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História Monsters - Interativa - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - Att 7

Ah, ah, oh, oh


You've got no place to hide
And I'm feeling like a villain, got a hunger inside
One look in my eyes
And you're running 'cause I'm coming
Gonna eat you alive


Your heart, it's like a drum
Oh, oh oh, oh, oh
The chase has just begun
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


Monsters stuck in your head
(We are, we are, we are)
Monsters under your bed
(We are, we are)
We are monsters, oh, oh
(We are, we are)
We are monsters, oh
Ah, ah, oh, oh


One misstep, you're mine
And you better stay clever if you wanna survive
Once you cross the line
You'll be wishing you would listen
When you meet your demise
Ah, ah, oh, oh

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