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Capítulo 8 - Asleep

Chapter 8

I feel dislocated, I don't fit anywhere anymore. I wish I could say that I forgot all the things I went through in the hands of Colton and Hayden, but I would be lying if I told you this. I wish I could say that I could get out of this abysm, but I'm just drowning each time more. There's a big void in my chest and unfortunately no one can fills it, today I know I became a monster without any feelings at all. I keep remembering that just a few months ago I was a happy girl, with plans, dreams and feelings. Sincerely, I don't recognize myself anymore. The dreamer girl from months ago would be ashamed of the girl from the present, cold, without feelings, losing her faith and giving up from everything.

I would like to know in which moment of my life I turned into a cold person, so rebel and insecure. In which moment of my life my self esteem went to shit. In which moment I started to hate myself? In which moment I started to hate every single part of my body? Even knowing that it's not my fault

for what Colton and Hayden did to me. At which moment I started to fake smiles? A which moment I became this shit? I wanted to go back to the same girl who smiled, who loved herself, who was so happy. Suicide. How many times did you think about it? During a time my thoughts were turned to that matter, how I would do, what I would use, why would do... I tried for a long time to convince myself that I don't have motives enough to do such a cruelty to myself, but I would rather do it to myself than to let the others do to me. Sometimes I stopped to think, just 5 minutes were enough for everything to become clear in my mind. My body asked for help, just like my soul, but no one ever cared. Then one night I decided to write down this letter, to try to explain the reason why I was away.

I suffered in silence. Suffered for an invisible disease, depression. I never thought this could happen to me,  girl who had everything, I mean, material goods. But doesn't matter anymore, I needed love, like everyone needs. I have defects, and not just a few, but I have a good side, you just have had to make a little effort to see it.

I ask everyone not to cry, I already had 30 pills and I have a knife in my hand to make sure nothing goes wrong, that I won't fail once more. While I was taking the pills the memories kept coming back, I was afraid of giving up, but I was stronger and ended with all. Soon I will be lying at my floor's room, I will die looking at the moon, the moon that I adore so much, it will be a good leave. To the ones I couldn't say goodbye, I'm sorry. I will leave this life towards a better one, I will be taking care of everyone. My absence will be little significant. Move on, be strong. If this makes you feel better, we will see each other again. And this time  it is forever, goodbye.

Ailee committed suicide that same day, by the night.

- What did she said to you?

- She said that you love me – and it was the first time I saw Justin  blush – she also said you didn't have the courage to tell me that. Told me that you both were best friends since you were 12 - he heard me carefully – I should have understood when she said she wanted to have more time for us to become friends – I couldn't finish and Justin hugs me trying to comfort me for what happened to Ailee.

- Don't blame yourself, Holly. You couldn't know.

- I am so sorry, Justin

Ailee was veiled at 03:45 PM that day. Different from what was written on the letter, your death wasn't insignificant. Ailee was the one who connected everyone who was there. She was gone but what remained are the good memories she left behind, her smiles and all her youth that is lost.

- I'm going to fulfill what I promised to Ailee – I said, getting away from his hug.

- And what did you promess? – he murmured while caressing my face.

- I promise that I would make you happy – and then I decrease the distance between us and sealed our lips in a calm kiss, which Justin prontly intensified pushing me by the waist and making me sit in his lap.

- Cof cof – we hear someone faking a cough and stopped the kiss – yeah, it seems like you are taking a good care of my daughter.

- Richard – I got up from Justin's lap and straightened.

- It's okay, princess – he said and I made a face with the nickname – I always knew Justin felt something for you and you for him.

- Mr. Grey, I...

- It's okay, Justin. But after Holly go back home we will have a talk from man to man.

- Don't scare him, Richard – I put a kiss in the right cheek of Justin – I will head back home, I need to finish planning the plan to invade Hayden's mansion.

- Holly... – called Justin, but I interrupted him.

