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História Liar!! (A Brother's Conflict Fanfic) - Capítulo 52

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Capítulo 52 - The Case Part 2

Yuki's POV
After me and Ryu left the crime scene, Serena and Sousuke stayed behind, or more like, we left them behind as we headed out first. I couldn't waste anymore time and wait for Serena to figure out what exactly happened and what I was talking about.

Connor went out to get more information about Lyka Nishimura and Rachel.

Serena's POV
"They left." Sousuke told me.

"To where?" I asked.

"I don't know. Let's leave for now." He says and we leave the building.

As we were walking, a limo pulls up right in front us.

"Get in. Don't make me repeat myself." The guy inside says as he doesn't even look up from his phone.

I got in the car and Sousuke was urged to sit in the front seat which left me alone with the man. I looked at the man and I instantly recognized a symbol on his neck. The Black Lotus.

"So... Let's get over the introduction part? I'm sure you know who I am." I ask the man as I face front again.

"Not really. I know who you are but not your name. Boss said something like Kaneki. I'm... Richard." He says, still not looking up from his phone.

"That is my name. Kaneki. Richard's not your real name, is it?" I ask and he just shakes his head as he finally looks up and gives me a small smile.

"Just in case you didn't figure it out somehow, she's taken." I heard Sousuke yell from the front.

"Don't care. You can have her. I have one too." He yells back and I could only snicker.

"So.. is there any point in asking where the hell we're going?" I ask as I look around the unfamiliar roads.

"Nope." He says and smiles.

After riding for about 20 more minutes, we reach a deserted area that looks kind of like a parking lot that's been abandoned. The rain isn't making it seem any more welcoming and comfortable.

"Have a seat Ms. Kaneki and Mr. Kousuke ." I heard a feminine voice speak as a woman came to view.

'Kaneki and Kousuke. They're the names that people of the underground know us with. Who are these guys?'

She was dressed in all black, of course because people love black in times like these. Her face was obviously covered. Beside her, was a man, taller than her and dressed in all black too. I swear these guys are buying all the black clothes that exist.

"Uh yeah..thanks but no thanks." Sousuke says.

"You don't seem to be too scared." The woman says.

"We'll, what can I say? I'm used to wierd shit like this. Besides, you're not that scary to begin with." I say as I let out a sigh.

"Of course. Working with Ruby and Ren must've given you some first hand experience." She says and lets out a laugh.

'She knows Yuki and Ryu's names too. What the hell is happening?'

"Yeah it did. Now, who exactly are you?" I asked, getting impatient.

"Oh you know me Ms. Kaneki. And so does Mr. Kousuke." She looks at Sousuke.

At this point, I get a notification on my phone. I take it out and check it and it's a message from Yuki.

'Come to Black Rider's house if you're free. Bring Blue Flood too.' ~RR

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything Ms. Kaneki." The woman says.

"Nope. Not at all." I said, putting my phone back in my pocket without texting Yuki.

"So... Since when have you gotten back to solving crimes with Ms. Ruby?" She asks.

"I'm sorry if I seem rude but that's just me, umm.... I don't think that's any of your fucking business." I say with a snarl.

"Oh but it could be." She says with a giggle that sounded hideous.

"It really couldn't." I said.

"If you will take up my offer that would be great. I would be willing to pay you a reasonable amount to ease activities of your daily basis." She says.

"Why?" I ask.

"I know you're family is filthy rich. Doesn't mean that I can't make a proposition. Just because I can Ms. Kaneki." She says with a smile.

"In exchange for what?" I question, my curiosity getting the better of me.

"Information. Nothing very indiscreet. Nothing you'd feel very uncomfortable with. Just tell me what Ruby and Ren are up to." She says.

'Bitch. She's onto something.'

"Why?" Sousuke asks this time.

"So that we don't make any mistake Mr. Kousuke." The man say this time.

"It would be very generous of you if you don't mention us to them." The man says.

My phone goes off again and I check to see that it's a text from Yuki.

'Come even if you aren't free. Same with Blue Flood.' ~RR

"No." I instantly say as I put my phone back.

"But I didn't even mention a figure." The woman says.

"Don't waste your time on that." Sousuke pipes up.

"You are very loyal to your friends, aren't you Ms. Kaneki? That's a good thing." She says.

"Yes I am and I'm not interested in this bullshit so it would be best if we get going now." I say as we turn to leave.

"Welcome back Ms. Kaneki and Mr. Kousuke. I'm sure I'll be able to show you guys a good time from now on. Same with Ruby and Ren. Farewell." She says.

My phone gets another notification and I don't even bother to look. Me and Sousuke don't hesitate to walk out of there as soon as the words have left the woman's lips.

"Your ride's here-" The man from before starts.

"We prefer to walk." Sousuke says with a smile and grabs my hand as he drags me away.

After we've gotten away from the place, he speaks up.

"She knew all four of us. She's been keeping an eyes on us. Who is she?" He asks.

"I don't know but I saw the symbol of The Black Lotus on the neck of the man from the limo." I speak up and look at him.

"We've got to be careful. We have to tell Yuki and Ryu too." Sousuke said as we headed to Ryu's house.

Yuki's POV
It's been a while since I've texted Serena and she still isn't here. No problem. It isn't like we're in a hurry or anything.

As me and Ryu were sitting on his couch, discussing something, the door bursts open. Naru went to stay over at her friend's house so we don't have to worry about making any noise. Serena and Sousuke come in.

"What are you doing?" Serena asks.

"Talking. Helps us think." Ryu said.

