História Messenger from the Future - Capítulo 26

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

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Plot: Bertrand and Ragus united to invade Korea after Muzaka, when Muzaka noticed their presence, he immediately engaged in a fight against them. Victor also took notice of the fight and instantly left home. Bertrand intentions are still unclear, and when he was finally showing his true color, Rai and Frankenstein arrived at the scene. What will happen with so many forces reunited in a single place?

Capítulo 26 - XXV

“By the way, I came here to help.” Karias smile had a serious tone as he directed his gaze and strained his bow to the treacherous noble  “Traitor Ragus Tradio,”

“It’s your doom”

He pronounced as his hair was blew by the gusts of wind passing by the rooftop of the building.

“Pierce, Amore!”

            The arrow darted towards Ragus, who avoided fast, frowning at the blonde vampire.

“Hump… The new generation really forgot how to pay their respects to elder people…”

“They forgot it the same time you forgot how to behave like a noble!” Victor retorted irritated.

“And who are you?”

            Ragus was perplexed and his analytical cold gaze fell upon Victor. That was the first time he had seen that boy, and for some reason, he got extremely pissed just by taking a look, the boy resembled him of…

“Frankenstein, I thought you only performed experiments on yourself… You were a liar, after all, that’s not a surprise…” he mocked.

“You should stay quiet, Ragus, you would look more intelligent if you kept this mouth of yours shut!”

            Frankenstein leaped to attack the vampire with dark-spear. Karias sweated a bit, when he received a chilling glance from Franky alerting him he shouldn’t interfere on that fight. The clan leader sighed heavily in dismay, he thought it was the perfect moment for him to shine for the ladies, there wasn’t any lady nearby, though.

“Is your father always like that?” has asked looking at the worried Victor.

“No, he’s worse if you provoke him…” he admitted a bit ashamed “Anyways, it’s good to see Raizel-nim isn’t fighting this time…”

            Rai was quietly watching the fight and listening to them, his face was blank, but they could feel he was apprehensive. In front of him, his servant was fighting against one of the worst enemies of Lukedonia, and behind him, his former best friend was fighting against a member of werewolf family.

“Muzaka-nim…” Victor’s eyes had a sorrowed glint as he observed the battle.

            Bertrand noticed his presence and smirked, raising a brow in curiosity as he fought against his former lord.

“Oh, is that boy still injured? Well, I couldn’t expect more from a half-breed.” He jested.

“Half-breed?” the silver-haired lord frowned irritated.

“Oh, didn’t you notice? And do you call yourself a werewolf?” his claws almost hit Muzaka’s torso.

“I was wondering who hurt that boy… It seems the family is decaying more at each day passed, huh?” Muzaka criticized the lower rank werewolf.

“Decaying? You’re the one who has got rotten!”

            Their clash caused an explosion, the watchers were forced to step a few meters back, when the dust from the collision finally dissipated, the fighters were landed on the ground, staring fiercely at each other.

            Victor’s body moved an inch, but someone grabbed his shoulder, impeding him from entering in the middle of the fight. It was Karias. He shook his head incentivizing the boy to not continue.

“Do not interfere, if someone has to go there,” the clan leader proudly touched his chest “I should be the one fighting!”

“He’s just excited about fighting, right…?” Victor thought with a drop of sweat on face “Well…”

“Hey, boy…”

            A familiar voice startled Victor, it was Muzaka, and he had a faint smile. He could feel sadness imbued on that expression. The teenager’s eyes wavered in some sort of pity.

“Muzaka-nim…” he bowed slightly, amusing Bertrand and Karias for the weird respectful tone he used.

“You seem to have passed some troubles, I guess helping you back then didn’t erase completely your problems, right?” the older wolf said in a jesting tone to hide his preoccupation.

“I’m glad for your help, but I’m afraid that not even centuries of knowledge would change this lamentable mentality of prejudice.”

His eyes narrowed as he casted a fast glance to Bertrand far behind Muzaka, it brought a smile to the wicked lips of the werewolf.

“You know each other? It’s not surprising, if I remember well, you did like humans before… You even hanged around with one… What was her name… Was it… Ashleen?” he was clearly provoking.

            Muzaka’s pupils became thin as an immediate reaction after listening to that name. How did he know? It was impossible he would know about Ashleen, no one knew, only Raizel, yet…

“Are you confused?” Bertrand laughed “How silly of you to believe we really didn’t have a clue about it, Muzaka, how silly…” he joked.

