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Hey Minnie's. This is my story that I wrote.
It's been 3 days I'm writing.
I want to complete it eagerly. So enjoy~
Love you...💞

Capítulo 1 - One

Fanfic / Fanfiction MR.KIM - Capítulo 1 - One

      ~•`  Welcome to this story. `•~

This story contains more intimating scenes that is not for innocent chicks. 

I hope you understand and DONT report this story. Damn if you're uncomfortable then the exit is open for you. Your welcome. 

So my dear loves. Shall we begin? then click yes button.

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Again.. I'm on this bed. Which is called as patient: 01342 . I hugged my knees as I buried my face on my knees. I'm bad. I'm bad to everyone... Everyone hates me. Everyone. 

I looked up as a nurse came into room. She kept the plate on table which have a lot of injection with some of liquids that contains good drugs. 

She looked at me. "Mr. Kim was arriving in 2 minutes so be a good girl" she said as she gulped looking at me. I smiled sadly as my head started to hurt. "don't worry I'm not a mental patient" i said as I took her hand in mine . She looked at me shocked. But her expression turned into sad one. "oh. " She says as she suddenly hugged me. "Don't feel bad ok?" She said making me feel broken again. She thinks that I'm in good mood ... Yes I'm a mental patient. I'm not. They created this name to me. I pushed her slowly. "it's ok go" I said as I hugged my knees again looking away. My cheek laid on my knees as a tear fell down from my eyes. She looked down and went out.

Mr.kim.... I've never heard this name. 


Mr.kim pov 

Mr.kim smiled as he was staring at photo frame. "Miss you" he thought to himself. Suddenly he heard a knock and he looked at door "come in" he said keeping the photo frame aside. A nurse entered the office and bowed. "Mr.kim Ms.lee y/n the-" "don't call mental anyone. It hurts...you know I don't like it" he said sighing. Nurse nodded hesitantly. "sorry Mr.kim" she said and Mr.kim got up from his seat and grabbed his coat. "Patient?" He said as he looked at file which shows his today's patients names with their room number. "Huh.. room... Ah patient 01342" she said and Mr.kim hummed as he kept file aside and opened the door "bring 3 male nurses" he said but she shook her head. "She's not danger sir. She's normal" she said as she bowed and Mr.kim hesitantly nodded and walked towards patient room. "Normal huh?" He said as he opened the door of room. Y/n head turned to door frame as she seen him she sat straightly. He smiled. "Good morning Ms.y/n" he said as he walked towards her. She backed away a little but she sat there not moving an inch. He looked at her little backing away and sat on chair which is beside bed. She looked away. "It's ok sit comfortable" he said she quickly hugged her knees feeling warm.  He looked at her amused. he shake his head and smiled "so Ms.y/n let's Introduce ourselves so you will be comfortable with me" he said as he gave her notepad and pen. She hesitated but took it with her shaking hands. He grabbed her wrist and looked at her shocked. "You're so thin..." He said slowly as he let her hand go. She smiled and looked at notepad. "write 10 question that you want to ask me.." he said as he smiled gently. She nodded slowly as she started writing something. She quickly gave him notepad after writing questions. She used to it. He took it and looked at it. A smiled appeared on his lips. "ok well question number one" he said as he looked up at her. She hugged her knees tightly. "what's your name? taehyung. Kim taehyung." He said and leaned back looking at notepad. All questions was normal until it came to last question , he was stunned by her last question "last one... Did you ever felt what pain is?" He said as he bit his lip... He leaned in and kept his elbows on his knees looking at her. " I felt." He said and smiled sadly. She looked down almost crying but not "you felt?" She said looking down.  "Yeah.. And." He said breathing heavily controlling his burst of tears. He looked down "you're not normal" he said and she looked up at him. First time, a person said that to her ,she don't know why but she looked away as tears fell from her eyes. Suddenly someone opened the room door making them look at door. A man. With water in his hands. Mr.kim looked at him and y/n. She looked away not wanting to talk to the man. "Y/n. I brought water for you" he said as he smiled at her keeping the bottle on table. Y/n took blanket and laid on bed. Mr.kim looked at her back as he heard sobs. "Y/n-" "come to my office. I want to talk to you" he said as he went to office without looking at him. He looked at Mr.kim and went out of room as he looked at her last time . He went to Mr.kim office. 

 "come in" Mr.kim said as he sucked up the cigarette to get some smoke into his mouth finally puffing it out. That man came into office gulping. Mr.kim looked at him . He leaned back into his seat "Lee shiro right?" He said as he looked at file. He nodded "so... She's fine" he said as he looked at files flipping the pages. Hiro looked up and smiled "really!?" He said as mr.kim smiled "yes" he said and gave him prescription. Hiro took it and there's some medicines names. "Give this to nurse she'll bring medicines" he said sming and Hiro nodded. "Thank you Mr.kim. I can't believe my wife is fine." He said as he went out of room. Mr.kim smirked as he lean back into his chair and closed his eyes.                                   'a real game is going to start now' 

Shiro went inside patient room and his smile faded away and a cold expression appeared on his face but he forced his smile as he sat beside her on bed. "Baby, I'm home" he said as he hugged her from behind but she moved his hands away from her. He furrowed his eyebrows. "are you still angry cuz I hit you?" He said as he stood up and y/n slowly got up. He gulped as he looked at y/n's bruise body. "Take this jacket it's col-" "I have jacket to cover it" she said as she smiled sadly at him . He looked down and they both went out. She tried to walk but she can't. She tried to hold his hand but he moved away looking away. She slowly backed away her hand.  Her legs hurt so much that she walked slowly behind him. 

     My life isn't the beautiful one

Notas Finais

Hey Minnie's! So I'm going to upload next episode tomorrow.. stay tuned and love you guys bye bye! 💜💜💜

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