História Memento Mori - Capítulo 10

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Capítulo 10 - Magnetic

Fanfic / Fanfiction Memento Mori - Capítulo 10 - Magnetic

Jaebeom tried to call, he texted, he e-mailed, and even stalked his stepbrother through social media, but Mark simply ignored him. The Korean returned to school right after the abominable 'break up'. It was the only way he could see Mark without having to confront him directly. 

The American was civil whenever they met at the cafeteria, but, whenever JB tried to get him alone to have a deeper conversation with the elder, Jinyoung was always there to drag their stepbrother away. The twins were still living at their grandfather's mansion, yet, Jaebeom was already considering to go back home. He missed Mark more than ever and he was sure the elder felt the same. He told himself that as soon as he returned to his father’s house, he would find a way to convince Mark to rethink their situation. JB felt that he was ready to take the next step in that relationship if Mark really meant to be with him.

On the other hand, Mark struggled to keep himself away from the Park's mansion, he felt tempted to tell Jaebeom about the story behind their parents' marriage, but he wasn't sure if that was a good idea. Even if he told Jaebeom that Dorine and Taek-geun weren’t really a happy married couple, their problems wouldn’t go away. There was also the obstacle called Choi Youngjae. Mark couldn’t get rid of an absent presence. JB’s ex was an issue that only JB himself could deal with. There was nothing Mark could do. He just had to stay away, as Jinyoung had advised him, and to do that, he definitely needed a distraction. It didn't take long for him to properly bond with the boys of GoT4. Within days, Mark was officially friends with Bambam, Jackson and Yugyeom. At school, they'd have lunch together and sometimes they'd also skip class just to show Mark around Seoul. The American really felt like he belonged to a clique now, he didn’t even miss home as much. Jinyoung would join them once in a while, and sometimes, he'd show up out of nowhere and take Jackson away from them.

Jinyoung was teaching him Korean like he promised he would, and Mark somehow got used to his not so social behavior. His stepbrother wasn't much a fan of crowds, and he felt like he could relate to that. In fact, Mark realized that they had a lot in common. In a certain morning, he found himself in the school library sitting beside Jinyoung, and he started reading some poetry. The Korean was supposed to correct his pronunciation and give him some tips about how to improve it, but to Mark's surprise, when he finished the last verse of the poem, Jinyoung didn't seem to be paying attention to him. He was looking out the window, quietly, yet his shoulders were shaking a bit. When Mark called his attention, Jinyoung turned around to face him. The younger had tears in his eyes, and a sorrowful expression etched on his face. Mark didn't know what to say, or how to comfort him. Mark didn't know how to deal with grief, he never did. The younger seemed to notice the other's disconcert, so he just gave him a tiny smile, and quickly wiped his tears on the sleeve of his shirt. He held one of Mark's hands on the table and laid his head on his shoulder. The elder was taken aback, but he didn’t mind having his stepbrother so close to him now. 

"She was one of my mom's favorite authors." The Korean said sadly, as another tear slipped from the corner of his eye. Mark then read the name of the author again and it's title on the cover of the book. 'After you are gone', by Kim Hyesoon’s Autobiography of Death.

"You shouldn't tell me to read this one if it bothers you so much." Mark commented feeling a bit guilty.

"It calms me down." Jinyoung declared as he sniffled a bit. "How did you do it? I mean, how did you cope when you lost your father and your brother?"

"I drank like crazy. I had Eric by my side 24/7, we partied most of the time. We managed." The American gave him a bitter smile and looked away.

"Jackson is a great help to me. We do fun stuff together and he makes me relax. Yet, sometimes, just sometimes, I can't bear being around anyone." Jinyoung confessed, a bit distraught.

"Tell me about it." Mark told him, wishing he could have said something else to console the younger. However, no comforting words came to his mind. He had no positive opinions regarding the subject of death and loneliness.

