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Frankenstein, Raizel and Regis arrived turning the table for the battle, infuriating the twin wolves and Gayare who had difficult dealing with the blonde scientist. At the same time, Karias, Rael and Seira went to Tao and Takeo’s aid, helping them who were at the brink of being consumed. While they are fighting, Bertrand informed Maduke about the fight inside the Kingdom. Will the Lord of werewolves finally take place in this battle?

Capítulo 35 - XXXIV

“Miss Seira, Rael-nim, Karias-nim...” Takeo groaned lowly as the pain spread all over his body. He wasn’t accustomed with that sleazy power.

“What are you doing-…?” Tao stopped his own question, sighing and sniggering flippantly “Ah, that’s obvious… You’ve come to pick us… Right?” his tired expression denounced his efforts to stay alive until now “But, Sir Victor is in a direr situation, he-”

“Shut up. He is there.” Rael growled irritated “If you understood sit quietly there. You all only know how to cause troubles for him…”

            Tao chuckled, scratching his head nervously, feeling ashamed for listening to that coming from Rael, but his smile suddenly became saddened as he proffered his next words:

“I guess you’re right…”

            Juraki’s brows curled slightly on the extremities forming a frown and his mouth curved down as he analyzed the situation. His confusion mixed with the annoyance he was starting to feel towards the blonde archer who seemed very irreverent.

“Who are you? You aren’t affiliated to union… Are you?” a glow of anger filled his orbs.

“Ah, did you think we were from union? Of course not! They don’t have any class or good manners!” he admitted bluntly, startling his companions.

“He admitted it right away…” Tao’s face produced a drop of sweat with this thought “Damn, we could use the link he had made to union and act as if we were agents to deceive him…”

It was too late to use that plan, though, Karias always could foil his good plans in an instant talking.

“Then, if you don’t bother, I’ll start the fight again, right?” Karias smiled, tautening his bow and preparing another arrow.

            The blue-haired only had time to get astounded when the next attack came and he avoided. Fighting with that one would be bothersome, it was what crossed his mind.





At Victor’s side

            Frankenstein was dragging the fight with Gayare, watching attentively his surroundings. His master shouldn’t fight, he wasn’t in a good condition; M-21 and Victor were also hurt; Kentas and the fifth elder had some injuries, the latter seemed in a worse condition, but he was sure it wasn’t so serious since they healed at a fast rate; as for the twin wolves, their wounds simply vanished as if they never had gotten any of them, it was starting to worry him.

            The short second of attention he directed to scrutinize the current conditions of his group was enough for him to almost receive a blow coming from the sharp claws of his adversary.

“I should end this fight already… I’m bored with your straight way of fighting…” he smirked provoking again the black-haired wolf.

“Bastard!” Gayare blurted out enraged, and with a whirling movement he darted forth.

            The blonde servant smiled, blocking the attack with dark-spear, but he was pushed back, then, it was Gayare who grinned satisfied. Frankenstein’s eyes widened when he saw the twins were going after M-21 and Victor, he gritted his teeth, lunging his hand to send dark matter stakes to hit them.

            His strike was unsuccessful as they avoided with a smirk, and swirled in the air to deliver a kick at his son; he got caught in surprise again when a painful cut was drawn on his body, Gayare had finally got him.

“Your-” he tried to shove the werewolf away, but the man simply leaped back, laughing in a low tone.

            When the blonde finally turned to help his children, his eyes widened again, barring the twins those two enemy werewolves stood in. His eyebrows knotted involuntarily in misgiving as he tried to comprehend the unusual and entrancing scene.

“You two again…” Urne said between her teeth.

            Lunark had blocked their attack with her claws, while Kentas picked Victor under one of his arms and used his other arm to defend. They also defended M-21 by standing in front of him to act as a barrier for the blows coming.

“I can’t stop being impressed on how low you’ve decayed, Urne and Mirai too.” Lunark’s keen glare had an upset glint.

“M-milady… Kentas-nim…” Victor gasped nervously, and the sturdy werewolf dropped him on the ground again. “Ouch…” he complained.

“Hey, boy, we’ve told you to go! Can’t you take your friends out of this place? It’s starting to get cumbersome saving you all day…” Kentas joked with a troubled expression.

“Heh… Helping humans… Is that fine to you?” M-21 chuckled dryly, his voice was hoarse.

