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História Murdoc Niccals 1th Love - Capítulo 1

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I hope you like my loves

Capítulo 1 - Murdoc falls in love

Fanfic / Fanfiction Murdoc Niccals 1th Love - Capítulo 1 - Murdoc falls in love

 One day Murdoc was at KongStudios talking to Stuart

and Russel, Stuart asks the two companions.

Stu: Are you hungry?

Murdoc and Russel: Yes

Russel: Where are we going to have a snack?

Stu: There's a diner nearby, come on.

Arriving at the cafeteria they went to order their snacks, when

Murdoc looks to see if the waitress is already coming with her

requests he comes across a brown-eyed girl,

black hair and brown skin, standing in front of the bar

cafeteria, Murdoc excuses his companions and went to

the girl.

Murdoc: Hi, my name is Murdoc A: Niccals, I like yours

hair, what's your name?

Luciana: Hi ...

Murdoc: What is your name?

Luciana: Just a moment ... ready! My name is Luciana, with


Murdoc: Wait ... You want to join me and mine

companions for a snack?

Luciana: Whatever.

Russel: Who is this girl?

Murdoc: Person this is Luciana, we just met here

in the cafeteria.

Luciana: Really, he asked me to come here to eat with you.

Stu: You are beautiful.

Stuart because a smile on his face getting all embarrassed.

Luciana: Thank you.

She smiled at Stuart, Murdoc is jealous because he started to

like Luciana and say.

Murdoc: Well, well, well, our snacks arrived, let's eat.

Luciana and stuart stared at each other for a long time until

Murdoc loses control of his jealousy and slaps

Stuart's head.

Murdoc: Don't you see that I like her?

Stu: I'm sorry, I didn't know Murdoc.

Murdoc: Lu ... Luciana ... Are you going out with me tonight?

Luciana: Okay, I went out with you. (smiles)

Murdoc: I'll meet you at the square at 7 pm.

Luciana: Okay.

Arriving home Murdoc went to bathe and dress the best

clothes he has in his closet.

Luciana took a shower and put on a beautiful black dress and one of

dresses but beautiful that she had in her closet is the dress

black she used in her presentation with her father, who

performed around the world singing one of the classics, O

Phantom of the Opera.

Arriving at the square Luciana waited for Murdoc to arrive, but

he had an unforeseen problem, because Noodle needed Murdoc to

took her to the cinema with some friends.

But finally he arrives at the square and meets Luciana

sitting next to the lilac flowers, he sits next to her and starts to

talk to Luciana, Murdoc asks what she does to

support and Luciana answers.

Luciana: I'm an actress, I perform in theaters, I make films,

soap operas, series and singing sometimes when it's possible, how about you?

Murdoc: I am a bassist and the creator of the band Gorillaz and I have

my own Studio, it's called KongStudios.

Luciana: Cool

Murdoc takes his hand and says.

Murdoc: You are very beautiful.

Luciana: Thank you Murdoc. (red face)

Murdoc approaches Luciana and kisses her on the mouth hugging her

strong, with a lot of complexion feeling when touching his body, Murdoc

takes Luciana home.

Luciana: Murdoc ... do you want to sleep here at home today? it is

too late for you to go home.

Murdoc: Yes, thank you dear.

The two go to the room hand in hand, lie on the bed,

Murdoc starts taking off Luciana's dress and kissing her body

all. Luciana hugs him taking off his shirt and pants, they start to

have intercourse, murdoc looks her in the eye and says.

Murdoc: Lu ... Do you want to date me?

Luciana: Yes love, I want to date you.

The next day, Murdoc arrives late at KongStudios, as

woke up late at his girlfriend's house. Luciana stays at home

preparing dinner for when Murdoc returns from the studio.

Around 8 pm, Murdoc arrives at Luciana's house to

dinner and start talking about each other's day.

Luciana: How was your dear day?

Murdoc: It was good dear, we rehearsed and talked a lot. AND

your day?

Luciana: It was also my love, I tidied the house, I made yours

have dinner and that's it.

Murdoc: So your day has been drawn.

Luciana: Let's go to bed dear, you must be sleepy.

Murdoc: Yes, I am very tired dear.

Then the two lie on the bed and start to hug and


Months went by and the two stayed but

in love with each other, until one day Luciana started to

feeling bad, so she went to the doctor to find out what the

your malaise. Upon arriving home, Luciana runs off to the

Murdoc's arms, he looks into her eyes and realizes that Luciana

is crying and is worried.

Murdoc: what happened dear?

Luciana: Nothing not wanted.

Murdoc: Tell me, I'm worried, did someone mistreat you?

Luciana: No dear, nobody did anything for me.

Murdoc: So tell me what's going on !!!

Luciana: I am pregnant Murdoc.

Murdoc: pregnant?

Luciana: Yes Murdoc, I am pregnant.

Murdoc opens a smile and hugs his wife carrying him

arms and filling you with kisses, the next day Murdoc arrives at

KongStudios with a huge smile on their face, everyone was

frightened because they never saw you as happy as that day, Stuart,

Noodle and Russel arrive at Murdoc and ask him what was

happening to make him so happy.

Murdoc: I'm going to be a father.

Stu, Noodle and Russel: WHAT QUEEEEEEEEEE?

Murdoc: What you heard, I'm going to be a father.

Everyone was happy with the news, but Stuart was thoughtful and

wondering, as Murdoc would be the father if he is not an example

father to give to his son who would be born.

Returning home Murdoc buys several flowers and a ring of

engagement to Luciana, because with her son the coming he would have to be

committed to his wife, Murdoc arrives at his home and

Luciana was in the kitchen making dinner he comes from behind and

give him a big hug and kisses.

Murdoc: Luh, do you want to marry me?

Luciana: Of course yes Murdoc.

Murdoc: Let's hurry up our wedding date, I want to be

married to you before our son was born.

Luciana: I do not know love, it's been a few months that I'm pregnant,

I just didn't know, I thought I was sick, when I went to do

a blood test the doctor said I was already six

months pregnant, and I thought the belly was bloody because

my parents are chubby. Now I know it's my little boy


Murdoc: Our marriage is for after the birth of

baby all right?

Luciana: Alright love.

3 months later

After three months the baby was born and his name is Murdoc A: Niccals

Júnior, Luciana and Murdoc got married, live together with their son and live

 happy next to each other forever.

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