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História My Daddy - Capítulo 4

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Meu Deus, primeiramente eu queria pedir milhões de desculpas, porque eu simplesmente parei de escrever :(
A verdade é que faz anos que eu simplesmente não tinha inspiração nem tempo pra escrever e abandonei todos os meus projetos de história, mas esses dias eu decidi retomar se não todas, a maior parte e pelo menos oferecer um final decente.
Eu sei que muitos curtiram essa fic, então eu decidi escrever novos capítulos.
Espero que vocês ainda tenham interesse e se gostarem, lembrem-se de deixar um feedback nos comentários, seria muito legal saber :)

Como antes, as notas serão sempre em português, mas a história em inglês, aproveitem :3

Capítulo 4 - Your Taste

Fanfic / Fanfiction My Daddy - Capítulo 4 - Your Taste

  A month passed since you and Yoongi started this unusual relationship. Occasionally he’d send you flowers and take you out to dine with him.

- You know… - He started – The company will open a few spots for interns soon. You should try. I can’t help you get the job, but I’m telling you because it pays more than your current job with less hours. Also, it’s in the same area as your college course so it would be good for your resumé to work for a company like ours. – He brought the food to his mouth.
- Oh… Thanks a lot. I will send my application. – You bowed slightly.
- Thank me after you get it. I’m sure you’ll have no problem. You’re really competent.
- It means a lot that you see me that way. I’d hate to be just a cute key ornament.
  He laughed.
- A what?
- You know… Something pretty you just drag along but doesn’t do anything in the end.
- Loved the comparison. Also, why don’t you think about getting a better place. I’m sure that with the allowance I give you, you can get a nicer apartment.
- I was thinking about that, yes, but I don’t want to rush things. We started a month ago only… What if we end things and I can’t afford the place anymore?
- You’re smart and cautious, I’ll take that, but I’ll just assure you, on my side there’s no reason why I’d end our relation. – He turned his gaze to your eyes.
  You blushed slightly.
- Right… - You smiled shyly.

  About a week after that dinner with Yoongi you were called in for interview for the internship program at his company. You were surprised to see that Sehun was also a candidate.
- Hey! – You greeted while taking a sit next to him in the waiting room.
- You’re here for the internship as well? – He smiled.
- Yeah, a… friend recommended me to it, so I guess I’ll give it a shot.
- Oh well, now I’m scared. You’re tough competition. – He jokingly smacked your shoulder.
- Stop it, you’re one of the smartest people in our class.
- Says the girl who always get the top 5 scores.
  You smiled to yourself.
  Soon Sehun was called in and next thing it was you. A woman named Yu Jin greeted you, presenting herself as the head of the human resources department. She took you to a corridor and then to an elevador.
- Ok dear, there’s no reason to be nervous, you’ll just pass thru a small interview with me, the head of the design and marketing department, which is your immediate superior and our major associates. Just a few questions about yourself and your working experience, sounds good? – She said, looking at the clipboard in her hands, on it your resume.
- Yes, sure.
  You entered the office with her, and she pointed out a chair for you to sit on. At the other side of the table you could see a familiar mint haired man and beside him a slightly older man, very well dressed and with black hair, neatly combed back. So, this was Haru’s…
- I’m sorry, I went out to the toilet. – Another guy, this time younger, entered and took the sit on the other side of the head director.
- Well, can we start now? – The older man questioned.
- Yes, sir. – The answer came from Yu Jin.
- Ok then. Nice to meet you Miss Park, I’m Son Jungwoo. I’m the CEO of this company, along side with my partner here, Mr. Min Yoongi.
- Hello Miss Park, It’s pleasure. – He gave you a malicious smile, making you blush slightly.
- Mrs Jang Yu Jin you’ve met already – She bowed – and this is our marketing and design department head chief, Mr. Song Jin Woo.
- Hello Miss Park, nice to meet you. – He greeted.
- Hello. – You smiled shyly – Thank you all for having me today.
- It’s nothing, Miss Park. – The head director continued – So could you tell us a little bit about yourself and why the interest in working for our company?
- Well, I came from abroad to study and initially I was supposed to stay just until I’ve graduated, but now I have my mind set that I want to stay. It feels like home for me now and I wanted to start getting more experience working on my study field. I was recommended to your company and knowing you guys are the best in the area I think it’d be a great opportunity.
- Very good. And who recommended you?
  You slightly froze in place, turning your gaze to Yoongi who had his eyes locked on your face and his chin supported by his hands.
- It was a classmate. Sehun. He was also being interviewed today I believe. – You said, never taking your eyes off him.
- What a gentle soul, isn’t him? – Yoongi mocked, smiling.
- Inviting the competition in. That’s not very smart of him, tho. – Jin Woo added with a bored expression.
- Well I can see here that you have one of the best grades in your class also, which is very impressive. Do you happen to live near the company? – Mr. Jungwoo continued.
- Um, not at the moment, but I’ll looking for a new place to rent after I get a job.
- Do you currently work?
- Yes, I’m a cashier at a bakery shop.
- Not exactly what a talented soon-to-be graphic designer should be doing, huh.
- Not at all, sir. – You giggled.
- Well, I think that would be it for now. What about you guys. Does someone have any questions for Miss Park?
- Are you single, Miss? – Yoongi smiled devilishly.
- Ugh, please. Do you mind? We all know you took her to the party. – Said the director.
- You’re no fun.
  So they knew. That means he knows you lied about who recommended you the spot. You bit back your lower lip.
- Well then, Miss Park, we’ll get back at you by the end of the week with our response. If you are to change your mind about the process, please let us know. You’re good to go now. – Said the woman.
- Okay, thank you a lot for your time. – You bowed and left the room.
  When you had just stepped out of the building, a familiar vehicle stopped by the sidewalk and Yoongi rolled down the window.
- Hop in, let’s have lunch.