“You’re all impertinent brats…” the fifth elder snarled “But I remember someone has told me it doesn’t bother which kin we’re related to… Honor comes above that…”

            M-21 was amused for a moment, he casted a side glance to Victor, the boy was mesmerized by those two werewolves, feeling awe. Soon, a brittle smile came to his lips. That kid was indeed unruly, but taking a look on how he convinced pureblood werewolves to help him, he didn’t seem that bad. He wondered how Victor could make people take a liking to him even though he was a problematic – and sadist – child.

“Raizel-nim can’t fight, and those three werewolves won’t allow us to run away…” the Landegre leader pondered feeling uneasy. “I need to help him by creating an opening to escape.”

            When he finally prepared to interfere, two other presences invaded the place threateningly. Everyone stopped fighting to look at the end of the corridor, where a looming and overwhelming power approached, longing to submit them to its wishes, making the remaining walls tremble.

            Frankenstein narrowed his eyes for a moment, he recognized one of the silhouettes coming, it was Bertrand, with a serious and collected demeanor, but he was accompanied by a figure that the blonde found strange: Maduke, the current Lord of werewolves. Victor’s eyes widened, a creepy tingling of despair befell his unsettled mind.

“Isn’t that… Maduke?” the scientist frowned “I see… He is the Lord from our time… His appearance is a bit different from his other version, though…”

“Lord!” Gayare and the twins immediately bowed nervously.

“My Lord, why have you come here…? We’re already taking care of the intruders…” Urne asked raising her eyes with caution, almost afraid of the dreadful presence of her master.

“Yes, you shouldn’t leave the throne, you don’t need to sully your hands…”Mirai also had a drop of sweat filled with warning.

“Lord… Those intruders are-” Gayare would continue the blabbering, but he was interrupted by the soundly roar of his superior:


            His voice was powerful enough to reverberate through the space and stun both Kentas and Lunark as he whammed his old staff on the ground. The two traitors were frightened with the possibility their Lord has come to take them down. An eerie and tense silence installed in the place, their attention has swerved to the Lord now.

Initially, he noticed the presence of the most powerful being on the place, and his orbs narrowed:

“Noblesse… You again… It seems you adore interfering on my business…” his voice sounded harsher, but Rai’s response was his usual aloofness.

Then, Maduke’s yellow eyes had a guile distrustful glance as he looked around until his eyes fell on the two former members of the clan.

“What a pitiful vision… Two great warriors of our race running away afraid of their punishment… It’s saddening to see you’ve become so coward…” he said in a frivolous tone, but there wasn’t any sign of regret on his words; his brows curved down slightly not stealing the visible distaste from his expression.

“Lord, you understood it all wrong, we’re not running away, neither we are responsible for the crimes Bertrand accused us!”Lunark was exasperated, trying to explain frantically.

“Silence!” he ordered, a deep shadow obscured his eyes, the traits of his face modelled in way he was unrecognizable from anger “You traitors have no right to call me Lord anymore! You failed on your mission, tried to run away, aligning with an enemy and now, you dare to tell lies!”

            Kentas gritted his teeth, he was indignant that their Lord believed they were really traitors, of course, the situation indicated it, but if they could explain everything clearly… It was a silly thought, notwithstanding, when he opened his mouth to talk, another person started a dialogue:

“Aren’t you two tired of bothering Lord? There’s nothing you could say that would release you from your crimes, and now we’ve seen you were indeed trying to flee, it’s obvious who was lying. It’s a good thing that Lord trusted on the right people…” the cynical, scornful smile on Bertrand’s face incited the anger of his fellow werewolves.

“How could you…”

            A voice startled them, now it was Victor who pronounced those words, his eyes narrowed with a flickering glow of wrath flowing through them; and he squeezed his fists as that erupting feeling consumed his expression.

“You’re the only traitors here!! Using your own clan as subjects, telling lies saying it’s for the progress! You’ve betrayed the trust of loyal members of your family!!”

His arterial pressure increased and his wounds started bleeding again, his visage didn’t tarry to show the definition of wrath, his eyes could only lock at the repulsive sight of his enemies, polluting his vision and planting words on his mouth:

“Scum is just scum no matter what they say! Be the Lord or whatever, you’re the only cowards bastards I’m seeing here!” he had no breaks for his tongue, and he didn’t care if everyone was listening to him anymore, the truth had to be unveiled.