- Now, more then never I need to do it Justin, and I'm sorry, but it won't be you or Richard that will stop me – I say goodbye to Richard and get out of Justin's house.

Now, more then never I need to save my mom and the parents of Justin, I need to do it for Ailee who took her own life. When I arrived back home I went straight to my room and took a shower. I lied down in my bed, because my day was exhaustive.

Even being exhausted I can't sleep, so I get up from my bed, take a shower and get dressed.

before going to the garage I catch my gun and my phone and put both around my waist, then I went to my car and drive towards the warehouse.

When I got there I park my car and walk to where the training targets are, but I realize that there is someone inside the warehouse. I take my gun from my waist and walk slowly to the backside of the house where I find three men searching something.

- Go go, scan everything. Colton won't forgive us if we don't find this map this time – says one of the men. Without them noticing I move from the place I was hidden and shoot right at the man's head who now ordered the others to search.

- Did you really think I would be so stupid to let such an important map in a mere warehouse? – say getting closer to one of the men.

- You are in disadvantage – says one of them pointing his gun to me.

- It could be, but it didn't stop me from killing your friend over there – I point to the dead man on the floor and look back to the man in front of me.

- Let's go, girl, it is just you cooperate. Give us the map and we promise to let you go alive – I give him a cynical smile and, without the men realize, Phoebe and Daniela enter the house and point their guns to the men's head. Cautiously Dani closes the distance and puts the gun on the head of one of them - drop the gun or it will be worse for you.

- Who is in disadvantage now, huh? – I said arching my eyebrow.

- It is still you – he says smiling.

- Look behind you and you will see that this is not the case – he does and his smile dies when he sees that not just Dani, but Phoebe was there pointing the gun to both.

- Now, drop the... – before I could finish, the man whom Dani was pointing the gun shoots on me, but the shot just grazed.

This scared Dani, who didn't think twice before shooting on the man's head. Before the other man could do anything, Phoebe shoots, killing him. Soon both come to me to check if I am fine. I realize that this was not a grazed shoot and with difficult I take off my jacket.

- Son of a bitch! – I say realizing that the bullet it still in my arm.

- We have to go to the hospital, Holly – says Dani.

- You can't take the bullet off? – I ask and with Phoebe's help get up from the floor.

- Unfortunately not, I don't have the right equipaments and the bullet is still on you.

- I can't go to the hospital, the police is  investigating us, if they catch us we will be arrested – I say and we walk back to Dani's car.

- Let's go back home, there I will try to take care of this arm and take off the bullet – says Dani while we get in the car.

- We need to find another warehouse, neither Hayden or Colton will rest while they don't kill us – says Phoebe.

- Phoebe, you know what to do. Put this warehouse on fire as soon as possible and don't let traces – I say and Phoebe agrees, soon Dani turns up the car and head us back towards the house.

When we got there I find Avalon, my dad and Justin sitting on the sofa, they rapidly get up and come back to me.

- Holly, what happened?- asks my dad, worried.

- Nothing too serious, I just got shooted – I say with a bit of difficulty while enter further the room an it on the sofa.

- I will pick my things and be right back – Dani let me on the sofa and Richard looked at me worried. About Alex, he stared at me angry.

- How did you get shoot? – Avalon asks me.

- Hayden sent some men to the warehouse to look for the map. They pointed the gun to me, because I killed one of them with a shoot on his head – I say it straightening me

on the sofa and talking low because of the shot.

- What the hell, Holly – says Justin. Soon Dani comes back and sit by my side, carefully she cleans the injury and take off the bullet, dropping it in a small recipient above the desk.

- I'll need stitches, and I'm sorry Holly, but this will hurt a little bit.

- Okay, just do it fastly – I say and Dani agrees. With the tweezers and needle that the doctors of the hospital use, she starts to sew my arm. Fortunately the pain is bearable. When she finishes, she put everything that she used into a the silver recipient and get out of the room along Avalon, letting us alone.

- Are you alright? – asks me my dad.