            The former lord darted infuriated to rip Bertrand’s skin, he barely cut his chest, the other werewolf skillfully avoided. Something flew towards the lower ranked wolf, he evaded easily too, but with an astonished expression. It was a dark stake. He frowned, the one who sent that thing to pierce him was Victor, the boy had a stern, enraged face.

“Don’t you dare proffering this name, scum!”

“I guess you forgot what happened the last time you tried to fight against me, half-boy! May I remember you?”

He sharpened his claws and attacked Victor, but he was stopped on the middle of the act by someone else.

“Rael?!” Karias was amazed.

“That guy pisses me off!”

Rael blurted out landing on the building. Right after him, Regis and Seira landed too, astonishing the watchers.

“What… Are you doing here…?” Victor gulped in hesitation.

“We’ve come to aid you.” The Landrege casted an eager side-glance.

            The difference in number was obvious, yet, Bertrand seemed over confident he would win. His conspicuously suspect smirk persisted as he looked at the boy.

“Nobles…?” Muzaka blinked “I’d be grateful if you let this fight for me… I have some questions to ask that man…” he frowned slightly.

“Oh, I’m popular… Sheesh… What a pity for you I don’t like nobles!”

            He advanced again to cut Victor, Rael appeared behind him to attack, but on a millisecond, the werewolf turned back and kicked him away. After that he appeared behind Victor, with a threatening grin, the boy almost didn’t have time to avert if it was not for Muzaka, who held the arm Bertrand intended to use to pierce Victor.

“Muzaka… You do like interfering on other people’s plans, don’t you?” his smile didn’t hide completely his annoyance.

“Since when the plans of werewolves turned into killing children?”

“Well, you’re not well informed about werewolves then…” he snorted

            He shoved Muzaka’s arm away and tried to punch him, but the Lord avoided and hit Bertrand with his claws, opening a cut on his chest.

“Talk for yourself. There are werewolves who don’t need to resort to dirty tactics like you to win!” Victor contested.

“Ah, you’re right… The old-school ones...  We don’t have a place for them in our family…” his smirk enlarged wickedly “You see, even Kentas and Lunark who were strong ended up being punished by our Lord… They’re nothing more than prisoners now and will probably become subjects for our experiments…”

            Victor’s eyes opened wide and wavered as daze polluted slowly his expression. For a second, he was immobile, incapable of counterattacking Bertrand who was already planning to cut him in half. Muzaka stopped him again, this time grabbing his arm and almost crushing his bones from the force applied.

“What did you say?!” his furrowed brows darkened his expression.

“Do you think you can impede something at this rate, Muzaka? You’re not our leader anymore… There’s nothing you could change even if you were there!” he used his claws as a lance to perforate Muzaka’s body, but the werewolf evaded with a swirl in the air, landing at a safe distance.

“Victor!” Regis called him out of his daydreaming.

“H-huh…?” his face was paralyzed on the stunned expression “Regis-nim…”

“What are you doing?! We need to recoil a bit or we’ll get caught on the fight!” he warned pointing to the ferocious clash between the two werewolves.

“Ah… Yes…” he stepped back.

            The silver-haired vampire frowned, it was clear that the brown-haired was uptight with something. Was what Bertrand said so unsettling? Those two werewolves were being punished by their lord?

“Recompose yourself, Victor. You’re looking pitiful!” he scolded in a firm and leveled tone.

“Sorry…” he got startled with the sudden lecture “But that guy… Is he doing it to provoke us…? There’s something off about him…”

            Before he continued, an irritated Rael appeared behind them, stomping the ground. He would interfere on the fight, but someone grabbed his shoulder.

“What?!” he snarled, but his expression froze when he saw it was Seira.

“Let them fight… Protecting people and Noblesse-nim is our priority.”

            The fight of Frankenstein and Ragus was also dragging and causing havoc, Regis and Seira created a barrier around a large area to protect citizens from the confront. Rael helped them although it was contrary to his will.

“Humph, you traitors are all the same, you talk about honor and many things, but in the end, you just can’t accept that our world is changing!” he sent a claw-like power towards Muzaka.

            The former Lord howled and destroyed it with a powerful kick, dashing right after and ripping off Bertrand’s skin with a furious cut. The wolf continued to smile even after receiving other consecutive hits, the werewolf Lord had an eerie sensation. Why wasn’t that man stepping back? How could he smile when he was losing? He had something under his sleeve.