“Lord, did you see his petulance? That is the boy you wanted to bring here… The one that have been causing troubles for us, and also, the one who came here to rescue the conspirers Kentas and Lunark. It seems they established an alliance after determining this boy would be useful.”

            Maduke’s eyes widened for a moment, not for admiration, but rather, a sickening fury was taking his expression the more he stared at the boy, his furious gaze turned to the “traitors” who stood near the half-breed, as if demanding an explanation, nonetheless, he didn’t want to listen anything coming from their mouths now, he was riled with the simple fact they were on the same place as him.

 “Bertrand… You must be kidding…” his voice was shaken by the control he exerted to not lose his coolness. “That kid isn’t even one of us…”

“No, my Lord, he is only half.  I witnessed his transformation with my own eyes.” He explained in a cold, harmful tone. “Plus…” a sly smile formed on his brusque lips “Since he is a crossbreed, I’m sure he will be useful to the experiments… We could create a powerful individual using him as base…” his bold tone sounded like a provocation which Victor fell for, gnashing.

“What are you talking about? Using kids for experiments, don’t you have any shame for saying it, Bertrand? Are we going to use subjects like the humans do?! Has your mind broken?!” Kentas yelled wroth.

“Oh, didn’t you know? Since a long time our family has been experimenting on guinea pigs like him, it would be good to take a resilient one this time, since the other ones were so weak…” he sneered wickedly.

“Other ones…?” the pink eyes of the female werewolf widened and oscillated wildly. Her mind was set into a state of confusion.

            While Kentas was extremely angered she felt frustration, sadness and she attempted to nullify that seemingly doubtful argument, but seeing the incipient and unfazed expression of her Lord, she understood it wasn’t any prank or lie Bertrand had told. Why weren’t they revoking that argument?  She questioned once more:

“What… What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I’ve said… Our clan has been doing experiments with some members of our race… Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t know?” he sniffed “And how do you think we’ve been upgrading our powers?”

Her heart skipped a beat from angst. Why? She wished so much it would be a lie, or even a bad joke…

“Lord… Is… Is that true?” she risked to ask, afraid of the answer.

            Maduke simply glared at her, unchanged and his haughty vibe confirmed her suspects when he silenced.  Tears formed on her pink eyes, only their breathing was resounding in the tense silence installed in the room. Her expression was petrified in astonishment; she had no words to say on their defense. Her strength was broken; she couldn’t even hold her tears anymore. What has her clan been doing all this time…?


Kentas closed his eyes painfully, impeding that his eyes teared even more. He shared the same opinion as her, how could they not notice it until now? Why did it have to be like this? Their family should value honor above everything else, then, why…? They were terribly fooled and there was no coming back… How many members of their clan had died for the sake of this tragic progress they wanted to achieve?

Bertrand guffawed in amusement, never had he seen something so funny, Urne, Mirai and even Gayare also laughed in enjoyment after seeing how naive his former companions were.  The room was filled with their laughing, on the other hand, none of their opponents were smiling. Frankenstein frowned obtusely at them.

“I can’t believe…” Regis thought saddened “How could they do something like this… It’s unconceivable… ”

Victor’s reaction was stronger, he snarled, letting his usually hidden canines appear, irascible, clenching his fists so tightly his nerves came to surface. No matter how stronger they were, he would surely transform them into o a pulp for playing with other people’s feelings. They had hurt two of the most precious people for him. There was no forgiving for it.

“Heh.” This time, it was M-21 who startled them “I understand now… You want to be above human’s standards, but you’re very similar to them in the end… Using people as experiments, much like the union did to me… And you still want to feel omnipotent… There’s nothing really impressive in using the others to acquire power… It only makes you lower than those humans you hate so much… ‘cause you can’t even get powers with your own hands, you need to use others for that,  it’s so lame…”

            Maduke and his subordinates all had a frown on their expressions, but their focus of despise changed when they heard a clapping sound. It was Frankenstein; he had a mocking smile on face.

“I’m proud of you, M-21, you’re learning very well…” some drops of sweat emerged on the face of the gray-haired, he didn’t feel pleased to listen that praise, actually he was pretty worried.

“Your insolent scoundrel! You dare to invade my kingdom and mock my clan!” Maduke’s overbearing voice showed his loathe for the blonde.

