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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 38

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Capítulo 38 - This World Is Rotten

Yuki's POV
Me and Serena walked outside our room and saw our Hyungs standing right in front of the door.

"You guys could've rung the bell or just walked in you know. You do have the key card." Serena said as she closed the door behind us.

Both the guys smiled and bowed. We bowed back.

"Let's go?" I asked and they nodded. We reached the practice room and started to stretch.

Our Hyungs went and joined the other assistants. As my gaze followed them with a smile, I turned to see that Riko's assistant looked miserable.

My smile immediately dropped which wasn't gone unnoticed by Serena.

"Yuki?" She questioned.

"H-huh? Yeah?" I stuttered. Damn it.

"What's wrong? Tell me." She said in a demanding tone.

"I-i'll be back Serena. Give me a minute k." I said and got up from my stretching position to head to the girl.

By now all the assistants were surrounding her. It's really easy to draw attention to them if they are all clustered together. As soon as they saw me approaching, they spread apart, giving me way to see the girl.

"Noona?" I called out and the girl immediately clung to me. I held her arms to keep her steady as she got on her knees.

"M-make it s-stop. Please! I b-beg you." She said in a very low voice. They weren't allowed to talk to us. Their voice wasn't meant to be heard. She spoke for the first time in front of me. Is this serious?

My eyes went wide after hearing her weak voice. She was about to fall when I caught her. Her body was very weak. I laid her head on my lap as I  got on my knees. Her face was as red as a tomato. I touched her forehead and immediately retreated my hand. She's burning up.

"She has a really high fever. I'm not allowed to touch her so I need some of you girls to carry her to Riko's room. She needs rest or she will pass out." I said and the girls and the assistant on my lap looked at me with wide eyes which were starting to tear up.

"Oh god. You know what? Take her to mine and Serena's room." I declared.

"Hyung! You have the keys right? Could you go with them? I'm not allowed to leave this room until after practice, unless I get permission." I said and he nodded.

"Where the fuck are you taking MY assistant?" I heard Riko's voice as the girls helped her assistant stand up.

They were literally shaking with fear. What has Riko done?

"None of your damn business. Now, if you don't mind, move." I said in a stern voice.

"Excuse you but that is my servant! She does whatever I say." She grabs a hold of her assistant's hand and pulls her towards her. The girl is barely able to stand up properly.

I sigh and turn the other way only to see all the guys with their fists clenched.

"You guys." I muttered and they all lifted their heads to look at me.

"You guys can do whatever you want. As long as it is correct, I'll be your voice. But now... Leave it to me." I said with a smile and walked towards Riko.

"Firstly, she is your assistant, not slave. Secondly, I suggest you let her go before I break every single bone in your hand." I said with a dangerous voice as I placed my hand on her wrist.

"Why the fuck would I?" She replied cockily with a scoff.

"You asked for it. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you." I smiled and in a second, we could all hear a snap.

Riko's eyes went wide and she let go of her assistant who was about to fall but was taken care of by the girls. Riko held her wrist in pain as tears flowed down her face. She made no sound at all. No screaming.

"Why would you do that?" Riko asks with tears streaming down her face.

"I warned you. Besides, I'm sure you did worse to this girl." I reply and motioned for the girls to take Riko's assistant to my room.

They leave with my Hyung following them. Serena's hyung stayed behind. All of them had their eyes wide open.

"What? You guys have to defend yourselves if any one of us is hurting you. Just like I said before, as long as you guys are not in the wrong, I'll be your voice." I reply. I could feel them smile and nod their heads.

The coaches and Bang PD-nim enter and I head up to them. I have to take care of the girl's sickness. She is already in a really bad shape and if she holds on much longer without treatment, then she'll get worse.

"Coach! Can I go to my room? It's really urgent." I say and he looks at me, puzzled.

"Why Yuki?" He questions and Bang PD-nim walks up to us. I give him a bow and he nods, smiling.

"You go." He said and I gave him another bow.

"Thank you Sir." I said in Korean and he nodded.

Bang PD-nim's POV
Aish that girl! I saw some girls taking Lisa up to someone's room. They looked to be in a hurry so I just nodded and let them carry on. Lisa looked so sick. Her entire face was red.

I might have given too strict rules for these guys. I could see that Lisa didn't resist and let Riko do whatever she wanted.

"She's a great person." I muttered to myself in Korean.

As I was about to walk off, I overheard a conversation between Yuki's coach and a girl named Serena. I obviously didn't understand because they spoke in Japanese but Serena looked towards where Yuki headed off with concern in her eyes.

'These guys care about each other and other people so much. I can see a future for them.' I thought as a smile crept into my face.