- It is not like I haven't been shoot before, it was nothing – Justin tries to say something but gives up and heads out of the room – where are you going? – I asks.

- Away – he answers, and exits the room.

- He is angry, please understand – says Richard and I just wave

with my head, agreeing.

- He is performing – I say without caring.

- He likes you, and get worried.

- He thinks that doing it will stop me from going behind Colton and Hayden. I'm sorry but neither you or him can prevent me.

- You are looking for revenge – says Richard, suspiring.

- They've arrested you for fourteen years, my mom is stills there just like his parents, so it is obvious that I am coming after revenge, to not talk about Ailee's death.

- I understand you, daughter, but I understand him too. Justin  worries about you and to know that you got shooted that could have killed. You worries him, worries him that he might loses you.

- I know what I'm doing, I know how to protect myself and I won't rest while I don't take my mom and his parents off Hayden and Colton's hand.

- Okay, I will return to his house.

- You don't have to go away. I just asked for you to stay there while my men didn't come and, well, the arrive tomorrow, you will be protected.

- I will go with you when you go enter Hayden's house.

- I'm sorry dad but I am not risking you.

- I know that house like no one else, wanting you or not, I will go.

- Richard...

- No, Holly -  give up talking to him and get up from the sofa wit his help.

- I will take you to the room you are going to stay. The sun is already rising but I believe you are still asleep – we go to the second floor  and I take him to his room, then say bye. Back to the dinner room I find Phoebe sitted on the sofa.

- I just got message from the girls and they will be back later.

- Okay, you can go to sleep, Phoebe. I will take the boys in the airport – she agrees and go to her room while i go to the office, I lock the door, wanting to be alone. I spent the rest of the break there, thinking about all of the things that changed these last two months. I could even make a checklist.

One, I moved Atlanta. Two, my mom died. Three, I found out that the woman who claimed to be my mom, is not my biological mom. Four, in the same day I find out that my parents are dead. Five, I met the man who saved my life when I was a kid. Six, I find my parent's murderer. Seven, I met my biological father. Eight, but not less important, I find out that my parents are still alive.

- Why does my life has to be so complicated. Shit – I say, tired.

My phone rings and I soon accept the call.

- Grey.

- Wow wow wow, if it is not Holly Grey, the Grey's bastard.

- Who is it?

- You don't know who am I, honey? Let me introduce myself, I am Hayden Oliver

- Son of a bitch – I say, getting up. I hear him laugh and he continues.

- I was told what you did to Carson. You know what, you just made the things easier for me and Colton.

- I will destroy you! – I scream to the line.

- Listen, girl. Do you think this is child play? You are just little girl that barely learned how to get on your foot while I'm already on this field longer than twenty years

- I want you to go to shit, oldman. Listen what I'm saying: I will destroy you and Colton, you'll pay high for everything you did my and Justin's parents.

- Try, girl. And I kill your mother, your boyfriend and his parents – he ends the call.

- You bastard! – I scream and throw the phone on the wall, breaking the phone. I hear knocks on the door and open it to find Avalon.

- What happened, Holly?

- That bastard will pay back, I will kill Hayden, even if I would have to die too.

- Holly, what happened?! – screams Avalon.

- Hayden got my number and tried to threaten me. If he thinks thart he can threaten and threaten the persons I love he is very wrong. I will destroy them.

- You have to calm down.

- I can't calm down – I catch my gun that was around my waist and go to the living room.

- Where are you going? – asks Avalon, worried.

- I will kill Colton and then Hayden.

- Are you crazy? If you go alone you will be the one dead – she says and grab my arm, like she was trying to prevent me going.

- I have to kill them, Avalon.

- Holly, think. If you kill Colton, Hayden will come after us with everything and you may not rescue your mom and Justin's parents, so think before doing crap.

- I need to do something, and don't worry, I won't chase after Colton or Hayden for now -  I grab my wallet above the desk and exit the house. When I'm out of the complex in front of the taxi stop, I turn off the wristband that Phoebe gave me and as soon the taxi arrives I get in.

