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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 36

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Author-chan : This chapter contains mentions of alcohol. In no way do I support drinking as it could cause harm to our bodies. Stay safe my dudes!! 💜

Capítulo 36 - Help Me

Ryu's POV
I reach the club ahead of time and head inside. Music is blasting and I'm pretty sure that if anyone talks, nobody can hear it, except for the DJ of course.

"Are you ready!!!!!???" I hear the DJ scream.

'What if I say no bitch! My mind is going blank I swear....'

I seat myself on a bar stool and wait for Hikaru-san. It's only 8:50 pm so I still have to wait for 10 more minutes. Not a big deal. It's not like I've waited to meet Yuki for more than 6 years!! I swear this girl is driving me crazy.

"Should I start you off with something sir? You look kinda miserable." The bartender asks and chuckles.

'Geez. Way to put things bluntly.'

"Something strong. Really strong." I sigh and reply.

"Must be one hell of a problem. Your drink coming right up." He says and leaves.

'Why does life have to suck? Why did she have to go? Couldn't she take me along? Since when was I so addicted to her? The fuck is she doing to me!!?'

"Your drink sir." The bartender says.

"Ryu." I say.


"The name's Ryu. I'm only 17 so don't make me feel like I'm an old bastard." I reply.

"Cool. So mind telling me what's bothering you? I'm a really good listener." He says.

"Oh! By the way, I'm Rei. Just 4 years older than you." He continues.

"Love." I replied.

"What?" He asks.

"Love is bothering me." I elaborated very little.

"Stereotypical answer. Girlfriend left?" He asked.

"Nope. I want someone. Real bad." I reply as I downed the entire drink in one go.

"Damn. Must be one hell of a shit hole huh? She likes you back?" He asked.

"I don't know. I mean, we have kissed and I was her first kiss so... I assume she likes me back." I tell him.

"Fuck! Her first kiss? She obviously likes you back then." Rei says.

"You think?" I ask, getting a little bit of hope.

"Of course man. If she didn't stop talking to you and is behaving normally then yeah. Mind if I see her? I have a feeling you are talking about a heartbreaker who I might know." He asks.

"Oh? Um... okay I guess. Actually, she's not in Japan currently but I have her picture." I say as I pull out my phone to show him my princess.

"Here." I show him Yuki and his eyes widen.

"Damn. She looks as good as always, maybe even better. You got yourself quite the girl dude. If you manage to get her, don't let go of her no matter what." Rei comments.

"Excuse me?" I say.

'Looks as good as always? He knows her?!'

"Geez dude! Chill out. I ain't gonna steal her from you. And if you are thinking, then yes, I do know her." Rei replies and I kind of calm down a bit.


"I'm a music producer at day. For the production of some of her club songs, she came to me for the track finalization. She's very talented. Apparently she got invited to the BBMA's too this year. I guess that's why she isn't here huh." Rei explains.

"Oh. And yeah. She did go for the BBMA's." I reply.

"One more?" He asks with a smile.

"Very strong one." I reply.

"Coming right up." He instantly vanishes behind the bar and brings my drink in less than a minute, which I gulp down.

"Woah! Someone's already stoned." I heard a quite feminine voice behind me.

I turn around and look at the person. Hikaru-san! Took him so long. I glance at the watch and it is exactly 9:00 pm. Damn this guy is punctual.

"Couldn't handle this shit anymore." I reply as I look at the ground which seemed to be so interesting.

"The usual." Hikaru-san said and I looked up at him.

"Coming right up!" Rei said as he walked away.

"You're a regular here Hikaru-san?" I ask, perplexed.

"Call me nii-san. It's okay. And no, just came here about 7 times before in my entire life and had the same drink always." He says and chuckles.

"So how's life?" He asks as Rei returns with his drink. Rei smiles and bows and goes off to take care of other customers.

"Sucks right now nii-san." I admitted. He seemed shocked but soon recovered and smiled.

"Wanna tell me?"

"Isn't it too loud here?" I ask as I look around. I've had only 2 drinks and I'm already starting to get light-headed. The blasting music isn't really helping, but making it worse.

"You have very low alcohol tolerance I see." Nii-san said and chuckled.

"Can we go to somewhere quieter please." I say, holding my head up.

"I'll get us a room. This club has private rooms for guests, you know, for things." He said as he helped me walk to the place where the he would take the room keys.

"Two men?" The lady in charge asked.

I wasn't in any state to reply and nii-san took advantage of it.

"It's 2019 sweetie. This kind of thing isn't uncommon anymore." I hear him say and wink at the lady who blushed.

"Uh..yeah... You two are very handsome by the way, especially him." She says, pointing at me.

"Thank you so much darling but he's already taken." Nii-san replies as he takes the room keys and makes the payment.

"I can see. Have fun!" She said in a cheery voice.

Me and Hikaru nii-san took the elevator up to the 9th floor of the building where our room was. Room 905. We reached and headed to our room. Hikaru nii-san was helping me the entire time and I made a mental note to never drink again.

When we went inside, he let go of me to close the door. I made my way over to the bed and plopped myself down.

"So..." He started but I cut him off.

"Why'd do you say that nii-san?" I asked curiously as I tried my best to make eye contact.

"Say what?" He asked with a look of innocence.

"That I was taken. It gave the lady a wrong impression." I replied.

"Well, aren't you?" He asked back.


"By Yuki. Don't you belong to Yuki? It's clear that you love her." He said and my eyes widen.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"It's actually pretty obvious. I'd be surprised if people didn't find out. I'm guessing this is why you called to meet me?" He said as he sat down on the bed.

"Y-yeah. It's getting too much." I started.

"Let it all out." He encouraged as he rubbed circles on my back.

