História Love changes everything - Capítulo 2

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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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Capítulo 2 - Chapter 2

Fanfic / Fanfiction Love changes everything - Capítulo 2 - Chapter 2

Suddenly Suho encourage lay down on the couch, which made him fall to the sitting position. Suho lay eyes on the shoulder as he pushed hard enough. 

"Come together?" Suho smiled lay blinked several times in surprise, his mouth began to open itself. 

"You mean..?" 

"Your future does not realize this for 3 years I always look in you? I've let you hard code also you're not ngegubris me. Not really sensitive heck are you?" Suho started to open his mouth, then clicked his tongue 

"Wait, wait .. you're not jamming prank I right? You reject all the girls who shoot you just because of me?" asked lay still confused why let me thank bundles of fat like them? 

"Suho was sitting next lay. He began to show a cheery smile, then gently grasping hand lay. But perhaps because of the lay too shocked, she even took her hand and stood away from Suho." Do not play with me! I hate the very same people like you !! Already arrogant, equally evil people, a lot of behavior again! You think with your wealth and handsome face that you can dapetin everything? Not !!

 "lay said firmly. After expressing hatred, lay immediately took the bag and then immediately left school blazer." Ish .. hell is? Not really that guy! 

"The mind of lay again on the way home" To have my heart really beats cepet really anyway ?! One agency I was also hot. What I'm more a fever? 

"Murmured lay quietly, occasionally holding her forehead and cheeks were hot.

Somehow the next morning at the gate of the school was filled with girls. lay not have time to care about what schoolgirls were doing there, because the lay must prepare for a retrial grade. His eyes were busy staring at a book full of formulas that lay hold, when suddenly there is someone who embraces him tightly. 

"Unfortunately I'm waiting for you Just came in from 7 know" How shocked lay when viewed Suho was put his arm on her shoulder, smiling sweetly

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