- Where to, miss? – the driver asks.

- To the airport – I answer and he hums.

I pay the run when get out of he the vehicle, and head to buy a ticket.

- I want a ticket to Washington D.C, the soon as possible – the woman evalue me from head to toe and stops on my injury

– did I become a rule now, for you to measure me? – I say, running out of patience.

- The next flight is tomorrow 8:00 AM.

- I want a ticket in the first class – I buy the ticket and then go to the stores that are inside the airport, buy a suitcase and some clothes to me. Head to the feminine bathroom and change my clothes, being excessive carefully with my arm.

~ passengers of the flight 1214, please go to boarding. The flight will take off within ten minutes. ~

As soon I got my seat,  I decide to sleep for a while until the airplane arrives at Washington. After three hours in flying, I arrive and go straight to some hotel, which I make my check-in and left my baggage. After this I head to the building that made me leaves Atlanta.

- Good afternoon, can I help you? – the secretary asks.

- I want to talk to Aspen.

- Who are you, miss? – she asks.

- Holland Grace.

- What do you want with Aspen? – I don't let her finish her sentence.

- It is none of your business, now call him - she looks at me with anger in her eyes, but get up nonetheless and go to a corridor. When she returns she is accompanied by Aspen.

- Holland? – he asks and I confirm with my head.

- The one and only, can we talk? – I say getting closer to him.

- Sure – he says and I follow him to his office.

- It's gotta be on private – I say when I see the secretary enter with us in the office.

- Alexis, leave us alone and say to don't disturb us – he orders and against her willing the woman leaves the room – I heard a lot of things about you.

- Good things I suppose.

- A drug and guns dealer -  he says.

And owner of a bet sites, I say mentally.

- What brings you to the FBI, Holland? You know that I can put you in the jail, don't you? – he says, smiling.

- You would have to have proof before accusing me – I say and his smile vanishes.

- What do you want to say , Holland? Say for once at all.

- I am the daughter of Richard and Tereza Grey -  I let out and he stares me perplexed

- Impossible.

- I thought it was impossible too, before reading Diana's letter. I'm the daughter of the Grey Couple, Aspen.

- You sure?

- Absolutely. and there is more, Richard and Tereza are alive, just like the Taylor Couple. Aspen, I need your help.

- Wait Holland, too much information. Are you sure of what you are saying?

- Yes. Aspen, I need your help please.

- You never say please, you need help with what? – he asks getting up from his chair.

- To save my mom and the Taylor Couple. Your father is with them.

- Hayden?

- No, Joseph. Of course it is Hayden.

- Holly, I don't...

- Ah Aspen, don't tell me you are afraid of him? Or is it pity? – I get up from my chair and face him – obviously you are pitying the man who killed your mother.

- Shut up, Holly – he comes closer.

- Pitying the daddy who killed your mommy, dear Aspen – I mocked.

- Shut the fuck up, Holly, I won't say again – he grabs my neck and tries to suffocate me but I punch him in the stomach making him drop me.

- You and I know that this will only end when he and Colton die. Open your eyes, Aspen, neither Colton or Hayden will change, wanting you or not, this will only end when they die.

- You are after revenge, Holly.

- Why would it be, Aspen? Simply because they tried to kill me and my parents, just like Justin's? Stop being so naive, Hayden will never treat like his son, even more because you are a FBI agent.

- I know Holly, but is that I thought that one day... - I interrupt him.

- Your problem and Bieber's is that you are both two faggots that show up the shit of your feelings and this makes you weak. You will help me or not, Aspen? – I ask for the last time.

- Okay Holly, I will help, but their deaths has to seem like it was by accident.

- It will be in self defence, Aspen. They will surely shoot.

- What is the plan?

- My people and your people will invade the house. My dad will come with us, he knows that mansion like no one else and knows where my mom and the Taylor are – I say and he agrees.

- Okay.

- But I have one more thing to ask of you.