"So.. you asked us to come. We're assuming that it's important." Sousuke says.

"Oh yeah. Can I borrow your phone?" I ask as I look at Serena.

"My phone? Then why did you ask Sousuke to come and what happened to yours?" Serena asked.

"What if you, for some reason, forgot it. Mine and Ryu's phones are on the dining table." I said.

"We were on the other side of Tokyo." Sousuke says.

"There was no hurry." Ryu pipes up innocently.

Serena sighed and gave me her phone and I just held it in my hand and closed my eyes. That is not how I text by the way. Unfortunately, I do not have that power.

"So.. is this about the case?" Sousuke asks.

"Her case..." Ryu trials off.

"Her case?" Sousuke asks.

"Her suitcase. Yes. Obviously. The murderer took her case, the first big mistake." I said as I opened my eyes.

"Okay. He took her case. So?" Serena asks.

"You guys are getting slow." Ryu comments.

"It's no use. There's no other way. We'll have to risk it." I mumble under my breath.

"On the table, there's a number. I want you to send a text." I say as I hold out the phone to Serena and Sousuke. I don't care who sends the text.

"You've called us here to send a text?" Serena says in disbelief.

"Text, yes. The number on the table." Ryu says.

Sousuke takes the phone from me and heads over to one of the windows in the living room which happened to be facing the road.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Just um... Met someone. Someone we all know, apparently. Serious issue." Sousuke says.

"Oh okay. The text." I say, completely uninterested in their topic.

"Lyka Nishimura?" Sousuke reads out.

"Wait. Wasn't that the dead woman?" Serena asks.

"Yes. That's not important. Just enter the number." Ryu says.

"Are you doing it?" I ask.

"Yeah. Just a second." He says.

"Have you done it?" I ask, getting impatient.

"Yeah. Hang on." Sousuke says, getting agitated.

"These words exactly. 'What happened at Sunshine 60? I must've blacked out. Rokassen restaurant, Mosaic street, please come.' " I told and Sousuke entered the text.

"You blacked out?" Serena asked.

"What? No... No!" I said as I got up from the couch.

"Type and send the text. Quickly." I said as I went to the dining table, on the opposite side of which Serena and Sousuke were standing, and pulled out a pink suitcase to place it on the table.

As soon as Ryu saw me do this, he got up and came to the case on the table.

"What's the address?" Sousuke asked.

"Rokassen restaurant, Mosaic street. Hurry up!" I said as I sat down and opened the pink suitcase.

"That's... That's the pink lady's case. That's Lyka Nishimura's case." Serena stated.

"Yes. Obviously." Ryu replied.

"How did you get this?" Sousuke asked as he sat down, soon followed by Serena.

"By looking." I simply answered.

"No shit. Where?" Serena asked.

"The killer must've driven Lyka to Mosaic street. He could only keep her case by accident, if it was in the car. Nobody could be seen with this case without drawing any attention to themselves, especially a man which is statistically more likely. So obviously, he'd feel compelled to get rid of it the moment he realized that he still had it. Wouldn't have taken him more than 5 minutes to realize his mistake." I say with a straight face.

"We checked every backstreet wide enough for a car, 5 minutes from Mosaic Street and anyway you could dispose of a bulky object without being observed. Took us less than an hour to find it." Ryu explained.

"Pink. You got all that because you realized that the case would be pink?" Serena asked.

"Well it had to be pink, obviously." I said and she just nodded her head.

"Now look. Do you see what's missing?" Ryu asked.

"From the case? How could I?" Serena replied.

"Her phone. Where is her phone? There was no phone on the body, there's no phone in the case. We know she had her phone. That's her number there, you just texted it." I told Sousuke.

"Maybe she left it at home." Serena proposed.

"She has a string of lovers and she's careful about it. She never leaves her phone at home." I said.

"Uh.. why did I just send that text?" Sousuke asks.

"Well, the question is where is her phone now?" Ryu asks.

"She could've lost it?" Sousuke replies.

"Yes. Or?" I urge him on.

"The murderer. You think the murderer has the phone." Serena says.

"Maybe she left it when she left her case. Maybe he took it from her for some reason. Either way, the balance of probability is the murderer has her phone." I explained.

"Sorry. What are we doing? Did I just text a murderer? What good will that do?" Sousuke asks as he looks at his phone.

And is phone starts ringing at that exact moment. It's a private number.

"A few hours after his last victim and he receives a text that can only be from her." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Somebody who just found that phone would have ignored a text like that but the murderer..." Ryu said.

"Would panic!" Me and Ryu said in unison and got up, grabbing our coats.

"Have you talked to the police?" Serena asks.

"Four people are dead. There isn't time to talk to the police." Ryu said.

"We won't be late." I said as me and Ryu rushed out the door.

Serena's POV
"She really is back. It's nice to see her all worked up again." Sousuke says as he looks at the door.

"It is. I'm glad she's back." I said and looked at him.

"She's been through a lot. She deserves a break." Sousuke says again.

"She really does. I feel bad for her." I said as I looked down.

Sousuke reaches for my chin and gently tilts my face up to meet his eyes.

"Don't feel bad for people like Yuki. Give her your strength, not pity." He says and kisses me.

It takes me a while but I kiss back when I realize what he said.

It was true. Yuki is strong. Mentally and physically. To say that she likes mysteries and murders would be an understatement.

She doesn't need my pity. She doesn't need me to feel bad for her. Many people already do that.

'I will help you Yuki. I will be there for you. Me and Sousuke. Always.'

I closed my eyes and let Sousuke deepen the kiss.


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