Yuki's POV
I rushed to our room. I could that the door was slightly ajar and I took the opportunity to enter. As I entered, the scene in front of me was heart-breaking.

Riko's assistant was lying on the bed with thick covers on her. The A/C was on the highest setting. I could tell that the others wanted her temperature to go down as soon as possible.

"Hyung. I need you to get back." I said to my Hyung. He hesitated but I gave him a reassuring smile and nod. He left the room and went back to the practice room.

"Okay. We need to work quick here because we are racing against the clock." I said as I took the A/C remote and turned it down a bit. It was getting too cold. The girls nodded.

"One of you, I need you to get a thermometer. It's there in the first aid kit in the bathroom. Hurry." I said and one of them left.

"I need another one of you to get her water or juice. If it's water then make sure it is room temperature. We should make sure she stays hydrated. She has lost a lot of water through sweat." I said and yet another left.

The girl who went to get the thermometer, returned with it.

"Okay so I am not allowed to touch any of you guys without permission, so you'll have to do this all in your own. I will give you my guidance so don't panic and stay calm okay?" I said and looked at them. They all nodded.

"Great. I don't know your name but Noona, I need you to put the thermometer below her tongue. She will feel weird at first but it will help to get the temperature." I say and Noona does so.

The Noona who went to get fluids, returned with a glass of orange juice. Perfect. I gestured her to place the glass on the coffee table and she does so. Great.

After a minute, the thermometer is taken out and I was beyond shocked. 104°F. Fuck! We don't have time to get her to the hospital. My eyes widen and I immediately start blurting out the instructions.

"Get the bath running. Luke warm water. She needs to get in there as soon as possible. Go!" I say. It's really hard when I can't really touch her forehead to see how she is doing. One Noona heads to run the bath.

"Okay. I need one or two of you to give her a sponge bath. Can you girls do that?" I asked and they looked at me with worry.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine. I'll be right outside." I say and they nod.

"Great! Get to it." 2 girls got up and helped Riko's assistant into the bath.

5 minutes pass. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. And they're out. Great! Perfect.

The only thing that worries me is the fact that I heard whimpering every single time I hear water. They sounded so painful.

"Okay seat her on the chair, carefully. I'll be turned around the whole time so don't worry. Wrap the girl in a towel for now. I need one of you to run to her room and get her pyjamas. Make sure that they are light. If she doesn't have any lights ones then I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if she borrowed one of yours right?" I asked and I heard a hum in return.

"Go." I said and I heard two pairs of footsteps sprint out.

After a few minutes, I heard the door shut again and assumed that the girls came back. I didn't have to tell them that they should dress the girl. They already did and tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and Riko's assistant was dressed.

"Great. Get her on the bed. No thick covers. One thin blanket should be good. Before she lays down, give her the juice." I say.

The girls get to work. Riko's assistant gulps down the juice and I smile. She hasn't had anything? She looks too thin.

"Y-you can remove her face mask. I won't look at her. I'll keep my back facing you guys." I said and turned around.

"She needs a lot of rest. I suggest one of you to be with her the entire day today. The rest can head back out. She can stay in this room so don't bother waking her up if she falls asleep." I say. I couldn't see if they nodded. Anyway.

"Question. I want one of you to answer me. Type it in your phone and show me the message. You don't need to talk. Type it in Korean. I can understand." I say in a stern voice.

I obviously couldn't see their tense expressions but I continued, nonetheless.

"What's with those marks on her body?" I ask.

I waited for about 2 minutes and no-one came up to me to show a message with the answer. I sigh.

"Fine. Be like that. I think I have an idea as to what happened so I am not sitting back anymore." I say and I hear someone gasp.

"One of you will stay. I'll get permission for you but the others need to leave. Now." I say with a demanding voice. This 'don't go against them' shit is really annoying me.

"Come on. She'll be fine. Don't worry." I said as I urged them to leave. When we got out of the room, I closed it behind me.

As soon as we got to the practice room, the girl went and joined the other assistants as they crowded them. Serena walked straight up to me and looked at me with a worried gaze.

"Too bad?" She asked and I could just nod.

We went up to our coach to explained everything. Very conveniently, he was with Bang PD-nim.

"Coach. Can we talk with you for a moment?" I asked. He gave us the permission.

"Mind telling it in front of me? I'm assuming it's about one of the assistants?" Bang PD-nim asked and we nodded.

"No problem sir. But-" I started but got cut off.

"Speak in Japanese. No problem. You can repeat it in Korean right after." Bang PD-nim said.

"Right." I started.

"So coach, I was actually thinking that Riko's assistant should be changed. It's either that or she doesn't have an assistant. It's not like she needs one with her over confident and arrogant self." I stated as I crossed my arms over my chest.