"There's a clubhouse I'd like to show you tonight. Are you up for it?" Jinyoung lifted his head from his shoulder and eyed him with curiosity.

"Sure, why not?" Mark answered, unable to say no. If Jinyoung was looking for a distraction, he certainly could use some too.

The house club turned out to be a gay bar called Why Not?. It wasn't difficult to get in there when Jinyoung showed their fake IDs at the entrance. Mark was undoubtedly impressed. The boy was obviously resourceful. He had no idea where, or when the younger had gotten those, and he didn't feel like asking either. The music was loud, and all around the place he could see people dancing, making out, drinking and simply having a good time. The huge dance floor had a mixed audience, and the DJ 's skills were on point.

Soon Jinyoung dragged Mark to the middle of the dancing crowd, and the elder couldn't help but feel a bit out of place. The Korean started moving to the rhythm of the song, and Mark felt coerced to do the same. The American had never seen the other so elated, and he was pretty sure his stepbrother was on something. It didn't take long for people to notice the gorgeous pair on the dance floor. Inevitably, bodies and hands started rubbing against them. Invitations were made and declined. Jinyoung kept his eyes on the American all the time, keeping him safe from the hungry stares he was receiving now and then. The elder could swear that Jinyoung refused the advances of two guys with a simple ‘I'm taken'. When another tried to grope Mark, the younger pushed the man away and cursed at him. Soon, another body was pressed against Mark's, and bold hands quickly wrapped around his hips. Mark could swear he felt the other guy's hard on against his buttocks. However, Jinyoung didn't hiss at this one. The Korean smiled and winked at the person.

"You guys made it!" Jackson cheered in a deep husky voice as he back hugged Mark and lightly kissed his neck. The American could feel the younger's sweat dripping down his shoulder, and the well-built muscles moving against his back. Jackson’s masculine scent immediately filled Mark's nostrils and the elder fought to get free from his not so innocent hug. Jinyoung shared a look with Jackson, and the other released Mark, who almost lost his breath when he turned around to face the Hongkonger. 

Mark was hypnotized, as soon as his eyes laid on the younger. His white low cut v-neck t-shirt was more than revealing. There was a layer of sweat covering most of his chest, and his nipples were proudly displayed underneath the fabric. Mark had to bit his lips hard and force his eyes to wander somewhere else. Yet, Jackson's tight black leather pants were practically illegal, they begged for attention. The elder watched as the pair interacted. They hugged, kissed and suddenly Mark felt like a third wheel. Jackson’s eyes were shiny, alert and there was something else in them. He whispered something in Jinyoung’s ear and the Korean simply nodded at him. Mark watched in awe as the Hongkonger took a small pill out of his pocket and slip it into his stepbrother’s willing open mouth.

"Mark, go get us some drinks. Take your time, but don't talk to strangers, babe. We’ll be back soon." Jinyoung instructed him, as he led Jackson away from the crowd and went inside a sort of backroom next to the toilets.

Mark found his behavior weird, but he did what he was told. The American avoided drinking too much, since Jackson and Jinyoung already seemed too ecstatic. He knew very well that alcohol wasn’t the only reason for their euphoric state. Since he was the eldest, he decided to play the sober hyung once in his life. He sat on the bar with their drinks, but after 15 minutes of waiting, he went to find out what was going on behind that curtain which led to the backroom of the bar.

There, in that dark room illuminated by red lights, where other naked bodies pressed around, above, under and between one another, his eyes found a half-naked Jackson pounding Jinyoung’s ass in a more private area. The sounds of flesh slapping against each other, the moans escaping the Korean's mouth, the grunts and the ragged breath of the Hongkonger filled his ears.

