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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 39

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Capítulo 39 - Deserve It

Ema's POV
"Fucking hell! I swear to god if that kid doesn't get his shit together, I'm going to lose mine!" I was in my room.

For the past few days, now that Yuki is gone, everything has been going smoothly. I have a feeling I got Natsume under my control. Fuck yes! These guys are so stupid. I have to work on Hikaru and Louis.

I have a major problem right now. Wataru. That 10 year old brat! I can't believe that a 10 year old is sabotaging my plans. Every single time I try to get with one of the brothers, he's always there. I have to plan something for him.

~That night~

I was walking down the hallway go to Wataru's room. Why? To set my plan into action, of course.

The brat was sleeping. It was 11:45 pm on the dot and most of the brothers are sleeping too. Best time. Best place. Best plan.

I slowly enter Wataru's room. I've heard that he's a pretty heavy sleeper. That only makes my job easier. As I reached the bed, I looked at Wataru's sleeping face.

'Ah. Vulnerable and helpless. Just how I like my victims.' I smirked at my own thoughts.

I slowly carried Wataru to the storage room down the hall. It was relatively small, mostly the size of a closet. No light switches were installed because it was rarely used. So why waste money?

I placed Wataru down in the storage room. Luckily, he didn't wake up. I closed the door and went to my room to get duct tape and ropes. I returned in a minute and saw Wataru's eyes tightly shut. Still asleep. Great. I took the duct tape and covered his mouth. I tied his hands together and legs together.

"The monsters will get you Wataru. You've been a bad boy." I whisper and see him stir around. Because of lack of support, he fell to the other side.

"Oops! Guess I woke you up. The monsters are coming Wataru." I smiled. As soon as I said that, his eyes widened.

I slammed the door in his face and started walking back to my room. I could already hear him struggling and wailing around.

'So annoying.'

I went back to the room where I left Wataru and slammed the door open. I saw him flinch. The anger boiled inside of me as I saw his face and remembered all the times he spoilt my plans.

I slapped him once. Twice. Thrice. He started crying.

"Shut the fuck up unless you want me to slit your damn throat!" I whisper yelled and he quieted down.

His breathing was becoming heavier. His eyes were bloodshot from crying. His wrists and ankles had blood covering them from him pulling the restraints too hard. I smirked and pulled out my pocket knife.

"You wouldn't want this, would you?" I showed him the knife. He quickly shook his head.

"Yeah so shut the fuck up." I got up and closed the door again.

As I was walking back to my room, someone suddenly grabbed my waist and forced me to turn around. I gasped at the sudden action and was unable to draw my knife. After I saw who it was, I'm glad I didn't draw my knife. It was Tsubaki.

"You make it so hard for me to control myself Ema." He said and crashed his lips onto mine. I kissed back immediately and we both soon pulled apart for air.

"Come with me." He said and dragged me along to his room.

'I'm getting laid tonight bitches!!'

Fuuto's POV
I was working on my new track as I heard the door next to my room slam shut. What the hell is Tsuba-nii doing up so late? It's almost midnight.

I ignored it completely and continued working. I've been working for about 30 minutes now and I thought of taking a break.

"Might as well get some coffee." I said to no-one in particular and opened my door to head to the kitchen.

"F-faster Tsubaki! Y-yeah! Right there! Oh god yes!" I heard moaning.

"Well fuck. What does this bitch think she's doing? She wants to fuck every single one of my brothers?" I wanted to get those sounds out of my mind so I put on some music on my phone.

I headed down to the kitchen and made myself some hot coffee. It's the best. I started to make my way up the stairs. I didn't hear any noises this time so I thought it would be fine to remove my headphones and so I did.

As I was passing by in the hallway, I heard whimpering. Not Ema's. It sounded more childish.

"What the? Is it a fucking ghost?" I muttered and looked around. Nothing.

Me being the dumbass that I am, decided to follow the noise because we do have a kid in the house. What if it was him? Wait... Wataru?? Fuck!!

I started sprinting and searching from where the sounds are coming from. The storage room. I headed to the storage room and I was right. The whimpering got louder. It was definitely a child. In any normal circumstance, I would be terrified to do this but the thought that it could be Wataru was driving my courage at this point.

I throw open the door and my heart breaks. Wataru was lying on the floor, with his hands and legs tied. Blood was covering his wrists and ankles. There was duct tape on his mouth. His whimpering got louder after he heard the door slam open.

"Shh. Calm down Wataru. It's just me." I tried to calm him down.

I picked him off of the floor and sat him down. I slowly removed the duct tape. Wataru has a habit of breathing through his mouth so he was breathing pretty heavily after I took the tape off.

Before I untied his hands and legs, I tried to calm his breathing down. I've done this so many times before and I'm glad that Yuki taught me. I placed my hand on his back and rubbed circles.

"Breath through your mouth Wataru. Try to breath from your stomach, not from your chest. It's all done. I'm here now." I said.

"T-the m-mosters will g-get to me Fuuto-nii. S-she told me that I w-was being a b-bad boy. Am I a bad b-boy?" Wataru asked as if his sense of speech was impaired. The boy stuttered so much.

