História Memento Mori - Capítulo 11

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Capítulo 11 - Stop it, STOP IT

Fanfic / Fanfiction Memento Mori - Capítulo 11 - Stop it, STOP IT

As soon as Mark woke up, the image of a completely naked Jackson filled his vision. The Hongkonger had his back to him and the elder could tell he was still sound asleep. The American couldn’t help but admire the muscled arms and the gorgeous butt before him. Mark enjoyed riding Jackson the night before, but he surely wouldn’t mind sticking his dick in that perfectly firm ass someday. He couldn’t help but run a hand through the Hongkonger’s silky hair, he loved the smooth feeling of it through his fingers, but when he noticed the younger move a little in his sleep, he quickly stopped his actions. Mark didn’t wanna wake him. So he tried to turn around to have a look at the stunning Korean laying behind him. That simple movement made him realize how sore he was. But when he finally managed to adjust his body, he noticed Jinyoung was already awake staring at him intensely.

“Are you thinking about fucking his ass?” Jinyoung asked out of the blue. Mark felt a bit intimidated by the other’s unfriendly tone.

“Good morning to you too.” Mark replied, refusing to admit that his stepbrother had perfectly read his mind. “I can barely move. Sex is the last thing on my mind right now, believe me.” He lied, but his cheap response seemed to appease the younger. Mark wondered if Jinyoung was bothered by the fact that he was eye-fucking his man for almost half an hour.

“The night was a bit rough for a first timer. Were you totally okay with what happened yesterday?” Jinyoung asked abruptly. Mark frowned at him.

“Of course! I wasn’t stoned nor drunk, so I guess everything was 100% consensual. I behaved like a proper responsible hyung, while my dongsaengs were a bit out of it. Why do you ask?” The older swallowed hard, as he noticed that the Korean’s pink nipples were on display.

“Sometimes I forget you’re older than us.” Jinyoung commented and sighed. “Does it hurt too much? I mean down there?” He asked, a bit concerned.

“I’ll live.” He replied casually.

“It takes a lot of trust to engage in that kind of activity with two more people. Does it mean you trust us now?” the Korean eyed him with uncertainty.

“It means I’m not scared of jumping on bed with two hot guys who are willing to take my pathetic virginity.” Mark said playfully. Jinyoung huffed in response.

“You made through the night. We’re still alive. Are you still thinking this might be your last day on Earth?” The Korean asked, raising an eyebrow at the older.

“There’s always a possibility.” Mark gave him a small smile.

“I’m glad you’re not accusing Jackson and I of doing something illegal to you.” Jinyoung smirked at him.

“As long as you didn’t put a hidden camera in this room nor recorded the whole thing, there’s nothing to worry about.” Mark shook his head at him.

“You think I’m some kind of pervert?” Jinyoung asked, faking an offended look.

“Is that really a question?” Mark chuckled.

“You’re officially a man now, Mark Tuan. How does it feel, really? No regrets?”

“Not at all. Despite the soreness, I feel great. What about you? It doesn’t bother you the fact that you shared your precious Jack with me?” Mark asked tentatively.

“Too early to answer that.” Jinyoung answered him, and it looked like he had really pondered about the question. Actually, he didn’t feel like he had shared Jackson with the American. In his viewpoint, it was the other way around. He had shared Mark with Jackson, and the outcome of that was still unknown.

“Do you think this might happen again?” The American asked boldly. Jinyoung froze.

“Jackson and I don’t do this kind of thing with the same guy more than once.” The younger’s tone was firm. Mark looked away, a bit disappointed.

“Awesome. Now you think I’m a slut, right?” he whispered, as he bit his lower lip nervously.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just stating a fact. We try to follow the rules as much as we can.” Jinyoung didn’t want to discuss that now. He certainly didn’t wanna think about Mark riding Jackson again. That couldn’t happen, he wouldn’t allow it.

“Oh, just like the stupid no-kissing rule? You really think a simple kiss can mean more than a good fuck?” Mark eyed him in disbelief. Jinyoung then decided to prove his point, and closed the distance between them. He grabbed the American by the neck and started kissing him slowly, gently stroking the elder’s lower lip with his own, nibbling at the sensitive skin without hurry, but with tenderness. When he opened his mouth to insert his tongue inside Mark’s mouth, the American wrapped one arm around his waist and welcomed the younger’s tongue hungrily. Jinyoung then stroked his arm, shoulder and back with his hands, pressing his body up against Mark. The latter moaned, as he ran his hands through Jinyoung’s velvety dark hair. When the Korean’s passionate caresses became more urgent, Mark sneaked his hands under the sheets to grab the younger’s buttocks, but Jinyoung just slapped his hands away and broke the kiss. Mark sighed, licked his lips and swallowed as Jinyoung’s magnetic stare penetrated his soul.