Mark couldn't take his eyes from that scene. He could feel himself getting hard as he watched how Jackson turned Jinyoung around to face him, pushed his back against the wall, lifted one of his thighs, and spread his legs again just to penetrate the younger deeper. The Korean clearly enjoyed each hard thrust he received. He held the foreigner by the nape of his neck, reached for the other's face and gave him a sloppy kiss. Jackson pumped his erection nonstop, and Jinyoung's moans became louder by each second. At some point Jackson inevitably came inside the Korean, but he didn't neglect Jinyoung's erection. He slipped out of Jinyoung's hole and while he supported the Korean against the wall with one of his strong arms, he went down on him. Jinyoung licked his lips in appreciation when felt the foreigner deep-throat him, but after a few seconds, he pushed Jackson's head away gently and whispered something to him. Mark couldn't hear them, but within a second their eyes were on him. Mark swallowed hard. He didn't wanna be perceived as a peeping Tom. He really didn't mean to stare, he just couldn't help himself. He had watched gay porn movies before, but that scene could easily top any performance he had ever seen before. Those two were alluring.

To his surprise and embarrassment, the charming pair beckoned him with a naughty smile on their lips. Mark couldn't help but come closer. It was like Jinyoung and Jackson had some sort of magnetic power that attracted him to them. He just hoped that wasn't one of his wet dreams again.

When Mark approached them, Jackson immediately positioned himself behind him and put Mark in front of Jinyoung. The way Jackson's urgent hands roamed around his body made him gasp. Jinyoung just stared at them, without saying a thing. The Korean's shirt was hanging down his shoulder and his pants and underwear were somewhere on the floor. Jinyoung's erection was begging to be touched after the blowjob interruption, but he just leaned against the wall, waiting. Mark could see Jackson's seed running down Jinyoung's thighs and that sight turned him on even more.

Mark didn't protest when Jackson undid his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. Mark was totally absorbed in Jinyoung's beauty. When Jackson brought the three of them closer, one of his hands reached one of the Korean's thighs and he smeared his fingers on his own seed that escaped from Jinyoung's hole. He coated Mark's cock with it.

"Put it in him, sweetheart. He's dying to have you inside him. He's already stretched enough, I prepared him for you, just go for it. " Jackson whispered sexily against his ear as he gave a gentle pull on the American's cock and gently pushed him against the Korean. Mark had to put his two hands against the wall in order to avoid crashing against his stepbrother’s body. Mark looked scared for a minute.

"It's okay if you don't want to." Jinyoung muttered, his voice never sounded so erotic in Mark's ears.

"Shouldn't we use condoms or something like that?" The elder let it slip, hoping the other two wouldn’t be offended by his question.

"Don't worry, Markiepoo. We're both clean. Don't make him wait. Your baby butt is already making me hard again. I can barely contain my dick's excitement right now. MarkJin served on a silver plate only for me." Jackson said as he pressed his naked manhood against his rear. The American almost panicked as he realized how he was dangerously sandwiched between two hard dicks.

“Calm down. He’s been warned, he’s not gonna penetrate you.” Jinyoung assured him, as he caressed one of Mark’s cheeks.

“Not yet.” Jackson added, giggling behind the older.

"Don't rush him. Stop distracting him." Jinyoung  demanded, without raising his voice. Jackson fidgeted a bit, but soon displayed his killer smile again. The Korean’s tone was softer when he locked eyes with the elder. "You can walk away if you want to, babe." His words were coated with understanding, as he eyed him tenderly. Mark didn't need more encouragement after listening to his sultry voice. Only then, he moved forward, guiding his erection between Jinyoung's thighs. Jackson's muscular arms came from behind him and lifted one of Jinyoung's legs to give him more access to his hole. Mark fully penetrated Jinyoung in one go. He struggled not to reach his climax too early. Jinyoung's walls were perfectly wrapped around him and he bathed in his warmth. Both of them gasped with the new sensation, and Jackson couldn't help but rub himself against Mark's behind, moving to the rhythm of the American's thrust inside the Korean. The three bodies were extremely pressed against each other. Jinyoung moaned uncontrollably, as he nursed his neglected hard on. All the time he kept his eyes on Mark, never wavering.