            Muzaka narrowed his eyes. He was determined to find out what that man was occulting. He put more strength on his strikes, making them heavier and Bertrand could barely keep up with his powers.

“What? Are you getting nervous, Muzaka?” he sneered “Are you going to destroy the humanity as you tried last time…?” his eyes were the personification of evil and his words were venomous “When Ashleen died.”

            He incited the fury of is former Lord again. This time, Muzaka howled to the sky, and lost his temper. Rai’s eyes widened as he felt his friend was about to give a blow that would sweep the entire building and surroundings, Frankenstein and Ragus also stopped after feeling the frightening power.

            Muzaka gathered his power to throw a long claw-like strike, even when the cut was flying through the air to hit Bertrand, the lower ranked wolf was still smirking. When the blow collided, a strong and dazzling light spread over the place.

            Every single person closed their eyes and jumped back to avoid the shockwave, Seira and Regis strengthened the barrier, but it would be hard to hold the power inside the area.




M-21 stopped abruptly, his feet slid on the top of the building making the dust rise. He was flabbergasted, his eye wavered as great concern corrupted his calmness. He rushed. There was a focus of smoke on the entire area of the fight, his eyes flashed through the battlefield until he saw a red light floating above the debris.

It was a translucent-reddish sphere made by Rai that had a stretched arm to maintain that barrier. Frankenstein, Regis, Rael, Seira, Victor and even Karias were inside. The sphere landed on firm ground and faded, M-21 worriedly hurried his steps, as he came closer, he saw a disturbing scene: Raizel coughed some blood, and covered his mouth.

“Master!” Frankenstein has panicked.

“I’m fine…” he wiped the blood, closing his eyes.

“My master… Weakened to the point a simple barrier is tiring him…” the servant thought not voicing a word.

“Raizel-nim!” M-21 shouted, calling their attention, his brow swirled in worry “What did happen?!”

“Seira and Regis were unprotected because they were using their powers to protect humans…” he declared.

“Raizel-nim, apologize our incompetence…” Regis bowed saddened, his poor powers caused the great noblesse to sacrifice his life force, yet again.

“... You did well.” The noblesse smiled briefly before focusing on the barrier again.

            His weary eyes denounced his state, but no one dared to say a word. They knew how the last fight in Lukedonia had affected his health. Frankenstein had been desperately trying to find a way to replenish his master’s life force, unfortunately, he didn’t find any…

            Their moment of distress was interrupted by a weird sound. It seemed like someone coughing, they recognized that raspy tone as Ragus’s. When the smoke finally dissipated, they could clearly see: Muzaka was near them, outside the sphere, panting profusely, like he had used plenty of his powers; as for Bertrand, he had the same delighted smile on face, however, he was perforating Ragu’s chest with his hand.

            The vampire coughed blood, and the werewolf laughed in mockery. Ragus directed an angered gaze to his former companion.

“What… Are you…?”

His words faltered, Bertrand had ripped his chest open. As a cruel and indifferent answer to that question, the silver-haired werewolf brought the heart of his former companion out of the body.

“Huh… I’ve heard you were rough, let’s see if you can regenerate if your heart is not inside your body!” his smile enlarged and he clutched the organ on his big hand.

            Ragus felt a shiver on his body and fell to the ground, his body collapsed, and it was already transforming into ashes.

“You’ll… pay… For that…” he snarled before vanishing completely.

            Every watcher was stunned with the scene, why would the werewolf kill his own partner? What was he planning? Muzaka frowned, clenching his teeth, he was used for that purpose. Bertrand had provoked him over and over expecting he would create an opening for him to attack his own colleague. What a nasty individual.

“You…” the lord of werewolves did not end that sentence, irritated.

            It was the same for Raizel’s group, everyone was on alert, and scowling at the lone werewolf bathed in the blood of his dead partner. Bertrand’s smirk seemed to enjoy the attention, his eyes were a trap from darkness, and his mind was a maze they couldn’t comprehend.

            He licked some of the blood on his hand, sneering and raised his head, with an arrogant posture:

 “So, who is the next?”

            What are his true aims? This weird and cunning werewolf is nothing more than a stained soul who struggles to spreads destruction trough the world. The more they try to understand him, the more chaos he brings upon the seemingly peace they longed for. What will be his next act?

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