“You were saying…?” Jinyoung teased, giving Mark his best eye smile.

“Wow.” It was all his stepbrother was able to mutter.



It was a usual school day at Kirin High. Got4 was having lunch together at the school cafeteria. Jackson was all over Mark, he had an arm around his shoulder and one of his legs was above the elder’s. The American didn’t seem to bother about the Hongkonger’s closeness, but Jinyoung was definitely fuming on his seat. After the threesome, Jackson openly displayed his affection for the American, the amount of skinship between the two would often draw the attention of people around them, and even at school, the Hongkonger wasn’t ashamed to demonstrate how he and Mark looked like the hottest couple of the moment. Some students called them MarkSon.

“So, are you guys a thing now?” Yugyeom asked a bit curious. He side-eyed the young Lim beside him and then stared at the pair sitting across him.

“We’re very good friends, that’s all.” Jackson replied with a sly smile, as he brought Mark even closer to him and whispered something in his ear. The American giggled a bit. In fact, he was comfortable around Jackson, he liked to have his attention, and he even encouraged his clinginess. It was similar to the relationship he had with Eric back in the Sates. They were complete opposites, Eric was a social butterfly, while Mark was the introverted, quiet type. Yet, they clicked. The fact that the Hongkonger could speak English and Mandarin made the elder feel somewhat, sheltered. Their seemingly clashing characteristics only made them more curious about each other. Their differences, for some unknown reason, kept them focused on spending more time together. Jackson was funny, playful and never a boring company. Because of him, Mark was already acquainted with half of Kirin High’s students. Meeting new people at least helped Mark get his mind off his relationship drama with JB. On the other hand, the American kept Jackson grounded. The Hongkonger had learned that Mark was a great listener and he didn’t feel like being the goofy foreigner all the time around him. With Mark, he was able to simply be himself. The pair wasn’t doing anything sexual because of Jinyoung’s rules, but the young Lim was convinced that Jackson was really tempted to reenact what happened in Why Not? and  in a certain hotel room a week ago. Jinyoung believed that his partner would break every single rule they had established for their open relationship, if it meant he could have Mark again naked on a bed.

“Oh, my God. I noticed Mark walking funny the other day. You guys are fucking, aren’t you?” Bambam asked flabbergasted. The elder blushed as the Hongkonger’s smile grew larger.

“Nobody is fucking anyone. Jackson and I are together.” Jinyoung stated and everyone could sense the annoyance in his voice.

“What’s with you? It’s the first time I see you claiming me as yours. Don’t tell me you’re jealous, Jinnie.” Jackson smirked at him. The American looked a bit uncomfortable with Jinyoung’s glare. He couldn’t really understand the relationship between those two yet.

“You wish.” Jinyoung replied, visibly irritated. Bambam decided to change the subject before the couple started a stupid argument.

“Well, is Mark joining us on our little adventure tomorrow?” the Thai boy asked casually.

“What adventure?” The American sounded intrigued now.

“We’re kidnapping Youngjae and bringing him to Seoul. Tomorrow would be his and JB’s anniversary, I mean if they were still together. The thing is, we’re planning to bring those two together again. Jaebeom is not supposed to know, but we’ve been contacting Jae hyung and trying to arrange a meeting between them.” Yugyeom explained, as Mark’s expression changed drastically.

“You are what?!” he raised his voice at the maknae as he disentangled himself from Jackson. Half of the students eating at the cafeteria eyed their table.

“Calm the fuck down and don’t make a scene.” Jinyoung instructed, giving Mark a warning look. The others stared at him confusedly, unable to understand why the American reacted like that.

“Guys, shut up. JB is coming in our direction.” Bambam said hurriedly as the other Lim approached their table.

“Mark, we need to talk. Now.” JB stated as soon as he reached their table.

“We’re busy at the moment, hyung.” Jinyoung chimed in.

“Shut up, Jin.” Jaebeom spat. Everybody at the table looked taken aback. JB was rarely rude with his twin.