"It's actually really hard nii-san. She hasn't been gone for even 3 full days and I already want to see her. The fact that her brothers are hurting her emotionally just pains me even more. Ever time she's around people, she acts like nothing is wrong but all she wants to do is just cry out loud and take a break. I can feel it. She needs and deserves a break from all this. She doesn't want anyone to worry about her which makes make worry even more. She cares so much about people that she doesn't take good care of herself." I pause and take a long breath.

"The more I think about it, the more I am surprised by the girl's emotional strength. It must be taking all of her willpower to not just break down. The way she cares and takes care of people is also heart warming. I would love to be with a person like her nii-san. I want to be the one beside her when she's feeling down. I want to be the outlet that she needs so desperately. I want her to trust me and let me take care of her." I admit.

"How the hell did you shift dude?" He asked, shocked.

"I don't know. I want to see her. I want to hold her. I want to hug her. I want her to come to me to let go of herself. I want her to depend on me. I want her to come to me to talk about things she needs to get off of her chest. I want her nii-san." I admit shamelessly.

"Tell her."


"Just tell her Ryu." He says with a serious expression.

"She's a smart girl. She'll understand. You're a nice guy and if you guys get into a relationship then I wouldn't mind it. I'm sure no-one would. You did help her with that other guy. Whatever decision she makes, it will be right. I trust her to choose the right path." He says as he pays my back.

"Ok nii-san."

"She's been through a lot. A little too much for someone of her age. She needs an outlet. Someone that she can trust with her emotions. Serena is the only one who she tells everything to. I want you to be with her, by her side. I want you to take care of her when either Serena or me can't. I want you with her Ryu. My best wishes are with you. I trust you with her." He says.

"Thank you so much nii-san. I feel better now." I reply with a smile.

"Great!! So shall we go back down and dance?" He asks.

"Yeah, I-I guess." We both exit the room and head back down via the elevator.

As we reached to give the lady at the desk, the keys, she looked at us shocked.

"It's been only 30 minutes. So fast?" She asks.

"Well, what can I say? It was too much for this baby to take. He couldn't handle it much longer. He begged me to stop and I couldn't deny the poor boy." Nii-san says and I instantly blushed.

"The hell nii-san??!" I yelled.

"Nii-san? Kinky." The lady says and smirks as she takes the keys.

"I like it." Nii-san says as he puts his arm around my shoulder.

I throw his arm away and walk to the dance floor and start dancing. Nii-san comes up to me and mutters a quiet 'sorry' and started walking away to a group of girls, but turned back around.

"You want to talk to someone then come to me, Louis or Fuuto. Do not go to Natsume. Okay?" He asked suddenly.

"Huh? Okay I guess." I replied

"Good. Take care now. Bye bye ~" He left towards the group of girls.

I couldn't help but smile.

'Yuki's brothers are something else.'

~The next morning~

Natsume's POV
It's 7:00 am and I get a call.

'The fuck??! Who is it??!'

I get off my bed and walk over to my phone which was on the desk. I check the called ID and it was Yuki.

'The fuck does she want?'

"Hello?" I speak.

"Ah! Morning Natsu-nii. I was worried that you might be sleeping." She said in an enthusiastic voice.

'Shouldn't have called then.'

"Clearly I'm up. Why'd you call?" I asked, kind of annoyed that her voice was what I heard first thing in the morning.

"Natsu-nii. Is everything okay?" She asked.

'For fucks sake. You fake bitch.'

"Before you called, everything was fine. Now I know my morning's gonna be bad." I said as I sighed.

"Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?" I could hear slight sadness in her voice.

'Did you do something wrong? Yes, obviously. Why the fuck were you born?'

"Someone as self-centred as you wouldn't understand. Forget it. Now, why the fuck did you call me?" I said, my anger slowly taking control.

"Nothing Natsu-nii. I just wanted to say good morning." She said in a low voice.

"Well now that I heard you, I won't be having a good morning so thanks for that. And also, if it's for stupid reasons like the one you gave just now, do NOT call me again!" I release my anger.

"Okay Natsu-nii. I won't call you." She said as her voice broke.

'Thank the heavens. I got her off my back. I have to meet up with Ema today and talk about the game.'

I hung up and started getting ready for the day long day ahead of me.

~With Yuki~

"Well now that I heard you, I won't be having a good morning so thanks for that. And also, if it's for stupid reasons like the one you gave just now, do NOT call me again." Natsu-nii declares.

"Okay Natsu-nii. I won't call you." I said as my voice broke.

'I'm pathetic. Lost yet another one I trusted. I shouldn't really trust anyone anymore. It only brings me pain. Pain that I don't want and can't tolerate anymore. I don't want this. Why does this happen to me? Am I so bad? Do I deserve this?'

"Yuki! Practice time!" I heard Serena's voice and she appeared in my field of vision in 5 seconds. She was with my Hyung and hers. As usual the Hyungs were covered from top to bottom. They had a cap and mask on too.

"Yeah. Let's go!" I replied as I headed up to her and we walked to the practice room with our Hyungs right behind us.

"Something wrong?" She asked and I noticed that I was kind of frowning.

"Just thinking." I lied.

"Don't do something you're not good at Yuki." She said and patted my back. I could hear the guys snicker behind me.

"Hey!!" I hit Serena's arm playfully and pouted.

"You're so cute!!" She said and grabbed my cheeks.

"Huwts Sewena!!" I tried speaking.

'At least I have this crazy girl.'

"Race you to the practice room?" She asked.

We both turned around and looked at our Hyungs and they nodded. We both smiled and took off and we heard the guys laugh.

'Fake smile. Pity. Fake love. Natsu-nii didn't like me from the beginning I guess. I want Ryu. I need Ryu. I want him to hug me. I want him to hold me. I want him to take the pain away. It's too much. I need you Ryu.'

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