You good? What now?" Narumi asked as he rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I'm super fine! Yuki texted me!!" I said as I plopped down on the couch next to Narumi.

"What'd she say? Shouldn't she be asleep? It would be really late in the place where she is." Narumi questioned.

"Hold up. How'd you know where she went?" I asked.

"BBMA's, Mr. Genie-ass is going to be held in Las Vegas this year." She stated.

"Oh." I dead-panned.

"Anyway, she said, 'I'm really sorry for not texting you sooner. I was really busy with practice and other stuff. And also, my trip got extended :(... I'll be there latest by 15th March. K I gtg if I don't sleep now then Serena is going to whoop my ass. Good night Ryu.' and a heart emoji." I said as I read aloud Yuki's message.

"Poor girl. See? I told you she wouldn't forget. You mean way too much for her. And yeah! I heard that the BBMA's postponed to 1st March so no wonder her trip is extended." Narumi said.

"Yeah. Wait.... March 15th!!!?? That's too long!! I just hope she takes care of her health." I smiled as I typed a quick reply back to Yuki.

"Anyway.... I have BTS waiting for me. Yuki will get to meet them and I couldn't be more jealous. Say hi to her from my side. I have to go. Annyeong!" Narumi said and started heading up to her as she showed me a finger heart.

'This girl.'

Sousuke's POV
"Don't you miss her?" My older sister, Kyoko asked as she let herself into my room while I was doing my homework.

"Miss who?" I asked.

"You know who Sousuke. Don't play with me." She said as she settled herself on my bed.

"What are you talking about sis?" I asked her again, maybe pissing her off.

"Serena. Dumbass. Who else? I mean she is your girlfriend right?" Kyoko stated.

"I miss her sis. So damn much. She must be busy with practice and all that so I didn't want to disturb her in any way." I reply.

"She'll text you soon enough don't worry. She is a great person by the way. You got yourself a good one." Kyoko said as she stood up and left my room.

"Yeah. She's the best." I whispered as I let a gentle smile grace my face.

I continued doing my homework until the sound of a notification brought me back to the real world from the world of chemistry. I smiled as I saw who the text was from. Serena.

'I love you so much Serena. I love you so freaking much.' I thought as I replied back to my princess.

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