“We don’t have anything to talk about.” Mark retorted, suddenly feeling like running away from there. He certainly wouldn’t want to be there when Youngjae decided to show up and rekindle his relationship with Jaebeom.

“I’m coming home tonight.” JB stated, and the shocked American wondered what that could mean.

“Are you leaving? Grandfather is rarely home and you’re leaving me there in the mansion by myself?” Jinyoung whined, clearly alarmed by the news. He couldn’t let JB get near Mark again.

“You’re free to come back with me, Jin. You should’ve never left in the first place. Your room is still intact, waiting for you.” JB told him seriously.

“I left home to stand by our sick mother, remember that?!” Jinyoung sounded resentful.

“Well, she’s gone now. There’s no reason for you to stay at gradpa’s anymore.” Jaebeom retorted angrily.

“How can you say that?! You still hate her, even after she’s gone! Look, she told him to go, I made him go, but you could’ve brought him back. If you loved him so much, why didn’t you go after him, huh?”

“Enough of that. Mark, can we go somewhere more private? I really need to speak with you alone.” Jaebeom ignored his brother’s words and turned to the American again.

“You always get like this when that date is close, right?” Jackson gave JB an understanding look. The oldest Lim looked like he was about to explode when he grabbed Mark by the wrist and took him away from the group. Jinyoung wanted to follow them, but Jackson held him back.

When they reached the school’s music room, Mark was panting. He had never entered that place and he wondered why JB brought him there. It was full of musical instruments and there was a huge piano in its corner. It made Mark nervous.

“What do you want?” the American demanded as he averted his eyes from the instrument.

“He used to practice in this room.” Jaebeom said as he walked around the place.

“Who the fuck are you talking about?” Mark was growing impatient by each second.

“Youngjae. I asked him to be my boyfriend in this very room.” JB informed, with that longing expression Mark hated to see on his face.

“That’s very romantic Lim Jaebeom. But why should I care?!” Mark threw his hands in the air, unable to hide his discontentment.

“Three years ago, on May 21st, I asked him to be my boyfriend. Tomorrow would be our anniversary.”

“Why are you telling me this? I’m not interested in your fucking loving story.”

“This is not about Youngjae, Mark. It’s about us, you and I. Why do you think I brought you here?” Jaebeom finally turned to him and met his eyes.

“Because you like to fucking torture me!” Mark shouted angrily.  The news of Youngjae’s return made him feel like crap and he seriously disliked the presence of that white piano in that room. It reminded him of Joey, it reminded him of death. He remembered smashing Joey’s piano with a hammer the day his brother died. He also remembered regretting it later.

“Mark, listen to me. I brought you here because this room is necessary for what I’m about to do. In this room I committed myself to Youngjae, and in this same room I’m about to renounce him. I want you date you, Bunny. I want us to be boyfriends.” Jaebeom said tenderly, as he smiled at Mark.

“No, you don’t.” Mark muttered as his eyes watered. After what happened between him, Jinyoung and Jackson, the elder wouldn’t dare to say yes to JB now. He didn’t feel like he deserved him, not anymore. And if Youngjae showed up the next day, JB would probably take those words back.

“Of course I do, Bunny.” The other reassured him firmly.

“Don’t mess with my head, okay. The others told me tomorrow is an important date. I heard Jackson! What did he mean, huh? You become reckless when the date of the anniversary of your former relationship is near? Why do you have to bring me into this?” Mark folded his arms across his chest defensively.

“I just get a bit down during this time of the year, but now it’s different! I’m not feeling depressed because he’s gone, I’m feeling hopeful because you are here!” JB tried to reason with him.

“You are insane! Are you ready to tell this whole fucking school that you wanna date your stepbrother? Don’t make promises we both know you can’t keep!” Mark struggled to find the best excuse to reject JB’s advances.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes for you to believe me. You are the one hesitating now! I don’t understand you! What do you want, huh? You want me to go to our parents right now and tell them about us?! Because I will, Mark!” Jaebeom shouted back and moved to the door.

“Don’t!” Mark grabbed his arm firmly.

“What then?”

“Can you honestly tell me you don’t love Youngjae anymore?” Mark demanded defiantly.

“What’s going on between you and Jack?” JB asked out of the blue.

“What?!” the elder squinted his eyes at him.

“Answer the question.”