As promised by the end of the week you got a notification on your email. You got it. On Monday you headed to the company to start your training period, and to your surprise, Sehun was also there, along with 2 other girls from different universities.
- Ok now. Good morning and welcome, you guys will be our new interns starting today and I’ll be training you to accomplish the tasks for our department. Miss Dong Yuna and Miss Chung Nara will work with the marketing team and Mr. Oh Sehun and Miss Park Hye will be attending to the design team. I’m your new boss, Song Jin Woo. Follow me please.
  He then brought you to a small conference room, in which he made a presentation about the company’s latest projects and what would be our responsibilities from now on each part of the process for the release of the next product. Next he showed you around the company and the office in which you’d work on, as well as your desks. Good thing the design department was contemplated with brand new Mac Computers, that made your eyes sparkle.
- You’ll find a note with the login information attached to your monitors and when you enter your company email you’ll find your first assignment, which is due to Friday. Call me if any of you have any trouble accomplishing it, ok?
- Ok, I’ll leave you to it.

  The week went on smoothly and whenever you had any doubts and questions you always called the other interns to give you opinions or to help you, making you all to build a good relationship. You four were always together on break and started sharing more about yourselves as the weeks went by. It was a Friday and your shift were coming to an end. Nara stretched her arms up her head.
- Oh, my god I need a drink.
- Same. – Yuna said with a tired tone.
- We should have a happy hour for ourselves, what do you think?
- I’m in. – Sehun lifted his hand while saving the file he was working on Photoshop – What about you?
- Guess a drink or two won’t kill. – You smiled.
  But it was soon much more than a drink or two and your usually quiet and well-mannered self was starting to go away. You and the girls were laughing very hard of very stupid dad-like jokes when your phone ringed.
- Hi! – You smiled.
- Who is it, Hye-ah? – Nara tried to reach out for your phone.
- Shhh. – You laughed.
- Hye? – Yoongi was confused on the other side of the line.
- Yes. I’m here, sorry.
- Where are you?
- At a bar, with the guys, you know… the other interns. – You smiled.
- I see. You wanna come over?
- To your house? – You said a little louder than expected, making Sehun gaze at you.
- Yeah, I don’t recall bringing you here yet. So, I figured you could spend the weekend.
  That moment you decided to fix yourself a bit and got out of the table to speak with him properly. You signed to your colleagues that you’d be right back and went to the bathroom.
- Sorry, it was a little noisy. – You took a breath – Yes, I’d love to, but I’ll need to drop by my place and get some clothes, do you mind?
- Not at all. Which bar you’re in?
- Um… I think it’s best if I get an Uber home. You know… wouldn’t want anyone talking.
- No problem. Meet you at your house then.
- Sure. Give me half an hour.
  Then you hung up.
  You went back to the table and sat briefly with your friends.
- So who was it? – Sehun was the first to ask.
- Oh, my… boyfriend.
- Really? We didn’t know you had a boyfriend! – Nara said lively.
- Yeah, I do. So, he wants me to spend the weekend with him and he’ll pick me up soon, so I got to get going to get some clothes at home.
- Sure girl, you go live your best life. Leave the drinks to our lonely souls. – Said Yuna with a beer on her hand.
- Ok, thanks guys. I’ll be going then. Bye girls, bye Sehun, sorry again.
- Bye. – They all said in unison. You could see that suddenly Sehun had put on a slightly bored expression before you headed out.