- Ask me.

- It can't be here, it gotta be in a more private place.

- Okay! Where?

- Later, in hotel that I'm staying. I send you the address by message.

- It's okay – he comes closer and hold me by the waist, and try to close the distance between our faces – I missed you.

I take off his hand of me and step back.

- Okay, then I'm going, see you later.

- Holly...

- Don't even start, Aspen. We just kissed once and because you stoled it.

- I like you.

- Right, but I don't like you. Understand it, I don't want anything with you, now let me go – we say goodbye and I follow to exit the bulden.

--- Two months later ---

- What are you going to tell them after being abscence for two months? – asks me Aspen.

- Nothing, I don't own explanations to anyone. I will just talk to the girls what we are going to do.

- Your father and boyfriend?

- Aspen, shut up – I say when we arrive at the L.A airport. So we took a cab and headed towards my house, where I found my dad and Alex on the sofa – I'm home.

- Holly – Justin and my dad get up to hug me.

- Please, stop with the demonstration of affection, I'm not used to it and I don't even like hugs. Both release me and I see my friends, who look back at me unworried.

- We were worried – tell me my dad.

- I don't see the reason – I say and me and Aspen walk towards the sofa.

- Holly, what is the problem in you call us? I thought something had happened to you – says Justin sitting between me and Aspen.

- Justin, I know very well what I'm doing, and if I didn't give any news would it be because I was busy?

- Shit, Holly, why do you have to be so irresponsible?! – he screams, getting up from the sofa.

- Irresponsible? – I get myself up to face him – irresponsible, Justin? Shut up, what do you know about being responsible? You don't know shit about it! - I scream back.

- Holly, calm down – asked my dad.

- I won't calm the fuck down! Neither you or anyone as the right to say I'm irresponsible, Justin. You didn't even lived with me this fucking life to say that I am irresponsible – I continued to scream in front of everybody.

- You're right, I don't know anything about you. I don't know nothing about this girl that claim to like a guy and right after disappear for two months and come back with some guy, probably you two already fucked in some be... - I don't let him finish and punch his face.

- Do you think I am one of those bitches you bring home? Get away from my house! – I scream while he touches the place I punched and look at me. I get closer to him, that faces me – if you mess something that involves Hayden and Colton – I take the gun from my waist and point to his head – I swear for my mother that  I won't think twice before killing you.

- My parents are there also, so yes! I will go with you, and don't worry, Holland, I won't mess the things up – says alex while cleaned the blood in his mouth, then he gets away from me and my house.

- Choose one of the rooms, Aspen. I will be in my room, so please, just call me if it is something really urgent – I ask and follow upstairs to my room.

When I enter my room I grab the vase above the desk and throws it with all my strength against the wall, breaking the vase into pieces. I sit down in my bed and send a message to one of my men:

"Get ready, it will be tomorrow night. We will invade Hayden's house. I won't addimit mistakes"

After send the message I lay down on my bed.

- Shit, Justin, why did you have to be so stupid – I say to myself and within a few minutes, I'm sleeping.

--- The next day ---

When I wake up I decide to stay for a while in my bed, cause I was exhausted from the trave and the argue I had with Justin last night. After taking another nap, I got up and showered, put a black lingerie and then took a jeans and a black shirt from one my favorites bands of Jrock The GazettE.  Finishing, I put my old black all star.

I take my two guns and put both around my wait, then I follow downstairs where I met my men.

- Let's go to the office – I say to the girls who were sitted on the sofa.

- Dear Holly, what was that fight of yours with Justin? – asks Avalon as soon we enter the office.

- I don't know either, Justin is a bastard – I say, leaning me in he desk crossing my arms under my breast.

- So, you went out for two months because you went talk to Aspen? – asks Dani

- Yeah, I convinced him to help us. I was going to say that to Alex but I didn't have the time, he came talking crap to me.

- Tries to explain him – says Phoebe.