            The vicious smirk Frankenstein had until now gradually faded and his eyes sharpened for a moment as he glared at the werewolf Lord with a subtle hint of disgust in his expression.

“I’m the only offended with your arrogance here… You abominate humans for doing greedy experiments, then you trample on the lives of fellow werewolves under the pretext it’s for the growth of your family … As if it wasn’t enough you threat the loyal members of your own clan as garbage, and above all that, you insults my master and insults my son…” the more his words came out, the more deranged he looked like, he was pissed off.  “I was serious about scolding that kid for invading your reign…” he pointed out Victor “But now I can see why he hates this place so passionately…”


Raizel’s brows furrowed, his red eyes roamed through the place, catching the essence of that fight, Kentas and Lunark were heartbroken, incapable of going against their Lord by the surging sorrow embracing their hearts, he could listen to the turbulent feelings they emanated; M-21 was badly injured, and Victor was again sharing the pain of his friends, his benevolence was stained with hatred now, he came here only to impede this moment and in the end it only postponed this gloomy truth from coming to surface.

Suddenly, Frankenstein felt a burst of energy coming behind, he turned swiftly and jumped, defending the attack with dark-spear, rebating it to the ceiling. Gayare still had his arm stretched as a translucent smoke came out of his hand, he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

 “A sneaky attack… I’ll treat you accordingly …” a grave expression was drawn on his face as his dark aura poured violently, nothing could mitigate his anger now.

“Humph… Let’s see if you’re as good as you pose, wretched human.” He sprung towards the dark-spear master.

            While they exchanged blows, Maduke averted his gaze to the side, to look discreetly at his servant, and ordered:

“Bertrand, catch the traitors, make sure to not deliver much damage to their bodies so they can be useful for the experimental procedures.” His whisper was solid and gelid like ice.

“Yes, Lord.” The sinful smile of the white-haired exhibited the wicked shades of his inner self.

            Frankenstein could only notice after he had already vanished from the side of the perverse Lord of werewolves. He flinched when another attack was coming, defending from the trenchant claws of the black-haired.

            The blonde scientist smirked and pushed his enemy back with a lashing cut, which Gayare avoided, only to perceive the cut was drawing near the twins stationed far behind him, They avoided with a hop, and scowled at the blonde.

“Sheesh, can’t you pay more attention to your surroundings? You almost got your friends seriously injured.” His face was stamped with derision.

            He only goaded his enemy into the fight even more. Meanwhile, Kentas and Lunark watched wordless, with drops of sweats, they couldn’t think properly on a course of action, their disturbance was clear on their expression. Taking advantage of their moment of disillusion, Urne and Mirai smiled at each other, communicating in a way only they could understand, planning an attack.

            They both grew their claws imbuing it with a strange energy, then they leaped together and each one aimed at one of the traitors, it razored the air to deliver a dividing blow, ready to tear their  enemies apart, however a uncanny red barrier formed around the two traitors. The twin’s attacks were deviated, going up and exploding the ceiling. They were baffled, not much as the own traitors who were more confused now.

            Stepping into the fight with a stretched arm was Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. His brows furrowed and his mouth was closed in a thin line as he lifted the barrier.

“B-blood field…?” Urne gulped.

            Regis appeared in front of the noblesse and bowed, asking respectfully:

“Raizel-nim, allow me to take the fight, please. You should not waste your energy here.”

            The black-haired vampire lowered his arm and stared at Regis with his deep red eyes, causing some apprehension. Before he could give a proper response, while the twins were distracted watching the scene, it was Victor who took action, he was not being controlled by dark spear, but he acted as if he was, enraged and behaving like a beast.

            He jumped forth and grew his claws to dilacerate the twins, they leaped back and sneered. He wasn’t finished yet, dashing again he accumulated his dark powers, materializing it into dark needles and darting them in a spiral. They evaded again, but he was unstoppable.

“What’s wrong with him?” the green-haired snorted.

“Who knows!” the blue-haired shrugged and chuckled enjoying the sudden snap of the wrathful kid.

            Victor lunged towards them, clenching his fists covered in dark matter to deliver a strong punch, they evaded like they were playing around him. It was when he liberated his dark aura into the form of stakes around his body, successfully plunging Mirai’s arm and Urne’s leg.

“What?!” they grinded their teeth in unison.

“Why is he fighting like that…? Can he still use those powers…?”