  At home you gathered your stuff and waited for Yoongi to arrive, which soon happened. You entered the car to find that the mint hair had disappeared, giving space to a raven black color, which left your mouth opened in a gap.
- What, does it look that bad? – He smiled, not looking at you, while he put on the car on reverse to get out of the parking lot of your condo.
- As if. – You blushed. When you thought he couldn’t be more handsome…
- Well, thank you for the kind comment. – He mocked.
- But, why tho? I thought you liked having colored hair.
- I was getting tired of it. Touching the roots every month, spending hours at the salon, its so time consuming, don’t know how you girls take it. I’d rather just stay home taking a nap.
  You giggled.
  Yoongi lived downtown. His apartment was huge and on the top floor of one of the most luxurious residential buildings of Seoul. There was a piano by the large glass windows, and everything was very minimal and clean.
- There’s so much space here.  – You giggled – Nothing like the matchbox I live in.
- You should invite me over sometime.
- I’d never take you into a place like that. It’s really too shabby and small. I don’t even have a couch. Maybe when I rent a new place.
- Maybe? – He stopped in front of you and raised a brow.
- I’ll get you a copy of the key. – You smiled.
- That’s better. Should I give you one as well? – He tilted his head.
- If you want too. – You left him to sit by the piano – You never told me you play.
- It’s my first and only love. – He stepped one level down to the space where the piano was and sat beside you. He lifted the lid and took off the fabric that covered the pristine keys. He started playing, but you couldn’t identify the song. It was intense and somewhat sad. He finished calmly.
- What song is it?
- One of my own. – He turned his head to you.
- You’re so good. You never thought about becoming a musician?
- No, actually – He smiled – I’ve always been meant to replace my father at business, so I had my head set straight since I was fifteen. Music has always been a hobby. More like something to step off the crazy schedule and stressful days. – His eyes where low on the piano keys again.
- Play some more?
- I had something else in mind, actually. – He lowered the lid slowly and turned his torso to you. He slid his hand to your nape, running his fingers through your hair – Do you know what day it is?
- Friday? – You said, almost stuttering because his touch was sending shivers down your arms and you lean slightly to him.
- Yes, but today it marks three months we met.
- Feels like it’s been so little. – You brought his hand to his.
- Still We’ve got so close. You know more about me than my actual friends by now. You’re so easy to talk to. – He tugged your hair gently; you closed your eyes.
- I’m glad. You’re also the one person I find myself longing to meet every time. – You were leaning your head on his hand.
- Hm? Why is that?
- Maybe to spend more time with you?
- You want to keep me busy with you, is that it? – He smirked.
- Why is that whenever you repeat what I say you manage to do so in a perverted way?
- Could it be because I’m having perverted thoughts?
- Really? – You teased – Tell me…
  Yoongi got closer and starting planting pecks on your jawline to your ear.
- I want to put you on top of this piano… - He continued making his way down to your neck, pulling you closer by the waist. You slowly tilted your head back, offering him more space – Spread these beautiful legs of yours… - A heat wave passed your body and you breathed heavily – Pull your panties to the side, just to find you already soaking for me…
- Oh god… - You moaned while he lowered his mouth from your collar bone to the top of your breasts, leaving some love bites in the way. He passes his hands through your breasts, squeezing them a bit.
- Then I’d eat you out until you’re begging to bury myself into you… - He came back up, leaning his forehead onto yours, also bringing you to his embrace.
- We’re going to… get your piano… dirty – You said stuttering, struggling to find the words, because your mind was already going blank just from his words.