- He wouldn't listen me and I don't wanna explain nothing, because I didn't do anything.

- Holly, you gotta leave this pride a bit – says Dani.

- It is stronger than me. I just don't understand how he could say that must have gone to the bed with Aspen, and what upsets me even more is that he doesn't even let me explain.

- Leave this pride behind and go talk to him, we know you both like each other – says Avalon, taking her gun out of the safe box and putting around her waist.

- He is the one who gotta come after me, you know very well that I don't chase after no man – I say crossing my arms.

- Listen here, Holland. You will stop wit this shit and go to Justin's house talk to him – said Phoebe already stressed.

- Phoebe... – I try to say.

- Shut up and go fast to that crap before I got even more stressed – she screams.

- Don't scream with me cause the only ones who have this right are my earbuds and amy bands.

- You didn't say this to Justin  – said Dani.

- I know, because of it and what he said that I punched him.

- Go to his house and resolve the things out.

- Okay, I will. But if he acts like a bastard with me again I don't respond for me – I say and they agree, I exit the office – I will set somethings right, the girls will take you to the warehouse – I say to the men who worked for us. They agree and I go to my car, driving to Justin's house.

When I got there I play the doorbell and a woman opens it for me.

- Good morning, may I help you? – the woman asks.

- I'm Holly Grey, I came here to talk to Justin.

- Mrs.Grey, please may come in – the woman opened the door and gave me passage.

- Do you know where Justin is? – I question.  

- In the office, Mrs. Do you want me to take you there?

- There's no need, but I appreciate – I smile and follow to the said office, where as soon I get close I start to hear weird noises.

I decided to open the door of his office and get disgusted with the scene I see in front of my eyes.

- Justin – I murmured his name.

There's a girl naked, like himself, sitted on his lap. Both of they stopped what they were doing and Justin open his eyes when he sees me by the door.

- Holly... – I don't give him the chance to continue before going away from his office. I hear him scream my name but I don't stop running until I get to my car. I met Chris on the way, he asks me what happened, but I ignore him too. When I'm finally on my car Justin exits the mansion and run towards my car, but before he got closer I'm already passing through the gate. When I realize I'm far away from his house, tears of pain roll down through my shirt.

Indeed, the girls are right, like Justin more than should, I realize after I stop by that beach I came after arguing with Justin because of what I did to Carson. I stop the car by he beach and start crying, remembering of the few moments I had with Justin..

Holland Grey, why are you crying? Stop this immediately, this is what happens when you open the guard, when you show feels, when you are weak. Kill your feelings, Holland. Stop loving, stop caring, kill yourself, be so cold that even the sun couldn´t warm you. This is the only way for you to move forward.

I say mentally to myself and I recompose myself and dry my insistent tears.

I send a message to the girls and when it is exactly 6:00 PM I head to the warehouse where I find Dani, Phoebe, our men and Aspen together with other FBI agents.

- Everything is ready, Holly – says Dani that come to me.

- Great. Aspen, you know what to do – I say and he agrees.

- Holly, Justin is here – says Phoebe.

- It's okay, ask him to come in – I tell Phoebe and she goes after him – Aspen, it's okay if he goes with your people?

- Sure, can we talk about the other part ourselves? – he asks and Justin enters the warehouse.

- Sure, I will in your car and we can talk there – I say looking to the plant of Hayden´s house – Justin, you will go with Aspen´s guys.

- Holly, can we talk? – he asks but I ignore him.

- Dani, my dad? – I ask worried.

- Ava went bring him.

- Okay, if Hayden and Colton shoot don't hesitate to shoot back.

- Why do we have to follow your orders? – ask one of the men of Aspen.

- Because you won't be able to catch them without our help.

- We could take the map from you – insists the man.

- I think you are forgetting something, you can even try – I said try - to take the map but you wont get out here alive.

- Are you threatening us?

- Understand it as you wish, now continuing, we will get in during the switch of turns.

