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Capítulo 3 - Secrets and Lies

I know all your secrets
I know all your lies
I know where you keep 'em
Buried deep inside
No, you can't hide your secrets and lies

— Are you going to tell them? — Mia asked looking at Hayley.

— No... They don't need to know this. — She said as she sighed. — Let's take them to the institute, this place isn't safe.

Mia and Erick looked at each other as they saw the girl leave the house, taking mundanes... or Shadowhunters that weren't trained to the institute could be too dangerous.

The two looked at the brothers and shakes their heads in denial, three Shadowhunters that were raised like mundanes, training them would be hard, but nothing is impossible.

— So... What are your names? — Mia asked trying to seem friendly.

She didn't receive an answer, the curly haired girl was with her arms crossed looking at the floor, and the straight haired girl was trying to explain to the brother what had happened.

— Ok... this is gonna be harder than I thought. — The girl spoke and walked towards the door.

— By the angel... let's go... — The boy spoke and followed her.

Lizzie and John followed the two, meanwhile Megan stayed behind, she wouldn't trust them, but she also didn't want to be alone in the house.

Some blocks ahead from the brothers house they were able to see a old church, how did it appear there? Ok, proprably they just couldn't see it before.

Mia and Erick got in with the three, the place was big, there were somo paintings, but none of that mattered right now.

— Well... I think you must be Meg... Hayley wants to talk to you, Erick will take you to her, Ben will go with you meanwhile Lizzie, you come with me. — She smiled and walked towards a room.

Erick walked through the place until he got to the room where Hayley was, Meg breathed in and entered the place.

— Megan... — Ben whispered trying to get his sisters attention.

— Go with him Ben! — She said and closed the door.


Mia took Lizzie to practice with her, the girl picked up a baston e threw it at the newest hunter. Lizzie holded the bastion and twirled it in her hand.

— Thought you'd let it fall. — Mia spoke and looked at her holding another baston.

— You know nothing about us... you shouldn't take quick conclusions. — She said and holded the baston in front of her.

— So... why don't you tell me something about you? Mia said and started walking slowly towards the girl.

For some instants the girl went silent, she knew she shouldn't trust Mia, but she had saved her and her brothers twice.

— Be specific, what do you wanna know? — She asked while she tried to hit Mia with the baston.

The girl quick blocked Lizzie's movement and smiled.

— You're too precipitated... — She backed off and threw the baston on the ground. — I never liked to practice with that.

Lizzie shakes her head in denial and threw her baston on the ground too.

— Your mom, was she one of us? — Mia asked looking at the girl.

— As far as I know... No, she wasn't. — Elizabeth spoke.

Mia nudged her shoulders and quickly ran towards the girl, throwing her at the ground, she landed softly on the girl,, Lizzie knew that that would hurt later.

When !ia tried to catch the girl's arm, someone grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground making her fall a little hard, she closed her eyes quickly absorbing the impact.

— This fight seems a little unfair... and we just learned we're Shadowhunters. — Megan spoke looking at Mia on the ground. — We need to go home... Hayley thinks dad was one of them and he could've hidden something there... — She said helping her sisters to get up.

— Where's Ben? — Lizzie asked looking at the sister.

— Erick and him... nevermind. — Megan said and sighed.

— I bet they're playing some stupid game... I'll take care of it! — Mia said getting up and walked towards Erick's room.

— Our father? Meg... he disappeared three years ago, how could he have anything to do with this? — She asked trying to understand the situation.


The three girl walked slowly through the street, Hayley was holding her axe, but the mundanes couldn't see her, a invisibility rune for mundanes had been activated before they left the institute.

The house where the girls lived seemed to be completely normal for anyone who couldn't see the Shadow World. but the walls were completely marked with blood of the demons that they had killed.

The girls looked at the house and apparently their mother hadn't arrived yet. Hayley held her axe tighter and circled the perimeter around the house, all the creatures were gone, but there was something different, she felt like something bad was about to happen.

Lizzie held the knob of the door, she could feel it how cold it was, but forgot about it and opened the door. Meg entered the house before her sister, she looked everywhere and there was no sign of any broken glass or falling objects, it seemed like all of that was just a bad dream.

Little by little she started to see that all of that wasn't really what she was seeing, in a matter of seconds all of it came undone, the house that was perfectly tided, became a place who could perfectly fit for a horror movie.

Lizzie entered the house and saw all of that, it seemed like no one had cleaned the place for years.

Hayley entered house and saw the two girls looking at each corner of the house.

— I deactivated the protection... you probably couldn't see it because of it... — The girl spoke.

A loud noise at the garage called the attention of the three, Hayley thought it was a demon, but Lizzie and Meg knew very well who it was, the looked at each other and spoke at same time.

— Mom...

— You must get her out of here! If a... — Hayley stopped her words when saw the woman entering the room.

Eleanor smiled upon seeing her daughters, she went to spend the weekend at a friends house, even though she called her three children to come with her, they preferred to stay at home.

Her smile quickly undid itself when she saw something moving behind the girls, she ran quickly to both of them, and threw them on the ground, stopping the shadow to attack them.

Hayley threw her axe at the thing but nothing happened, it seemed stronger than normal.

Lizzie and Meg caught the blades from their pockets quickly, they got up at the same time and could see their mom fighting against the shadow. Megan activated the blade, but it was too late, the shadow had pierced Eleanor's chest with its on claws.

Hayley ran to the things direction and pushed it against the window, both of them fell outside with all the pieces of glass above.

Elizabeth ran to her mother and held her before she fell to the ground, the girl didn't know what to do, her mother put her hand on her cheek, she knew that was her end and that she couldn't escape death.

— Protect your brothers. — She said before she gave her last breath

Meg dropped the blade, that fell to the ground, she could feel her mother's life leave the body. Lizzie looked at her sister, her eyes were now full of tears that she couldn't control.

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