- I don’t fucking care. – He took your lips with his. Finally, after these months you could taste him. He kissed you like the world was going to end at any second, hungry and passionate. He lifted you up to the top of the piano, kissing your neck and taking off the straps of your dress along the way, so he could unclasp your bra too, giving him access to your now bare chest - You’ve been hiding these from me for some time now. I was getting impatient. – He said before taking your nipple in his mouth and sucking on it.
- Ah, god, fuck. – You bit your lower lip.
- Ooh... So, the princess has a bad mouth. Let’s see how much you cuss when I’m actually into it. – He gently pushes you down to lay on the piano and starts kissing the inner part of your thighs, making you moan while he made his way to your core – As I thought, you already have so much expectation down here. – He smiled, biting his lower lip.
- Shut up. – You covered your face, flustered.
- Don’t worry princess, I’m going to make you feel things you’ve never did. – He pulled your panties to the side and started by leaving some soft kisses on your lips, to see what your reactions were. He explored all the area softly and patiently, taking in all he could from you, killing his curiosity. Then he gradually started to eat you until you were breathing raggedly and moaning his name.
- I can’t anymore… ah… Yo-ongi-ah… - Your body jerked, and you rode his face until your orgasm started to subdue and you collapsed again on the piano.
- Fuck that was hot. I’ve imagined you cumming before, but this was so much better.
- You did?
- Lots. Of. Times… - He pulled you up to him.
- Well… - You felt daring, running your hands on his chest and down to the top of his pants – I can’t say I haven’t daydreamed about you either.
- You did?
- Lots of times. – You smirked and kneeled in front of him.
- Fuck, you’ll make me crazy like this.
- I hope so… - You starting to undo his belt and opening his button and zipper, not taking your eyes off his face. He was biting back his lower lip and his eyes followed your every move. You downed his underwear, freeing his shaft, which almost hit your face in the process and made you surprised by his size. Yoongi wasn’t a very big guy, but he surely had presence after all. You wasted no time in licking his tip and wrapping your mouth around it, making him tilt his head back, grunting and interlocking his fingers on the hair of your nape to guide you up and down his length.
  Despite enjoying the lewd sounds he was letting out you had to pull out for air after a few minutes and your jaw hurt, but he was not patient, pulling you up and bending you on the piano.
- Yoongi, but I thought…
- I can’t take it anymore, I need you. – He said huskily to your ear, while taking your panties out of the way of his cock that went slowly and painfully good inside you. You both gasped when he hit your deepest spot – Gosh, this is heaven. Can I move?
- Yes, please… please.
  He started pounding roughly and faster with time, which was almost making the piano move. You were being supported by your hands, but it was getting hotter and sweat was making you slide even forward, but he pulled you to him again by your waist, making his length hit your cervix and you gasped loud. He didn’t stop, profanities leaving your mouth and making him pulse inside you. You clenched your walls and he let out a muffled moan. It was not long before you could feel his pace becoming erratic and needier.
- I’ll… ugh…
- Please… ah… cum, please… - You put your hand above his on your waist, while he found his apex still buried into you.
  He moaned freely then, slowly catching his breath before pulling out. His cum dripping out of you.
- Fuck, that was…
- The best. – You said, trying to get back on your feet, but your legs were trembling.
- Was it really? – He smiled.
  You nodded.
- I’ll assume you’re on the pill?
- Yes, I am, don’t worry.
- Okay, let’s get you cleaned and maybe we can watch a movie?
- Sure. – He carried you to the bathroom were you both took a shower and then snuggled in bed to watch whatever he felt like it on Netflix, but soon you drifted to sleep.

Notas Finais

Eu to nervosa porque não sei se fiz um bom trabalho ;-;
Mas se vocês gostarem, me digam que eu tento postar um próximo capítulo em breve o/
Até :3

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