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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 51

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Capítulo 51 - The Case Part 1

~That night~
Yuki's POV
"Yuki!! It's for you dear!" Mom yelled up the stairs. Someone rang the door bell and it was apparently for me.

"Coming!" I yelled back.

I quickly put my headphones on the stand as I turned off my mic. Me and Serena were just producing a new track because we were bored as all hell.

I quickly run downstairs making sure to be careful so as to not fall. Serena was right behind me.

"Thanks mom." I said and smiled. She left to do her own thing.

"Ye-" I was cut off as I saw the person.

"We've got a case for you guys." The man said and smiled.


"What case could we possibly have at such a late hour Connor? It's literally 11:00pm." I said with a low voice.

"Yuki sweetheart! Invite the man in before you guys start talking!" I heard mom yell from the kitchen.

"Yeah!" I yelled and gestured towards the stairs. Connor and Serena got the hint and went up as I locked the front door.

(Author-chan: Just ignore the cigarette. Connor doesn't smoke.)

As I entered the room, Serena already seemed to know what's up.

"So?" I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I'm still older than you guys you know? A little respect would be marvelous." Connor said and scoffed which only made me roll my eyes.

Connor, an FBI Agent just like me, Serena, Sousuke and Ryu. He's 23 and works as a bartender for part-time. He's got a lot of time so might as well kill it in some or the other way.

"That eye roll-" He said and cut himself off.

"She's back." Serena said with a smile.

"Bit of a rude awakening but she's back." She continued.

"Thank the lord above!! Never EVER change Yuki or I swear to God that I will suicide. I couldn't bare to see you being kind towards those bastards who you called brothers." Connor said, almost yelling.

"Keep it down, will you? Wataru and Aaron are sleeping. If they wake up, they won't be getting back to sleep anytime soon." I said as I sat down at my desk.

"Wait...why's Wataru here? I thought it was only you." Connor asked me, confused.

"Long story. I'll tell you when I've got time and am not lazy. Shall we get to the point now?" I ask, getting impatient.

"She's back alright." Connor said with a smile and I let out a sigh.

"Go on." Serena said.

"Right. So, you guys know about those serial suicides right? The ones that take the pills and kill themselves?" Connor questioned, getting serious.

"Clearly murders. There were only three but now there's been a fourth. What's special about this one?" I ask as I fill in for him.

"How'd you know that this was different?" Connor asked with big eyes.

"Really? Are we really doing this?" Serena says and lets out a sigh.

"You know me Connor. It's really easy to figure out. Besides, if this wasn't different then you wouldn't have come to us in the first place." I said.

"True. It is different. You know how they never left any notes? This one did." He said and I looked at him with astonishment.

I walked to the window in my room and looked outside to see the police car waiting with flashing blue and red lights.

"Will you come?" He asked.

"Hmm. Have you contacted Ryu and Sousuke?" Serena asked.

"Already done. They've already reached." He said.

"Who's on forensics?" I asked as I continued to stare outside.

"Luca and Nagisa." (Author-chan: Nagisa is a girl by the way) He replied.

"Two of the most dumbest people on the planet. They won't work with me." I said in a low voice and scrunched up my nose.

"Will you come?" He asked again with slight hope in his voice.

I looked at Serena and she nodded.

"You know us. Not in a police car, we'll be right behind." I said.

Connor smiled and left. As soon as he left and closed the door, me and Serena broke out into wide smiles.

"Oh my god!! Finally something interesting!!" She almost yelled too and I shushed her.

"Mom." I said and we both nodded to each other as we made our way to the kitchen.

When we went to the kitchen, the lights were turned off so we figured that no-one was there. We went to the living and saw dad and mom, cuddled up and watching a movie.

"Dad? Mom?" I said to get their attention.

"You guys can go. We already know." Mom said and smiled at us.

"Please be careful sweethearts." Dad said and smiled.

"Sure thing." We both smiled and grabbed out coats.

"Later." We both tell mom and dad and head of to the crime scene, the address of which Connor texted me.

~At the crime scene~

There were police cars all around the place. It was like a club with blue and red lights. There were so many policemen and investigators too.

'Ugh people. Too much social interaction.'

I lifted up the 'KEEP OUT' sign that was taped all around and let myself and Serena in.

As we were going in, we saw Luca and Nagisa.

"Oh look! The kids are here to play." Luca commented.

"I don't have time for shit Luca." I said as I tried to get inside but was stopped by Luca.

"Respect. And this is a crime scene. I don't want it contaminated. Are we clear on that?" He sneered. I sniffed the air and a smile crept into my face.