The Landrege had a worried glint on his eyes as he watched with a distressed expression. Raizel frowned even more. He knew why Victor was risking himself now even knowing he probably wouldn’t endure using those dark powers for long… His gaze fell back, where the two werewolves stood, witnessing the choleric battle with stupefaction. They couldn’t comprehend, and they couldn’t move a finger to help because they weren’t able to reason properly. The powerful vampire concentrated on the fight unraveling before him once more.

The dark stakes dissolved, but differently from what the twins expected, their wounds weren’t healing properly, they bared their fangs at the boy and invested on a combined attack. Before they completed the attack, a shadow did the job in advance, whacking Victor’s stomach. The boy held the arm of the white-haired attacker before being sent away, startling the werewolf. A devilish smirk sprouts on his face as he looked menacingly at the enemy.

“What…?” Bertrand was astonished, his phrase could never be finished, he felt a shiver when the dark aura pouring out of Victor started to cling to his arm, like it wanted to get attached to his skin, the obnoxious feeling that power transmitted disgusted the pureblood, and by instinct, he recoiled warningly.

“Tsk… That thing was crazy to talk to you, how you can be so cruel and reject it like that…?” his sarcasm only made it looks like he was the villain there “It will feel dejected!”

“What are-” the white-haired growled annoyed.

            Again, the twins attacked, but this time Bertrand tried to alert them:

“Urne, Mirai, be careful, that power of him will consume you if you get close to him!”

“Don’t ruin our fun!” Mirai had a mad smile when she blurted out the sentence in a shrilling tone.

“Sit down and watch!” Urne chuckled, supporting her sister.

“Those two…”Bertrand’s inner voice never came out as he frowned “Well, not that I bother if they end up dying here…” an abject grin played on his mouth.

            He turned his attention to the two traitor werewolves that quivered smoothly with his dreadful glare. When he jumped to attack, he again had to recede when a powerful aura emerged, weakening his body, after he jumped back he identified the source:

“The noblesse…?!”

            Raizel had a visible scowl this time, he stood in front of the two werewolf traitors, and he was the one who did a blood barrier again to protect them. The werewolf duo couldn’t take their eyes away from the vampire as he stood in for them. Why? All that they could think about was the reason why that man was helping them too…

They glanced at Victor, to tell the truth they couldn’t understand what was going on anymore, everything was upside down, their supposed-to-be enemies were helping them and their family was against them… No, deep inside their hearts, they were too afraid to accept that truth. But running away wouldn’t solve anything at that point…

“Raizel-nim…” M-21 let out a worried whisper and watched Victor’s fight.

            The blue-haired sprung to punch Victor, he held her hand, she tried to punch with her other hand but he also defended the same way, then, she opened her fists and initiated a competition of strength in which the boy was almost matching her.

 “A little mongrel like you could never match our new power! You’re nothing but a puppy compared to us!” she started to push Victor down, his hands trembled from the force applied, but his eyes were firm with a deep determination she found extremely irritating.

            Urne kicked him by the side slyly, making him let her sister go and drop to the ground with a sore on his spleen. He touched the injured area grimacing a bit, but soon he stood up again, and that furious blaze was back to his eyes.

“Amazing! You’re really an amazing thing! I can’t wait to see how much knowledge we will acquire after examining your body!” Urne praised maniacally, blushing in excitement.

Victor gritted his teeth in response, and gathered his dark aura on his hand, however in the process, the dark matter consumed his whole arm. Regis’s brows curled up, he felt woe watching that scene again, this time, he interfered shouting out loud:

“Victor, your body won’t hold this power longer, you’ll get insane! Stop it now! I’ll help you!”

            He looked at the noblesse who was keeping Bertrand away from M-21 and the traitor werewolves, he should be helping Raizel, but he couldn’t simply let Victor fight alone.

“Cool your head down, you will only sacrifice yourself if you keep this, remember that losing your composure won’t help in a fight!” he tried to insert some reason on his friend’s mind.

“………..” Victor clenched his fists, his gaze was stagnant on the twin werewolves as he gathered more power to deliver his final attack and resume the fight.

“Heheh, you should listen to your friend, kid!” the green-haired smirked scoffing.

“Shut this filthy mouth of yours!” His arrogant and overbearing tone startled her, not only her, but the whole cast overheard his dictatorial voice.  