Jackson had already pulled up Mark's shirt and while his fingers played with his nipples, his lips devoured his back, neck and shoulder. All that stimulation was driving Mark up the wall, literally. He increased the speed of his hips as he pounded inside Jinyoung. He couldn't believe that it was finally happening. He would never imagine that his first time would be as intense as that. Mark Tuan Yi-En was losing his virginity to one of the hottest Korean guys he had ever met in a backroom of a gay bar. Who would’ve thought? He kept losing himself inside the younger, who just shouted at him to fuck him harder, faster, deeper, and he gladly obliged. 

"You're so big, babe, I want you to cum inside me. You're doing so well. Keep hitting that spot. Don't stop, I'm almost there. Oh, fuck!" Jinyoung managed to utter, between moans. Mark could already feel Jackson’s cum hit his back. He could feel the warm liquid slid down between his buttocks. Jackson’s hands kept spreading kisses against his back and stroking his side, caressing his tattoos.

"I can't wait to be inside your tight American hole as well." Jackson whispered in Mandarin against Mark's ear just before he licked and sucked on it. Mark instantly ejaculated inside a trembling, panting Jinyoung. The latter also reached his orgasm, as his seed splashed all over Mark's stomach. Drops of the liquid also found its way to the corner of Mark's half-opened mouth. When Mark slipped out of him, Jinyoung couldn't help but reach for his face and give him a full blown kiss. It was Mark's first kiss after losing his virginity. It felt monumental. He was surprised to find out that Jinyoung had a tongue piercing. He loved the way the tiny object moved around his tongue and grasped against his teeth. The unexpected sex was beyond mind-blowing and the kiss was something he couldn't put into words. He couldn't believe he waited for so long to experience that. A feeling of accomplishment washed over him. The gorgeous pair of young men in that backroom, looked, acted and sounded completely different from those two lazy teenagers he met every day at Kirin High. They were Greek gods.

"Why the hell did you kiss him?" Jackson's voice echoed in his ears. The Hongkonger sounded annoyed as he glared at Jinyoung, who had picked up his clothing from the floor, and was already getting dressed.

"Relax, it's his first time." Jinyoung replied in a small voice. Mark decided to pull his pants and boxers up. He wondered if he should say something in Jinyoung's defense. He remembered that Jackson once told him that Jinyoung and him had an open relationship, that they weren't exclusive. Perhaps, not everything was allowed to be shared with others.

"We’ve discussed this before. Kissing other people's lips is a rule that shouldn’t be broken." The upset Hongkonger insisted, ignoring the fact that his own dick was still hanging out of his pants. Mark looked at him amusedly and walked in his direction.

"Can we go somewhere more private now? I remember you said you wanted to be inside my tight American hole as well." Mark remarked, as he pulled Jackson into a ravenous kiss, put his penis inside his incredible tight pants and pulled the zipper up. Soon the Hongkonger was beaming at him. Jinyoung gave them an unreadable look, and Mark could swear he saw a glint of sadness in it. Was he jealous? He would never know.

“There’s a hotel nearby. We can take this party there.” Jackson suggested with a smirk, his foul mood completely gone.

“We are high out of our fucking minds. We might end up hurting him.” Jinyoung pointed out, giving Jackson a reproving look.

“I won’t get hurt. I feel like trying everything tonight. Topping, bottoming, I’m open to all possibilities.” Mark said proudly. Jackson couldn’t be more satisfied by his response. He slipped his hand inside his pocket and showed him a small pill, similar to the one he had given Jinyoung earlier. The American willingly opened his mouth, but before Jackson’s fingers reached his lips, the Korean shoved his hand way, grabbed Mark’s wrist and walked him to the exit of the bar.

“Are you coming, or not?” Jinyoung asked after him, and the Hongkonger’s smirk only grew larger.