- They switch at 12PM exactly – says my dad entering the house – my wife and the Bieber are at the basement, there are cameras everywhere the house, inside and outside. Hayden watches everything inside his office.

- How do you know so much? – Aspen asks.

- I almost got out once but they caught me and brought me back.

- Holly, we really need to talk – Justin said but I kept ignoring him.

- Justin, do me a favor - I smile looking at him.

- What? – he asks hopeful.

- Shut up – I say, making Aspen laugh – Aspen, I need to talk to the girls, take care of everything while we don't come back – I ask and he accepts. Soon me and the girls get out of the house and walk to my car.

- What happened, Holly? – asks Phoebe.

- I went to talk to Justin, and that was the worst thing I could ever have done.

- What did he do? – questions Avalon.

- I went to his house and found him having sex with someone.

- Wow, Holly... What did you do? – asks Dani.

- I didn't do anything, even because me and him didn't have anything.

- Holly, can we talk? – Justin shows up, scaring the girls. They look  at me and I just agree with my head, and they leave me alone with Justin.

- Says it.

- I... – he starts but stopped when he realizes that I knew he was looking to my boobs.

- Justin – I call him - Justin! - this time I scream making him look to my face again.

- We need to talk about what you saw earlier – he says coming closer to me, however I step back.

- Hum – I say.

- Holly, I didn't know you would come, I... –  I raise up my hand and he obediently makes silence.

- You didn't know I would go there to try to talk to you? Yeah, I realized that when I saw the bitch over your cock.

- Holly, I really don't wanna end with what we had.

- You didn't wanna end with what we had? I'm sorry, Justin, I don't remember we having anything.

- Holly, please let me explain, I don't want to put and end on what we have – he begs.

- You can't finish what didn´t even started. Now excuse me that I have work to do – I walk by him to return the house, but before he grabs my arm.

- Don't do it Holly, I love ... – I interrupt him.

- Don't finish this phrase otherwise I will punch you again -  I say looking to my front.

- It is the truth, Holly, I love you –  I made him drop my arm and turn to punch his face, but he holds my wrist – I love you, Holly – he says again and I kick in the middle of his legs, right in his member. He set me free and grab the local I kicked, then I punch his face once more sending him to the ground.

I leave him on the floor and go back to the house.

- I'm back, where did we stop? – I ask the girls.

- We already talked to them and set their positions – says avalon and I agree.

~ Later ~

It was exactly 23:40 PM and we were arriving Hayden´s house, where he and Colton were.

- We all will use these earbuds – I say through the radio – be careful, I don't want anyone to get hurt – I turn off the radion and turn back to the girls.

- This time is more dangerous – I warn.

- Today is the day that dreaming will be in anger – says Phoebe calling the name of our group and we smile.

- Please take care, I really don't want to lose any of my best friends – says Avalon.

- On the ready, your name? – I ask putting my hand in front of me.

- On ready – they agree. We count mentally.

- Dreaming! – we scream and throw our hand up in the air, then we check again our weppends and get out of the van, like nothing happened.

- Everything ready, Holly – says Aspen and I wave agreeing.

- Invade – I say and when it is 11:59PM start switching the turns. The Aspen´s agents rendered them and gave us passage.

- I will go o the office, be sure to look for the entire house for my mom and the Bieber Couple – I tell the girls and they agree - Richard, go with them.

- Holly, I will not leave you alone.

- You don't have a choice – I say while take off one of my guns from my waist and then open distance and head towards the office.

– Dani, tell me where is the office, I want to wait there.

- It is okay, right where you are you can see the corridor. Just keep going that you will see two doors. You should enter the door on the left side.

- Dani, be careful, even if you are not here something can happen on the warehouse.

- Keep calm, Chris is here with me – she answers.

- Even so, take care the both of you.

- Okay - both agree. I head to the corridor and get in the office and sit down on Hayden´s chair, waiting for him to show up. I listen to voices going closer and then Colton and Hayden enter the office. I turn the chair to face both.