“I can overlook anything you say about me, because I couldn’t care less about the shit that come out of your mouth, but I will never…” he grinded his teeth letting his sharp canines at sight, his eyes obscured in ire “I will never forgive the fact you made Kentas-nim and Lunark feel sad! You all are worthless their trust or even their loyalty, and there’s nothing but a cruel destiny awaiting for you all now…”

            His haughty assertion only fazed the twins even more, inciting their irritation, regardless of that, Regis was flabbergasted as his eyes wavered. Of course he must have felt sad after those people who were important to him had to find the truth in such crude way… He glanced to them, they were also confused about his sudden statement, and had sorrowed expressions.

            The brown-haired youngster felt as the dark-power flowed through his body, filling it, his torso was consumed again. He was ready to use his last resource…

“Tsk… I got too emotional… I forgot that thing tries to gorges me if I demonstrate weakness… ” he smiled resignedly “Fine, I’ll give what you want, dark-spear…” he glanced briefly to Frankenstein, but his father was too occupied to pay attention to him now, he could only voice an internal apologizing as he prepared to end the fight “Sorry father… Again, I’ll have to disobey your orders… I’m really sorry you’re stuck with a stubborn son like me… but there’s no other way…”

            On the next moment, he dashed onwards, attacking with his bare fists imbued with dark matter, Mirai jumped back in reflex, but her sister blocked the attack with one arm. She regretted doing it on the same instant, when some odd strings of dark matter clung to her arm. She panicked, stepping back, but that nasty dark power emanating from the boy went after her.

            At that time, everyone was paying attention to their fight again, since the gloomy vibe dark-spear gave was sending chilled down their spines. Frankenstein took a side glance, trying to comprehend what his son was planning, then, when his mind was illuminated, he thought:

“Victor, you can’t be possibly thinking about…” his mouth opened in despair “Don’t-” he didn’t have time to complete, it was done.

            Not only the sensation it elicited, the form of Victor’s powers were… Urne could see almost if tiny hands stretched towards her body, she shivered as a terrible fear struck her senses. She wanted to avoid being touched by that thing again.

She kicked Victor, pushing him back, his feet dragged and some dust arose, but his sadistic smirk and his stretched hand were still there. Even when she took some distance, his stance did not change. Dark aura poured vigorously out of his body, concentrating on his hand and that energy was darted like a stream, she leaped up to avoid, but the energy hardened embroiling her in an instant.

            The spectators were all stupefied with the simple, yet horrifying tactic. Their terror only accentuated when from the dark mass that was enveloping the blue-haired, they listened to a pained yell, and immediately after the black mass expanded like a porcupine, gushing the purple matter in the air to all directions molding into a strange shape. Victor smiled victoriously as a dark glint flashed through his eyes, he stood erectly as if waiting for something to happen. 

“U-Urne…?” Mirai gasped looking around, trying to search for her sister.

            The dark matter seemed a living thing moving frantically, until it stopped moving and surprised everyone again, darting like a stream towards Victor. He didn’t even try to move a centimeter, the energy stroke him violently, pushing him back a bit, but he endured as his body absorbed it fast. In a second, there wasn’t any sign neither of Urne nor of the black matter.

“Don’t tell me…” Regis gulped thinking scared on the worst scene he had ever seen on his life “It swallowed a whole person…?”

“No… Victor…” Frankenstein’s sorrowed thoughts took affected his expression “If Dark-spear swallows someone, it absorbs the power of the person, for me its fine since I can control it, but, your body can’t handle that quantity of power at once… You will…” he felt the urge to take measures right now, before his son collapsed.

            Nevertheless, it was too late to do that. Victor’s knees dropped on the ground, a sudden burst of power happened inside him, his arms and even his face were getting covered by the creepy dark matter, he bended his body, feeling an harrowing pain; both of his hands gripped his hair, messing it as he tried to struggle against whatever was bothering him, he shouted, squirming, falling to the ground, incapable of fully containing as his conscious was at the verge of fading.  His scream echoed through the battleground, making the spectators freeze in place.

“Did he consume Urne…?” Maduke couldn’t believe on his own eyes “He’s paying the price, but… This power…” his yellow orbs were filled with greed “I need to know more about that power!” he thought awakening the necessity of knowing about that abnormal half-thing.

            What will this man do now that he has taken interest in Victor? Be it present or future, his wicked and greediness never changes, and maybe it will be the cause of his ruin…

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