When they arrived at the hotel room, Jinyoung looked more agitated than the other two. His mouth was dry, he kept clenching his teeth, but he felt exhilarated by everything that was taking place that night. Jackson was already in bed, on top of the American. They were totally naked, kissing, and feeling each other up. Jinyoung took notice of that. The kiss-on-the-lips rule had suddenly gone to hell. He didn’t want to sound like a jealous partner, but their kisses bothered him. The way Jackson patiently instructed Mark to suck on his cock and deep-throat him made the Korean grit his teeth even more. He didn’t feel like joining them, he felt like tearing them apart. He wondered if he was having a bad trip. He could swear he had seen his mother staring at them when they left the bar. Her presence there couldn’t be real, and he knew he was hallucinating. He didn’t tell the other two, but he didn’t feel as energized as before. The way Jackson’s strong body almost engulfed Mark’s slim form, made him feel nauseous. That was new. Jinyoung and Jackson had been with other guys before, they’d share them, they’d use them, they’d throw them away and they’d hope to never see them again. However, Mark was different, he was constantly in their lives, they went to the same school, he was clearly part of Got6 now, he was a friend, obliviously innocent, and he was also his damn stepbrother. Jinyoung’s conflicting thoughts were distracted by a seemingly uncomfortable sound coming from the bed.

“It’s okay, Markie. You just have to relax a bit. There’s a lot of lube already, it’s only a second finger coming in, don’t tense your muscles like that.”

“Are you sure you doing it right? It feels kinda weird.” Mark whispered, panting underneath the Hongkonger. Jinyoung’s eyes roamed around his body again. He eyed those tattoos, the ones he once admired at Yugyeom’s party, the very first time he marveled at his naked body. Then his eyes travelled to Jackson’s two fingers that pushed in and out of Mark. He felt a lot of empathy for the older at that moment. He didn’t want him to feel pain. Jinyoung couldn’t see the expression on his face, so he went to the bed and sat beside the pair. The American blushed furiously when he saw his stepbrother approach the bed. He covered his face with both his hands. He obviously wasn’t as confident as he was at the bar.

“You finally decided to join us?” Jackson eyed the Korean suggestively. “Why don’t you distract Markie a bit? The boy really needs a hand.”

“Get off him. Let me do him.” Jinyoung stated. Jackson looked at him in disbelief.

“I’m sorry, what?!”

“You topped me earlier, he fucked my ass too. It’s only fair that I get to be inside someone now.”

“Jinnnie, I’ll let you have him after, okay? I mean, if he’s still up for it. Bottoming for the first time and for two guys sounds kinda extreme, don’t you think?” Jackson looked puzzled at the Korean. Mark still hid behind his hands, but he quietly listened to their interaction. He really didn’t mind about who was going to do the job, he just wanted to get it done. Jackson’s two fingers were still moving inside of him and he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the feeling of his hard cock against his inner thigh. Jackson was huge, and the elder wondered if his thick length would ever fit inside him. That simple thought filled his mind with worry. However, his silence dissipated when the Hongkonger’s fingers reached a delicious spot inside him and made him moan. The couple stopped discussing who should top Mark when the American uncovered his face, started touching his own cock and slowly pushed himself against Jackson’s fingers.

“Shit.” Jinyoung was extremely aroused by the sight before him. He could feel his own cock hardening.

“It seems you’re ready for more, sweetheart.” Jackson commented as he impulsively removed his fingers from Mark’s ass and replaced it by the tip of his cock.

“Oh, it hurts. Go slow.” Mark whined, as he felt his walls invaded by the Hongkonger’s shaft.

“It’s gonna get better soon, sweetie, I promise.” Jackson said softly, as he kissed his forehead, but before Jackson pushed in further, Jinyoung kicked him out of the bed. Mark sighed in relief when he felt the other slipping out of him.