"Quite clear. You've moved in your wife haven't you? How long is she away for?" I asked suddenly.

"Oh don't pretend that you worked that out. Someone told you." He said.

"Yes. Your deodorant did." I replied.

"What about it?" He asked like the idiot he is.

"It's for men." I commented.

"Of course it's for men. I'm wearing it." He said with a scowl.

"So is Nagisa." I said and looked over at Nagisa.

"Now look, whatever your trying to imply-" I cut Luca off.

"I'm not implying anything. I'm sure Nagisa just came over for a little chat and happened to stay over." I said.

"And judging by the state of her knees, I guess she scrubbed your floor." I said and finally got inside the damn building.

"You're getting better." Serena commented as we made our way up the stairs with Connor in the front.

"You knew it too. You didn't want to be rude but I didn't give a fuck." I said.

"Now, her name's Lyka Nishimura, according to her credit cards. We're running them now for contact information. She hasn't been here long. Some children happened to find her." Connor said as we reached the room.

"In there. You've got 5 minutes at the max." Connor said and stood with his arms crossed.

"Hey." Ryu said and smiled at me.

"Hi Ryu." I said and smiled at him.

"Let's have a chat after we complete this case okay?" He said.

"Yeah." That's all I could say for the time being.

"Okay, if you guys finished your lovey-dovey couple talk, could you please start." Connor said and I rolled my eyes. Again.

"Okay. Let's see what we have." I said looking at the dead lady on the ground.

She was wearing a bright pink dress and matching heels. Eew. Pink of all colours. (Author-chan: No offence to anyone who likes pink *cough* Jin *cough*. I just don't like it.) What a choice.

I started to look at the body trying to work out things.

'What the hell?'

"Shut up." I said in unison with Ryu as we looked at Connor.

"I didn't even say anything." He said as his hands were crossed over his chest.

"You were thinking. It's annoying." Ryu said and I got back to analyzing the body.

I walked closer to the body, to see 'RACHE' scratched on the floor. I looked at her hand and sure enough, the fingernails of her left hand were kinda chipped off. One of my biggest pet peeves.

'RACHE - Revenge in German. Of course not. Why the hell would she write that?'

I tried to fit in all the letters to try and finish the word. Rachel. It was Rachel. So she was left handed and was scratching Rachel on the floor.

I put on my gloves, the ones that the dentist use (always hated them), and knelt down on one knee. I touched the coat and it was wet. I touched underneath her coat collar and it was wet too.

As soon as I did that, Serena came up and checked the woman's pockets. She found a white umbrella which happened to be dry. Me and Serena exchanged a look. As we were doing this, Ryu and Sousuke were interrogating the children who found the woman.

I got out my pocket magnifying glass and observed her jewellery. Her bracelet was clean. Her earrings and necklace were clean too. Her wedding ring was the only thing that was dirty. That says a lot.

'Unhappily married for at least 10 years.'

I took out her wedding ring and looked at it closely. The inside was clean but the outside was dirty.

'So the ring was regularly removed. So the killer.... serial adulterer?' I let out a small smile and took off my gloves.

"Anything?" Connor asked.

"Not much." I replied and made Serena smile.

"She's German." A voice popped up and it was of course, Luca.

This caused Connor and Serena to turn and look at him in surprise.

"RACHE in German means revenge. She could be trying to hint at something-" He started.

"Yes thank you so much for your input." I said and slammed the door on his face. Connor looked at me with disbelief.

"So she's German?" Connor stated.

"Of course she's not. She's from out of town though. She intended to stay here in Tokyo for a night before returning home to Kyoto." I pulled out my phone to Google something.

"So far, so obvious." I said.

"Sorry obvious? What about the message?" Connor asked.

"Wanna take a look?" I asked Serena and she nodded.

Serena goes near the body and starts analyzing it. I have no clue what she's doing but I trust her so I'll leave the body up to her.

"Yeah dude. Asphyxiation probably. She passed out and choked on her own vomit. I can't smell any alcohol on her. It could've been a seizure. Possibly drugs." She said.

"Yuki, 5 minutes." Connor said, indicating that we were running out of time.

"The woman is in her late thirties. She's a professional person, judging by her clothes. Maybe something in the media going by the alarming shade of pink that she's got on. She travelled from Kyoto today, intending to stay in Tokyo for a night. It's obvious from the size of her suitcase." I spoke out.

"Suitcase?" Connor questioned.

"Suitcase, yes. She's been married for at least 10 years but not happily. She's got a string of lovers but none of them knew that she was married." I said as I looked around the room.

