História Love Changes Cold Hearts - Capítulo 14

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Capítulo 14 - The Talk With Eric

   I walk in, thinking I had gone completely unnoticed. I couldn't have been more wrong.

   "Nat!" I hear Eric say in a voice mixed with anger and worry. "Where have you been?" He practically yells.

   "I needed fresh air." I snap and start walking away.

   "Natasha." He says in a firm, yet gentle voice, which makes me stop dead in my tracks, but I don't look back.

   "What?" I reply in a quiet voice of my own.

   "We need to talk." I sigh, knowing he's right. I angry at him for ditching me, even though I full well know why. Not only am I an initiate, but he's my trainer. As a leader of Dauntless, he knows the rules better than anyone else. "Please say something." He says, pulling me from my thoughts. I nod.

   "Okay." I slowly turn to face him. "Where to, Boss?"


   Eric closes the door to his apartment and then turns to face me. I just stand there, not really sure if I should sit or not.

   "The couch doesn't have a bomb implanted in it." I let out a slight chuckle before sitting. He sits beside me, but we both remain silent for at léast ten minutes.

   "So..." I say before puffing out a breath.

   "I lied to you." Eric admits.

   "Wow, really?" I ask sarcastically. He glares at me.

   "I told you the kiss meant nothing to me, but truth is, it meant alot. I liked it, and I've never felt the way I feel about you towards anyone before. I told you it meant nothing and said I don't care about you because I'm your trainer, and it's against the rules. I know that better than anyone." I bite my lip. Hearing Eric say that he cares sends butterflies through my stomach.

   "You care about me?" He shakes his head, and my hope drops to the pit of my stomach.

   "I love you." I gasp. Those were not words I ever expected to hear from Eric, but on the same hand, whenever it's just him and me, he's a completely different person.

   "I love you too." I finally say. Eric leans in to kiss me, but I place my hand on his chest, stopping him. "I love you, but you'll lose your job if people found out about us."

   "They won't find out." Eric assurés me. I smile at this before leaning up. Our lips meet then he lays me down.


   I finish pulling on my jacket then grab my boots.

   "Are you sure you have to go?" Eric complained. I nod.

   "Yes, I am." I lean down and give him a quick kiss before leaving his apartment. I immediately head for the security room, and when I peer inside, Four isn't alone. There's someone else in there with him. "Shoot," I mutter under my breath. This was not anticipated. I only have enough of the sedative for one person, and even then, I'd still be caught if I tried sneaking in. I press my back against the wall and take a deep breath. I bite my lip and close my eyes tightly. 'Think, Natalia, think. What would Evelyn have you do in this situation?' I peer back inside. If I'm quiet enough, I'll be able to sedate Four and knock the other guy out. I look around to see what I have available to me, and spot a pipe. I'll have to work it loose, but it will do the job. I look around to make sure I'm alone, and I am. I quietly run over and work the pipe loose using my ability to push molecules together to do that. I then quickly get the syringe ready and creep inside as quietly as I possibly can.

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