“He’s mine.” The Korean snapped at Jackson, giving him a murderous look. The Hongkonger frowned at his behavior. “It’s my turn to top, I told you already.” Jinyoung added. Jackson was about to protest, but he just nodded at him defeatedly, and sat on the chair Jinyoung was earlier. He touched himself as he watched the new pair on the bed. Jinyoung then adjusted his position between Mark’s legs. His body was warmer, and the way he slowly leaned on The American’s body made the older anticipate his advances.

“I hope you’re not as big as him.” Mark eyed him nervously. The younger’s dilated pupils, magnified the power of his gaze on him.

 “We can leave this for another day. It’s your call. I don’t want you to think that you have to do this. We don’t mean to pressure you. You’ve been daring enough for one night.” The Korean spoke very close to Mark’s face, never losing eye contact with him. “You didn’t feel intimidated by that backroom at Why Not?, I was impressed. I loved the way you fucked me, you made me feel so good, babe. Maybe we should call it a night and go to sleep?” Jinyoung suggested, as he leaned on the American and gave him a peck on the lips. The Korean could get addicted to that. He loved kissing him.

“This might be my last day on Earth. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be fucked by my hot stepbrother.” Mark’s voice had a tone of determination.

“What do you mean by your last day on earth?” Jinyoung furrowed his brows, he almost looked concerned. Mark put a hand on Jinyoung’s chest. The speed of his heartbeats seemed to have doubled.

“We never know what the future holds for us. Can you really be sure that you’ll still be breathing tomorrow? Let’s not waste time. Carpe diem, Nyoungie.” Mark gave him a cheeky smile, and Jinyoung just stared at him for a while.

“You’re one of a kind, hyung.” Jinyoung eyed him weirdly and shook his head. “I’m not gonna lie to you. This might hurt a bit, but once you get used to it, the pleasure takes over.” Jinyoung ran his fingers through his hair and kissed both is eyelids.

“Show me.” The American whispered, totally captivated by the other’s gentle gestures. The Korean moved seductively as he disconnected his eyes from him and brought his face down to Mark’s crotch. He started massaging his balls, while sucking on his groin. He gave his cock some licking and sucking too, but as soon as his tongue reached the elder’s perineum, he felt Mark squirm a little.

“It’s just my tongue. I’m not gonna hurt you, babe.” The younger assured him, as he spread Mark’s legs wider and started rimming him. The American closed his eyes and let him do the slickly job, the older was slowly getting used to the sensation, but someone else in the room was tired of all that ritual.

“How long this is gonna take, huh? I’ve already buttered him enough. Can you please fuck him already?” Jackson asked impatiently, as he jumped on the bed again. Mark looked up and sighed in frustration. Jinyoung stopped his motions and looked a bit pressured.

“Nyoungie, just do it already. I can take it.” He felt somewhat anxious.

“Don’t worry, Markie, we’ll help you all the way.” Jackson declared, as he came closer to the pair and gave Mark a full blown kiss. Soon he was nibbling at his nipples and sucking on his neck. The Hongkonger knew well how to push his buttons, the older slowly relaxed under his touches. By the time Jackson started whispering obscenities in his ear, Jinyoung was already halfway inside him and all Mark wanted was to be fully penetrated by the Korean now. He had just realized how Jackson’s voice became huskier when the Hongkonger shifted to Mandarin, and for some unknown reason, that turned him on even more.

“Move.” Mark moaned to Jinyoung, who was struggling not to mercilessly ram his dick inside the older. The Korean wondered how someone could shine so much before his eyes. There was something about Mark that blinded him. He didn’t wanna corrupt that beauty. But then again, why wouldn’t he? Jinyoung told himself that he certainly couldn’t be in his right mind.  He blamed the ecstasy he took earlier for his unusual behavior. He had never hesitated during sex. He was often looking for instant gratification, several one-night-stands with no strings attached. Jackson was the only constant partner in his life, and still, he didn’t want him to have Mark. Jinyoung was unable to treat his stepbrother the same way he would treat another faceless stranger whom he couldn’t care less. Jinyoung felt it again, that suffocating feeling of imprisonment. He felt like Mark was manipulating him again into feeling so helplessly powerless. The blushing, vulnerable Mark shivering underneath him, was obviously the one in control. Mark’s existence dominated his at that very moment. Jinyoung felt like losing that battle now.