All the assistants came up to us. Bang PD-nim gestured for them to.

"Sir, she clearly has a very high fever. 104°F to be precise. She is not being taken care of properly. I also found some marks, belt marks, littered on her body. They were so dark and clear that I could see them through her light pyjamas. I couldn't even begin to imagine the kind of pain she is in. Even when the girls were bathing her, she was whimpering. I'm assuming that you wouldn't want any of your assistants to be hurt. Right Bang PD-nim? And, I let one of the girls stay behind, just in case Noona needed anything." I said. He nodded as a sign of answer to my question.

"Riko!" He suddenly yelled and I flinched.

'Oh fuck! Scared the shit out of me.'

"Apologies." Bang PD-nim said after seeing my reaction.

"N-no problem sir. I'm good." I said and smiled.

He turned his attention back to Riko who was still gripping her hand in pain. Tear stains covered her cheeks. All in all, she looked miserable and I'm guessing that no-one helped her, not even her own teammates.

"S-sir?" She stuttered.

"What did you do with your assistant?" He asked, forgetting the fact that she can't speak Korean.

"He asked what you did to your assistant." I translated. She looked at me and her eyes widened.

"I-I did n-nothi-" She stuttered.

"Don't even try to hide it Riko. I saw the marks on her body. They were in green, blue, red and purple in colour. What the hell did you do?" I asked as my arms were still crossed over my chest. My eyes were closed and I put all my body weight on my left leg.

"I-I relieved my stress. I took m-my anger out on her. I hit her with a belt." Riko said with a soft voice.

"You took advantage of the fact that she wasn't allowed to stand up for herself. Why do you have so many problems with her? She is meant to be here only to help you." I said.

"She's a girl. I've wanted a male assistant all along." She admitted shyly.

"You're a girl too you know and also, having a male assistant doesn't really change anything except that you need to call them Hyung and not Noona." Serena said.

"Either ways, Bang PD-nim actually told that he would think about changing Riko's assistant. So this discussion can be done for now. Girls, get back to practice." Our coach said.

"Yes sir." We said and turned around but I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

"Thank you for taking care of her." Bang PD-nim said.

"My pleasure sir." I said, bowed and smiled. I was called for practice again so I left.

Namjoon's POV
'This girl really is something else, isn't she?'

"Huh?" I turned around as I felt someone place their hand on my back.

"Get the boys and come to the meeting room." Bang PD-nim said and instinctively, my gaze fell on Yuki.

"Just walk up to her and look at me. She'll understand and give you permission to leave. Tell the other boys to get their permissions as well." He said and I nodded.

I walked up to the guys who were now standing at the back and talking with the EXO members.

"Guys, Bang PD-nim told us to go to the meeting room. Get your cards from the girls." I said and they all went to their respective members.

I walked up to Yuki, who was practicing a dance. The second she noticed me, she halted her movements and gave me her full attention.

"Hmm?" She hummed and all I could do was look at Bang PD-nim.

She followed my gaze and saw Bang PD-nim looking at her with a smile. She got the message and gave me the card with a smile. I took the card and we both exchanged a bow. By the time I got the card, the guys got theirs too. We headed to the meeting room.

After we got settled, Bang PD-nim started.

"Okay firstly, stay away from Riko. She takes her anger out on anything and everything. Stay as close to your assigned members as possible. Not everyone here are like Yuki and Serena. Namjoon and Taehyung have the best odds because they have Yuki and Serena to defend them but the rest of you don't. I haven't really seen the others do anything profound but I'm sure they're nice as well. They are from the same club as Yuki and Serena so you guys got lucky. You cannot object anything that these girls say. Jungkook, I need you to be extra careful. I saw what happened on the first day. I need you to stay away from Riko. Make sure to stay as close to Serena and mainly Yuki, as possible okay?" Bang PD-nim said and Jungkook nodded.

"Your member and Yuki are from the same club so it wouldn't be so difficult to stay close to her. I don't want any of you getting hurt understand?" He said and we nodded.

"The other CEO's left their members in my hands and I have failed once. I will not allow any one of you to get hurt again. Tomorrow, before practice, I will retreat my statement which stated that the girls could take out their anger on you. Clearly some of the girls have no sense of humanity." He said.

"We're trying to figure out what will happen with Riko. Yuki did put a good point out there. If we don't want Lisa getting hurt anymore, we have to get her off of Riko." Bang PD-nim continued.

'God dammit. This is gonna be a long day. I can already tell.'

~Back at home~

Fuuto's POV
'You went too far Ema. You're going to have hell to pay.' I thought as I soothed Wataru with sweet whispers.

'Too fucking far.'

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