“You always do this! You refuse to be honest with me and suddenly I’m the one to blame when things don’t go your way. First, you insinuated that I wanted to go back to Eric! Now you’re implying there’s something going on between me and Jack! For fuck’s sake! Your tactic is getting old Jaebeom.” Mark threw his hands up in the air, obviously vexed.

“I’ve seen you two laugh together while speaking in Chinese or English, I’ve noticed the way he looks at you, the way he clings to you all the damn time! I’m sure Jinyoung is thinking the same about you two! Jackson doesn’t act like that when he’s around the maknaes. He doesn’t shamelessly grope Jinyoung when they are around other people, he controls himself. But with you, everybody in Kirin High thinks he’s fucking you! Just be honest with me.” JB’s look was challenging.

“Jaebeom this is ridiculous. He’s probably trying to make Jin jealous.” Mark suggested, not ready to tell his stepbrother what really happened at the backroom of a certain gay bar and then at a steamy hotel room.

“Jackson doesn’t have to go to great lengths to make my brother jealous, Jinyoung is already the jealous type.” JB shot back.

“It seems he’s not the only one!” Mark pointed out harshly, but then tried to regain his composure. “Look, just tell me you don’t love Youngjae anymore and I’ll tell you about me and Jackson.”

“So there is indeed something going on.” JB looked petrified.

“Yes, maybe. I don’t know.” Mark looked disconcerted. He couldn’t stop wondering what JB would think of him if he found out about the threesome that happened a couple of days ago.

“Mark, he’s promiscuous and I wouldn’t let him hook up with my brother if Jinyoung weren’t so addicted to the guy.”

“So you allow your twin to sleep with him but your stepbrother isn’t allowed to have some fun?” Mark spat and JB saw red. He grabbed Mark by his shirt and kissed him roughly. The American tried to free himself from his stepbrother’s grasp but Jaebeom ignored his struggles and pushed him to the floor. JB straddled Mark right after falling on top of him.

“What’s with you!? Stop, stop it! Get off me!” Mark yelled at him, but Jaebeom had already tore at the buttons of the shirt. His hands roamed around the American’s chest and his teeth sunk into his neck. Mark tried to push him away, but the younger put the whole weight of his body on him.

“Isn’t that what you want?! Didn’t you desperately want me to fuck you before!?” JB released the bruised skin of the other’s neck, and held both Mark’s hands above his head in order to stop his struggles.

“Not anymore.” The American said firmly, avoiding a kiss from JB.

“Why?!” he gritted his teeth, as he waited for the American’s answer.

“Because Jackson has already fucked me real good.” Mark retorted, as he kicked his stepbrother’s genitals and got up from the floor.

The others were still at the cafeteria when a disheveled Mark returned there without the buttons of his shirt.

“What the heck happened to you, hyung?” Bambam was the first to lay eyes on him.

“I’m going home. I can’t stay here any longer.” Mark informed them quickly, as he bit his lower lip.

“Who did this?” a worried Jackson stood up to have a better look at Mark and when he saw the bruise on his neck he felt like punching someone. “Where is he?!”

“It’s not important. I dealt with him already. Please take me home.” Mark begged, as he ran a trembling hand through his hair.

“Did JB do this?” Jinyoung looked scandalized.

“Why would Jaebeom hyung do such a thing?” Yugyeom asked, but the moment the oldest Lim walked into the cafeteria screaming Mark’s name, they didn’t need an answer for that question.

“Don’t run away from me, hyung! Explain to me again why would you do something as stupid as fucking Jackson Wang!” JB sounded menacing, but as soon as he was about to touch Mark’s shoulder to make the older face him, Jackson punched him in the face. JB punched him back and they started rolling on the floor throwing punches at each other. Students started gathering around them and neither Bambam, Mark, Yugyeom or Jinyoung had success in breaking up the fight between the two enraged teenagers. Some kids of the fencing club clapped hands, and encouraged Jackson to throw more punches, while others just filmed them with their phones. The confusion only ceased and the fight came to an end, when the principal of the school himself and two other teachers walked into the cafeteria. Mark, Jaebeom and Jackson were taken to the principal’s room. When the trio entered Lim Taek-geun’s office, Dorine was also there. The American felt like puking when he saw his mom in the room. They haven’t been really talking to each other after that uncanny dinner they had with a drunk Lim Taek-geun.

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