“Are you gonna make the poor boy beg?” Jackson gave Jinyoung a mischievous look and a light slap on his butt. When the Korean felt he couldn’t take anymore, he inserted his full length inside Mark, took a firm grip on his hips, and started pushing his dick in and out of his stepbrother. Mark never felt so much pleasure in his life. When Jinyoung instructed him to roll over and get down on all fours, he felt like passing out from pleasure. While Jinyoung took him from behind, and mercilessly fucked his ass, Jackson fisted his dick like there was no tomorrow. Their moans echoed in the room. The American was on cloud nine. Within minutes, he felt Jinyoung’s sperm filling him inside, and he felt like cumming soon too. Jinyoung rode his orgasm inside Mark but didn’t take long for him to slip out of his hole, totally spent.

“Your turn. He won’t last long.” A breathless Jinyoung signaled to Jackson as he laid beside a confused, panting Mark. The latter felt empty as soon as the Korean’s dick abandoned his anus. He didn’t even have the chance to come yet, and Jackson had abruptly stopped his handjob.

“Come on, sweetheart. Why don’t you climb on top of me and try riding my dick? I’ll make you come so hard, you’ll probably faint afterwards.” Jackson announced, as he laid with his back on the bed and waited for Mark’s decision. The American was a bit unsure, so turned to Jinyoung who was already staring back at him.

“Is that okay?” Mark met Jinyoung’s magnetic eyes again and waited for his confirmation. The American didn’t know why he asked the Korean such a question, but for some reason, he felt like he should. Jinyoung just nodded at him.

“Go for it, he’s good. He’ll make you feel good.” Jinyoung asserted him, but his eyes said something more, so much more. “You do want him, right?” he asked curiously.

“I don’t think I can move.” Mark declared tiredly. He wasn’t sure if it was Jinyoung’s eyes spellbinding him or if it was the ache in his back that rendered him motionless. Jinyoung then helped Mark up and brought him to Jackson.

“If you leave a single bruise or tear on him, I’ll fucking kill you.” Jinyoung said firmly to Jackson as he watched the Hongkonger grip Mark’s hips strongly. Jackson immediately gave him an apologetic look. The American was already on top of him, struggling to find a better angle to sit on Jackson properly. Jinyoung then came to his aid, and adjusted Mark better, slowly easing him down on Jackson’s manhood.

“Oh, Markie, how can you still be so tight after Jin worked his magic in you?” The Hongkonger grunted with pleasure, when his dick found his way inside the American. The latter felt Jinyoung grab his buttocks from behind and help him set a bearable pace, up and down. He loved the feeling of Jinyoung’s hands behind him. When Mark reached to his own cock in order to reach his climax faster, Jinyoung slapped his hand away and whispered to him a commanding ‘not now’.

“Oh, fuck! I need to cum, please.” Mark pleaded in English, as he painfully rode Jackson. He was so hard from the previous session he had with Jinyoung that he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore. Jackson’s hard and thick cock constantly brushed his prostate and his erection screamed to be touched.

“You’re so fucking hot, sweetheart!” The Hongkonger exclaimed, as he was about to shoot his load inside Mark. “You shall be rewarded. Let’s come together, Markiepooh.” Jackson said as he started pumping the elder’s erection again. The American uttered a relieved grunt, thankful for the stimulation. However, what made him swiftly come undone, and ejaculate all over Jackson’s chest was the sentence Jinyoung whispered very close to his ear.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had, babe.”

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