História Love - Capítulo 4

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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

Capítulo 4 - Chapter 4

            *Aaron's POV*

"Did you see that?" Grayson asked me. Did this dumbass ask if I just saw my sister's ass hanging out of her shorts. I clench my fist a little. It irritates me how my sister's one if the 'hotties' of the school. "Can you not talk about my sister's ass? I'm right here." I say annoyed. "Sorry dude." Grayson looks down and his cheeks turn red. Does he have a little crush on Alyssa? "Why are you blushing?" Ethan days, reading my mind. "I'm not." Grayson says, an embarrassed smile spreading across his face. Fuck.

            *Grayson's POV*

"See you later." Aaron says as I walk into my class. Math, but I didn't mind, Alyssa was in this class with me. I sit down in my seat and start taking out my notebook and homework. "Ms.Carpenter, you're late." Mrs.Dikryder says. "And is that a problem?" She says. Mrs.Dikryder shoots a quick glare at her, "Alright, since Alyssa wanted to speak disrespectfully, all of you have an assignment" she says. "Alyssa, with Meredith"(yes, bitch I just did)"Grayson with Jake" (haha, fuck you too). "Logan with Liza, Lily with Tana"

             *Alyssa's POV*

"Can you not?" I ask Meredith. She keeps breathing on me, which is a pet peeve of mine. "Sorry, I can't see the paper over your man shoulders." She says. Did this bitch just-? "Sorry sis, that's your hot breath fogging up your fake glasses. You forgot to take the 'Please Recycle' sticker off of." I say, giving her a death stare. She huffs, her breath burning my eyes. 

I curl up my fist and swing back until the teacher says, "LADIES. Switch partners." The teacher says. "You, with Grayson, Meredith, with Jake." She says, moving her pencil between us and the boys. I nod my head, then start moving my stuff. I look up at the clock, only a few minutes until the Bell for lunch, I'll just pretend I'm looking for something. And, my timing was correct. The Bell rings, and a make my way too lunch as quickly as possible.

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