"No Wataru. You are a very good boy. Who said you were being bad?" I asked as I slowly untied his hands and legs, inspecting the blood.

"E-ema nee-chan. She t-told I was being b-bad and left m-me here." He said and started crying again.

'You went too far Ema. You're going to have hell to pay.' I thought as I soothed Wataru with sweet whispers.

'Too fucking far.'

After Wataru calmed down a bit, I carried him to my room. I didn't trust him alone in this house anymore. I laid him on my bed gently and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

I went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth. I wiped the blood off of his wrists and ankles. After the blood was gone, I could easily see what the restraints did to the boy. I got the first aid kit and treated the cuts. After about 5 minutes, I was done.

"You don't deserve to go through this shit Wataru. I will take care of you. For Yuki." I said and slowly closed my bedroom door as I exited.

I stormed to Tsubaki's room. Tsuba-nii and Ema were in their clothes, thankfully. I don't want to see something that I can't unsee. I grabbed Ema by her wrist and dragged her downstairs, ignoring all the protests of her and my brother. She was trying to pry my hands off which only pissed me off even more.

I dragged her all the way to the living room and threw her on the floor.

"Move from there and I break every single bone in your body without any mercy. Don't even think of helping her 'big brother'" I said with venom. They both were watching me wide eyes.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!" I yelled.

Thankfully my room was soundproof. Sounds from inside can't go out and noises from outside can't come in. Wataru will be fast asleep.

Within minutes, every single brother of mine was awake and in the living room.

"What is wrong with you Fuuto? Why are you yelling profanities at midnight?" Masa-nii asked.

"Guess what this bitch did this time? She locked Wataru in our storage room, knowing that there no lights and told him that he deserved it because he was being a bad boy." I said with anger as I accused Ema.

"What?" Asu-nii exclaimed.

"Lou-nii. Could you please go to my room and take care of Wataru? He is sleeping but still. I don't want to risk anything by letting him be alone." I said. Lou-nii nodded and headed up to my room.

"What are you s-saying Fuuto? W-why would I do that?" Ema said from her spot on the floor.

"Oh I don't know! Maybe because every single time you were planning to get shit on with one of my brothers, Wataru would just come and direct all their attention towards him? Don't even try to lie bitch. Wataru told me that himself." I said and her eyes widened.

Ema's POV
"Oh I don't know! Maybe because every single time you were planning to get shit on with one of my brothers, Wataru would just come and direct all their attention towards him? Don't even try to lie bitch. Wataru told me that himself." Fuuto said and my eyes widened.

'Oh! He is so dead!!!'

Fuuto's POV
"What the hell Fuuto?! She was with me the entire time!" Tsuba-nii exclaimed.

"She was with you?" Kana-nii questioned.

"Yes Kana-nii. They were fucking. Are you jealous?" I said with a sickeningly sweet smile.

"Fuuto! Language!" Masa-nii.

"Fuck that! After all that has happened, who the actual fuck-" I got cut off.

"Fuuto!!" Masa-nii yelled.

"Okay fine Masa-nii. As you wish. Whomst the actual sexual intercourse would believe this bitch!" I said and heard Asu-nii snicker.

"He told me to use proper language. I couldn't help it. Getting back to the point, Wataru will not be staying here anymore." I declared.

"What? I get to make choices like that Fuuto, not you. Who do you think you are? Ema is the sweetest person we all have ever met. Why do you keep blaming her for everything?" Masa-nii said.

"At this point in my life Masa-nii, I've lost faith in you to make proper decisions. Looks like all your brain cells are dead. The fact that Wataru will not longer stay here is final. He will go with Yuki to Serena's house. Serena has a younger brother too so he'll be happy. You guys don't need to worry about him anymore. Yuki will take perfect care of him. Wataru leaves when Yuki gets back." I said. I suddenly felt weight on my right arm.

I looked down to see Ema clinging to it.

"Don't do it Fuuto. Wataru is very precious to us. To me. He is our little sunshine." She said as she had tears streaming down her face. I couldn't stop myself anymore. I slapped her.

"Get off of me, you leach! You killed our sunshine. He doesn't shine like that anymore because of your doings. He will not talk to any one of your except for me, Yuki, Hika-nii, Lou-nii and Asu-nii. Yuki is the only one who will bring our little sunshine back!" I yelled.

"That's enough Fuuto!" Iori-nii yelled.

"If anyone tries to change Fuuto's decision now, it's going to be a big problem." Asu-nii replied this time.

"His decision is final now and I couldn't agree more. All of you can get back to sleep." Asu-nii said and retreated to his room.

"You made the mistake of hitting her Fuuto. You will pay." Iori-nii said as he grabbed me by the collar.

"Try me bitch. I will protect Yuki and Wataru with everything I have." I said with a dark aura. Iori-nii's eyes widened and he let me go.

"Leave him alone Iori. Go back to sleep. If you touch him or come near Wataru, there will be consequences." Hika-nii supported me.

"You guys will face hell for all of this shit." Tsuba-nii said. He was about to retreat to his room when my words stopped him.

"Take the trash with you. Don't leave garbage lying around on the floor." I said and he immediately came back to take Ema to her room as he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

'They know she is trash. They just can't accept it.'

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