- Wow wow wow, if it is not my two favorites rheumatic old men – I say smiling clinically.

- How did you get here? – asks Colton, celtic.

- I have my contacts – I answer pointing them my gun.

- You really don't fear the danger, isn't it girl? – says Hayden for the first time.

- Afraid? Of a old man like you and Colton? Oh, please – I say.

- You know what, I just had a lot of fun with your mom these days – says Hayden, and my smile vanishes.

- Son of a bitch – I say.

- What is it, honey? With anger because of what I said? – this time Hayden comes close laughing, making me angry.

- I'm not your honey. The house is full of my men and of FBI agents.

- And do you think you will make us get afraid by saying that? – Colton smiles.

- Colton, shut the fuck up cause here you are the supporting, my talk here is with this rheumatic elder by your side - I said and point the gun towards Hayden, who looked at me full of anger because of what I just said.

- Stupid girl – Colton says and soon takes the gun from his waist and shot in my arm. I try to shoot back but both of they come closer to me and pushes me by the arm, making my gun fall on he ground.

- Bastards!

- I told you, you didn't know with who you were messing – Hayden said near my ear, touching his mouthin my ear making me feel disgusted. I try to get free from both but it is useless.

Suddenly Aspen enters the room and  I start to have hope again that I can get away from Hayden´s touch.

- Aspen - say when watch him enter the office.

- Indeed, Aspen. You were right when said that the bitch was going to invade here tonight – says Colton and I get confused.

- Aspen, what are you talking about? I trusted you, damn you – I set me free from Hayden´s hand and punch Aspen´s face.

- I did what was right.

- You messed up everything! – I scream at him and then feel a slap on the right side of my face, then another punch but this time on my belly. I fall on the floor and spit a bit of blood.

- S-son of a bitch – I stuttered waiting for the pain to pass. I take my other arm from my waist and hear shots, I look to the side and see Colton´s corpse on the floor.

- You proved Aspen, now finish the job – says Hayden, I look at Aspen´s face who smiles to me and points the gun to Hayden. With difficult I get up from the floor and turns to Hayden.

- What is this shit? – questions Hayden, confused.

- It went right as we planned, Holly – tells me Aspen.

- Yeah, you´re right. I didn't know you could be so stupid, Hayden. Really,  you just got over...

- What are you waiting for, Aspen? Kill her! – He screamed.

- I don't think so – says Aspen laughing.

- Aspen and I planned everything, he would pretend he betrayed me and, well, we would kill Colton and you – I smile saying it to Hayden. And suddenly we hear a shot – something went wrong, Aspen.

- Do you really think it would be this easy to invade my house? How fool of you – he says laughing. I come closer to Hayden and kick him on the stomach, making him go down to the floor.

I head back of the office and hear shots on the dining room, I come closer to the corridor.

- They went to the living room, Aspen. We need to get this done before the FBI agents arrive here - I go back to the office and see that Hayden to Aspen and now was with the gun pointed to his head.

- Looks like the years spent in the FBI won't serve for anything – he laughs and I get closer.

- Let him go – I order.

- Afraid that I kill this idiot?

- Let him go, Hayden, otherwise I will shoot you – I say. I look at Aspen and then to Hayden. Rapidly I throw my gun to Aspen and take off my other gun from my waist, but he is not fast enough to catch the gun and soon I feel the bullet hit me.

- Holly! – I hear Aspen screams, but I fall in the ground. My sight starts to get dark and I start to lose my senses, soon I see agents coming closer to me.

- I-I'm so-sorry, Dani – I say.

- Holly, stays awake – Says Dani in the earbud. The agents get closer along Phoebe, Avalon and someone else I can't recognize. I closed my eyes and feel the pain consuming me, I hear footsteps and loud screams. I feel someone putting me in is lap but I can't open my eyes, I just feel the tears falling in my face, leaving it wet, and I hear undistinguished voices.

- Goodbye – It's all I can say to whoever it and like this I fall into the complete unconsciousness.


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