"Oh for god's sake Yuki, if you're just making this up-" Connor started.

"Her wedding ring, at least 10 years old. The rest of her jewellery is regularly cleaned but not her wedding ring. State of her marriage, right there. The inside of the ring is shinier than the outside which means that it's been regularly removed. The only polishing it gets is when she works it off her finger." I said, next looking at her hands.

"It's not for work, look at her nails, she doesn't work with her hands so for what or rather who does she remove her rings for? Clearly not one lover, she'd never sustain the fiction of being single for that amount of time. So more likely, a string of them. Simple." I said and paused.

"Kyoto?" Connor questioned.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" I questioned back as I looked at Connor in shock.

"It's not obvious to me." Connor said. I looked over at Serena to see that she's looking over at Connor with shock as well.

"Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brain? It must be so god damn boring." I exclaimed.

"Her coat. It's slightly damp. She's been in heavy rain in the last few hours. No rain anywhere in Tokyo that time. Under her coat collar is damp too. She's turned it up against the wind. Serena found an umbrella on her which was dry, therefore, unused. The wind was too strong for her to use the umbrella." I said and paused again.

"We know with the size of her suitcase, she was intending to stay in Tokyo for one night and that she would've come a decent distance, but she couldn't have travelled for more that two or three hours because her coat still hasn't dried. So where has there been strong wind and heavy rain within the radius of that travel time? Kyoto." Serena said as I whipped out my phone to show the Google searches that I was doing.

"Why do guys keep saying suitcase?" Connor asked.

"Yes. Where is it?" I asked and started to look around as Serena did the same.

"She must've had a phone or an organizer or whatever the hell that thing is called. Find out who Rachel is." I said as I was still looking around.

"She was writing Rachel?" Connor spoke up.

"No. She was leaving an angry note in German. Of course she was writing Rachel." I said with a hint of annoyance and sarcasm.

"Question is, why did she wait until she was dying to write it?" I spoke.

"How do you that she had a suitcase?" Connor asked again.

"On the back of her right leg, tiny splash marks on the heel and calf which are clearly not present on left leg. She was dragging a wheeled suitcase behind her with her right hand. Don't get that splash pattern in any other way. Smallish suitcase, going by the spread. Case that size, woman this clothes-concious, could only be an overnight bag so we know that she was intending to stay only for a night. Now, where is it? What have you done with it?" I asked as I got back near the body on one knee.

"There was no case." Connor replied.

"Say that again." I said as I looked at Connor.

"There wasn't a case. There was never a suitcase." Connor clarified.

"Suitcase! Did anyone find a suitcase? Was there a suitcase in this house?" I yelled as I walked out of the room as I went down a couple of stairs.

"Yuki! There wasn't a suitcase!" Connor yelled.

"But they take the poison themselves. They chew and swallow the pills themselves. There are clear signs, even you lot couldn't miss them." I said and went down a few more stairs.

"Right. Thanks. And?!" Connor yelled the last part.

"It's murder. All of them. I don't know how. But they're not suicides, they're killings. Serial killings. We've got ourselves a serial killer. Love those. There's always something to look forward to." I said and head down the stairs again.

"Why are you saying that?" Connor asked with Serena still beside him.

"Her case! Come on, where is her case? Did she eat it? Someone else was here and they took her case." I said back.

"So the killer must've driven her here. Must've forgotten that the case was still in the car." I said, more to myself.

"She could've checked into a hotel and left her case there." Serena said.

"Come on Serena. No. She never got to the hotel. Look at her hair. She colour coordinates her lipstick and her shoes. She never would've left any hotel with her hair still looking.." I cut myself off as I realized something.

"Oh. Oh!" I exclaimed.

"Yuki?" Serena called out.

"What is it? What?" Connor asked.

"Serial killers are always hard. You have to wait for them to make a mistake." I said.

"We can't just wait." Connor exclaimed.

"Oh we're done waiting. Look at her. Really look! We have a mistake. Get on to Kyoto. Find out who Lyka Nishimura's family and friends were. Find Rachel!" I said and got down the stairs and started heading outside.

"Of course yeah but what mistake?!" Connor yelled.

"Pink!!" I yelled back and went outside.

"Ryu! Come with me." I said and he came.

"Where are we going?" He asked and I smirked.

"You found out. Good. You're getting quicker." He said and smiled.

"Yeah but Serena's getting way slower." I said and we both chuckled.

"Been a while since we've done this." Ryu said.

"Sure has." I replied.

"Welcome back Yuki." He said figuring out that I was done with the kind girl bullshit.

"Good to be back." I said and smiled.

'Good to be back indeed.'

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