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Capítulo 4 - Live Like Legends

When it rains it pours,
There will be blood in the water
Faith falls hard
on our shoulders
Cause legends never die!

A week later...

The girls thought it would better not to tell Ben about anything, they believed it would be better for now. Ben was very close to their mom and if he found out she had died, well... they didn't knew what could happen.

Hayley had asked Erick to train the girl's, meanwhile Mia would teach Ben some stuff about the Institute.

The sisters walked towards the training room. As they got closer to the weapons, they could see Erick alongside a brunette boy.

— Welcome to the first day of training, kids. — he smiled — This is gonna be fun.

Megan glared daggers at him.

— We're not here for games, dearie! — Elizabeth told the blond.

— We aren't kids anymore, we're sixteen! — Said Meg

Erick took a step ahead, facing them, but the brunette boy stopped him.

— No! — The boy said with a serious expression, looking at Erick.

Then he looked at the girls and smiled.

— Hi, I'm Harry, don't mind him, he's always been like this. — Harry said smiling.

Erick rolled his eyes and caught a seraph blade.

— Let's start this already! — He threw two blades at the girls — Megan, you come with me, Elizabeth you go with Harry. — Erick told them.

Megan looked at Elizabeth with a happy expression on her face.

— Now this, is going to be fun... — She whispered to the sister a walked to Erick.

— Hey! Let's go outside, I'll teach how to use a bow. — Harry told Elizabeth.

Erick stood quiet for some time, it seemed like he was analyzing the girl and she didn't care a bit about it.

She twirled the blade and looked at him. She knew very well you to use that, and she wasn't going to lose to that guy.

— So, Megan... Why did y... — Before he could finish the sentence, Megan stacked hi, with the blade.

He managed to escape for inches, his expression became surprised, he did it imagine that the girl would react that way. Erick

— No sharp objects... — He said and dropped the blade.

Meg grinned and dropped the blade too, for the first time she had liked the anger look on the boys face.

Erick turned his back to her and grabbed his stele without her seeing, or at least it's what he thought, he quickly activated a strength rune and looked at her.

— This is unfair, Erick... — Megan said and walked to the weapons table — If you can use that mark... I can use this! — She said and quickly threw the whip at him.

The object hit him in the face, creating a little cut, what made him even angrier. He caught the stele again and activated a iratze rune.

— Oh my God... are you okay? — Megan said and looked at the whip.

She caught the part of the whip that had hit the boy and looked at it as if she was looking for injuries.

She felt her phone ringing and answered upon seeing that Sam was calling her, it had been a week since the two haven't spoke, the boy was probably worried.

— Sam? — She said and waited for his answer.

-— "Meg? My God... where have you been? I looked for you everywhere..." -— He said a little worried.

Erick saw that the girl had turned her back and walked slowly to her, when he was going to make her trip she turned around and punched him in the face.

— Sam... I'll see you at the park. — She said and turned the call off.

— By the angel... is the floor okay? — A boy said when he entered the room.

That was already pissing Erick offf, he always "won" and this time he was losing to a girl.

— Isaac... Good to see you too. — He said getting up and looked at Meg. — This isn't over! — He said and walked out of the room.

Isaac only laughed at his "brother" attitude and looked at Meg.

— Hi, I'm Isaac Goldkey — He said with a smile on his face.

— I'm Megan... — The girl said and smiled weakly.

He stayed silent for some time, observing her.

— You're the mundane that killed that demon dragon, aren't you? — He said a little bit curious.

— Yeah... I am, I just don't think I'm a mundane. — Meg said and nodded her head.

The boy laughed at her answer and looked at her.

— I see your good with the whip, come with me, I can show you how to use it. — He said and started walking out of the room.


Harry and Elizabeth went to the roof, as soon as they got there, the boy grabbed a bow and some arrows and handed them to the girl.

— Elizabeth, right? — Said the brunette.

— Elizabeth Rose Campbell Turner. — She answered.

— I'm Harry, Harry James Heartstorm. — He said while he directed Lizzie towards the shouting position.

The girl tried to hold the bow the best way possible, but the right way for her was completely wrong.

He gave a small laugh meanwhile he lowered her elbow and positioned his hand over hers to demonstrate the needed stability to hold the bow.

— Now... breathe in. Keep calm and aim at the target. — The boy said.

The girl shooter the arrow and the object almost hits the circle next to the center. She smiled widely, lowered the bow and looked at Harry.

— Oh my God, I almost hit the center. — She said happily

Harry laughed upon seeing her joy and looked her in the eyes.

— It must be your shadowhunter look. — He looked at her thoughtfully. — Can I call you... Rose? — He asks her.

— Sure... James. — Lizzie says smiling.

— Lets's keep training. — The boy said taking her back to the front of the target again. — In no time, you'll be the best archer in the Institute! — He said smiling and helping her to hold the bow.


Ben had tried to call his mom a dozen times and none of the occasions she had answered or returned the calls.

When he was calling again, he went by Megan's room as he heard a phone ringing, or it was a lot of coincidence or something really weird was happening.

He looked at both directions and saw that there was no one near, opened the bedroom's door quietly and saw his mothers phone at Megan's desk.

If she was back, he was going to find her and it would be as fast as possible. havia tentando ligar para a mãe várias vezes e nenhuma das ligações foi atendida ou teve retorno.

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